Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


3. Pronunciation guide to characters and names



Aeil (AY-OOL)

Arden Callis (ARDEN CALIS)

Braj'tec Qarr (BRAE-TEK CAR)

Corvus Raaf (KOR-VUS RAF)


Darth Kaarth (KARTH)

Darth Zahl (ZAH-HEL)

Hajkon Rajki (HAY-CON RYE-KI)

Icarus Xiz'altera (EE-KAR-US SHIZ-AL-TERA)


Kajtia Xiz'injhürek (KAY-TIA SHIZ-IN-JOO-RECK)

Kes En'jusek (KES EN-YOO-SECK)

Kixi Rajki (KIXI RYE-KI)

Lord Xiz’Jhan (LORD SHEEZ-JUN)

Mako Jhasmin Zaneca / Zaneca Rajki (MAY-KO JASMIN ZAN-EKKA / ZAN-EKKA RYE-KI)

Tanya Wookey (WOO-KI)

Terron Hesh (TERON HESH)

Qi-Xian Sunrider (KEE-HAHN)

Valeska Rajki (VAL-ES-KA RYE-KI)

Vinskk Revamp (VINSK REE-VAMP)


Androj’Meden (ANDROY-MEDDEN)

Câlder mit Arkhan (CALL-DER MIT AR-CAN)


Lat-Saena (LUT-SAE-ENA)

Kustetiera (KOOST-ET-IERA)

Sajnen (SAE-NEN)

Vistesh (VEESTESH)

Züncålazin (ZOON-CAYL-A-ZIN)

Züncålidiom (ZOON-CAYL-EE-DEE-OM)

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