She's gone. My best friend died. I survived the boating accident while she didn't. I can't believe that she's really gone. Julianne's dead and Marie and her friends must deal with this unnerving accident. Marie thinks it's all her fault, but Julianne knows it really isn't.


1. Marie

Julianne is gone and it's my fault. I was driving the boat, it somehow flipped. I saw her body going down so I dragged her back up onto the top of the wooden boat. We had spent many summers building it and now it had killed her.I dragged her body back to shore hoping she was just passed out. I called 911, it was almost half an hour before they got there. She was long dead. I still remember the way the paramedic told me. 

"I'm sorry Marie, she's dead." A kind voice to tell me that my best friend had died. I didn't believe her.

"Can you try reviving her?"

"Even if we could there's too much water in her lungs for her to breathe, and the chances of her being revived isn't very high at all.


I was perfectly still for a long while, letting the summer sun warm my freezing body on the beach. I remembered all of our times together and memories that would never be made. Graduating high school together, going to college together, studying together, double dates, being the maid of honor at each others weddings, everything that we dreamed of was gone. I refused to believe it, she was such an outspoken girl, so inspirational and yet here she was lying next to me- dead. 

I sat there sobbing and shaking until sundown. It was our weekend at the lake house, just us two. Now it was just me. 

Julianne & Marie became just Marie. 

I refused to see anyone for at least a day, maybe longer, I don't know, those days are just a blur. I can't remember anything. 


Her funeral was to be that coming Tuesday at 2:30, I remember speaking- I don't remember what I said. The next two weeks were numb, I tried remembering them but when I came close to remembering something I started mindlessly sobbing. 


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