She's gone. My best friend died. I survived the boating accident while she didn't. I can't believe that she's really gone. Julianne's dead and Marie and her friends must deal with this unnerving accident. Marie thinks it's all her fault, but Julianne knows it really isn't.


2. Marie

One year later


It hurt to remember Julianne, but a note showed up in my locker one day. 

Antoinette, it's not your fault I'm dead, someone rigged the engine and we're going to catch them. (I know this sounds way cheesy, but if you put this charm on your bracelet you can see me) -Jules

I always called Julianne- Jules, her nickname for me was Antoinette (after Marie Antoinette)

I knew that Julianne always loved murder mystery books- but her solving her own murder was a bit far. I humored her and put the charm on the bracelet she gave me. I looked around to see her familiar face, but she wasn't there. 

I knew I shouldn't've gotten my hopes up but I did anyway, that's just who I am. I felt an odd sensation pass through me, I turned to see where it came from and then turned around to see a shimmering picture of Julianne. I fell to my knees crying, it was one year since she died so people assumed that's why. 

I couldn't hug Julianne physically, but I was crying in the hallway none the less. It was amazing to see her here. 

"I have one redo, I can redo one moment in my life," she told me. We had to catch whoever messed with the motor and fix it so it never happened. 

"Where do we start?" I asked.

We smiled at each other like we used to. 

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