Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


6. Prologue



Kustietera System outer fringes, Lat-Saena Galaxy. Sajnen year 12098 ADA.


The Züncålazin Kixi Rajki First Prime of Sunrider, anxiously stared out from the viewpoint in space from her ship's bridge in which she commanded. The young 23 year old of The House of Sunrider, a noble house, and one of the 12 entities that comprised the volatile Sajnen Confederate, watched on at the dramatic events unfolding both in space and on the bridge of her ship, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba, a Sajnen Defiant XS-2006 class battleship.

The Ueshiba along with its contingency of both Sajnen and allied ships in the dozens behind it, from afar let off the illusion of a giant space creature spreading out its enormous arms far and wide. Moving in closer, the pilot's views from their fast circling Sajnen Starfighter R fighters saw the vastly gathered ships like a giant fishing net stretched between the countless stars and satellites filling the black void. 

These fighters which numbered in the thousands, further strengthened the parallel by the other handful of ships of various sizes, with even more swarms of ships belonging to the combined forces that were of both Confederate and Atlantean designation, and from their respective Androj'Meden and Ensa'El Galaxies.

On the opposing side, in between the swarms of allied ships, the world ships of an advanced lizard like alien species known as the Vistesh were surrounded. The eight remaining world ships, all that remained of the invading aliens of the planet Kustetiera, had managed to evade and then escape after the unleashing of the lethal Genghis Virus, which resulted in the slaying of millions of the reptilian aliens, liberating Kustetiera in the process. Their desperate escape had proven futile however, only to be then pinned down near a small bright lifeless planet on the remote edge of the very same system they had sought to flee from.

The eight world ships which had received some serious damage huddled in close together, in a low orbit proximity to the planet, appearing to be docked in structure, like some strange and precious sea creatures stuck in together. The reddish planet below was adding an orange hue to the ambient lights of the huge alien world ships, as if they were designed to fill people with a strange mixture of alertness and excitement, typically experienced just before a great and important event. Despite this being a true moment of triumph for the humans of Kustetiera, and for humanity overall,  to the occupants of the alien vessels, no such thing would be the case. In fact on the contrary, it would be much the opposite as their occupants would be destined for certain annihilation. 

As for the oppressing ships, the main ship in question, the one in command of the entire operation, commanded by Lord Xiz'Jhan's First Prime, lead the armada of ships that stretched out behind it in all directions pinning the last of the Vistesh ships down. From the perspective view of the Vistesh ship's who were now disadvantaged in that they held the lower ground, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba appeared to be dead centre of what gave the illusion of being a huge flying fortress like structure, being less illuminated than the others to the worrisome eyes of the aliens awaiting their fate. The Ueshiba however seemed to radiate its own light, soft and white, even a little eerie. Despite the distance, the ship's elegant lines were clearly visible against the black sky. Although there were similar ships amongst the lurking armada, and although there were also bigger ship's present in what was surely an awesome display of deadly power, the small ship was somehow giving the impression of something fast, agile, and much more dangerous than the design suggested. Of course, all that was in the technical documentation of the ship, like was the case with many vessels, however, it was the connection it's Züncålazin captain had to the vessel, that made the combination of human and machine, a true force to be reckoned with. She could feel the very soul of her ship embracing all its systems and crew, feeling the safety and comfort of being in it, something that further radiated in strength with all the others ships that followed.

The Captain watched in silence as her ship remained in a stationery orbit, along with the many others that waited for her decimating command. However the situation inside the Ueshiba's bridge suggested something else totally different. A rather bizarre and unprecedented turn of events, totally unexpected by the young Züncålazin who due to a lack of experience, almost futilely found herself trying to calm down. Lacking the proper judgement skills to be able to handle matters which had just escalated, she urgently tried to sought out a peaceful solution to a scenario in which she had never been trained to deal with. 

Terron Hesh, the leading military leader of Kustietera, the very same planet in which had just been freed at the hands of the forces commanded by the young Züncålazin in which he stood only metres away from her. He held Kixi's first officer, the extremely young 19 year old Mako Jhasmin Zaneca at knife point to her throat.

Standing there, almost as if frozen in time, she looked into the frightened eyes of the one who was more than just her first officer — her love, her very sweet love, her girlfriend and the one she cared for dearest in the entire universe. Eventually, she saw the door to the bridge open before her, and welcomed by the familiar sound of her ship's security team storming in and taking up key positions surrounding both Terron, his hostage, and the desperately pleading captain. However, any sense of comfort that the Kustetierian military leader would free her terrified girlfriend at the arrival of her reinforcements soon faded as quickly as it had come. 

Terron looked at her with a devious smile, as he tightened his grip on his young hostage's mouth and pushed his knife ever so closer to her neck with the other. He would not allow for Kixi's childish impatience to affect his objectives here. As far as he was concerned, she owed it to him very much from the beginning, to not only free his world, but the total eradication of the enemy.  How ironic that felt to the young Züncålazin though, for it had been her that had assisted his world, one that held a technological inferiority to their lizard like alien invaders. She had endured for months to assist their underground, all alone with her sole ship hidden from the aliens that vastly out numbered her, deceitful and intelligent aliens that in a one on one confrontation could actually match her in advanced technology. All that until her reinforcements had finally arrived along with the completion of the deadly Genghis biological weapon designed to destroy only the DNA of the lizard like Vistesh in which she, also being a biological scientist developed. As far as Kixi was concerned, she didn't owe Terron anything, rather he owed her. Yet with the very fact that this tragic event was unfolding, it would undoubtedly cast a huge dent in the relations between Kustetiera and the Sajnen Confederate — or would it really? Oblivious to the Züncålazin's knowledge would be another motive, one that ran much deeper within the hierarchy of the very House she served, except she was too naive to understand it. Clueless on the real intent, in who was really behind Terron's actions, not withstanding the fact that Terron would attempt to kill Mako all the same no matter the outcome, Kixi continued to plead with him.

Terron had only plucked Mako from behind several minutes ago, of course no one had expected it, thus his ease in being able to do so. Still, it seemed like ages that this ordeal that was still in its initial stages had began unravelling itself. Kixi's thoughts now fully occupied with the direness of the situation at hand, fully focused herself on the military leader.

"The war is over, we — you have won. There is no need for more unnecessary violence". The young Züncålazin's voice, undoubtably gave away signs of her youth and inexperience.

"It's not over as far as I'm concerned, not until every last soul of theirs is eradicated from existence". Terron snapped back pushing his knife even closer towards the petrified Mako's throat in that now the smooth sharp shiny blade touched her soft olive skin. 

Terron kept looked at her and at the same time at the surrounding security teams with his peripheral vision. The bridge itself was surrounded by displays and viewscreens, Kixi's loyal crew — horrified, while the air seemed to harmonically pulsate with multicoloured lights from controls and ambient lighting.

"They are innocent victims of war. Children, families, all they wanted was to live their lives. They blindly followed their military leaders in the false lies and hope they were given. It's not their fault, they don't deserve death!" Kixi continued to plead with Terron, desperate for him to free the one she loved dearest, not understanding why a man of such statue and importance would turn to taking such desperate and sickening measures himself.

Momentarily releasing the knife from Mako's throat, Terron waved dismissively before placing the knife back onto Mako's throat and replying. "Well, that's an utter exaggeration! Innocent victims you speak of? You're a stupid naive fool Captain Rajki. The only innocent victims are the ones who were tortured and killed during the occupation. You seem to have quickly forgotten, the death toll to my people is catastrophic, and at their hands," he pointed his head angryly to the viewpoint where the Vistesh world ships were clearly visable and trapped.

"All I can say is how very disgusted  I am at you Terron", Kixi said, sadness covering her whole face. "Since the very beginning, I voluntarily fought for you and your people and this is how you repay me — by threatening to kill my first officer if I don't bow to your unreasonable wishes? The war is over and your world is free, for fucks sake let her go Terron!" Kixi continues to protest and now with both her hands out, clearly pleading her case with Terron.

"You disappoint me Captain," Terron smirked. "Its not an unreasonable demand. You don't understand, you can never understand as it wasn't your world, your people that have suffered". He pulled the knife closer to Mako's throat, ever so eager to slit it. Mako fearing for her life tried to speak, her eyes appearing as if they would bulge out of her eye sockets in panic. 

"Quiet you!" He pushed the knife onto her throat closer now in that the blade pierced the upper part of her skin causing some blood to slowly creep out, and stared down into her horrified eyes before facing Kixi once more.

"Enough of this! Release the remaining Genghis Virus on the enemy world ships now or she dies!" Terron demanded ready to kill the first officer if the captain continued stalling.

"This is genocide Terron", Kixi yelled at him. "You want me to commit genocide. I want no part in this. "Please Terron, let's be reasonable", Kixi continued to futilely plead. 

"I've always seen your potential for greatness Captain Rajki. You have been more than impressive in leading this operation to liberate my people from the very beginning. I have always believed in your abilities, your brilliant mind, and the strength of your character." Terron's smirk extended to a devious smile. "However this girl is your weakness. You are far better and superior than her. You shouldn't care for her if she gets in the way of your career and ambitions. Really if you don't want to fire that weapon, me killing this worthless insignificant being shouldn't change that fact if you actually were to put your ambitions above everything. It shouldn't, but it does." Terron said, his smile suddenly vanishing, his face turning totally emotionless.  "Under these circumstances, I call this act justified."

"But, but — I love her. Please let her go. You know I with exchange places with her if I could."

"Oh how very touching Captain, you're such a waste of potential, such a waste of superiority and talent, you really are a pathetic disappointment you worthless Rajki scumbag." Terron simply shook his head in bitter disgust.

Terron's other hand tightened on Mako's mouth, bringing the young writhing woman who struggled to breathe as a result, in closer to his body in a strong firm grip. 

"Fire the virus now or I'll slash her throat as if she is nothing more than an animal —Now!"

"Okay Terron, you win. You win, I'll unleash the virus on the world ships but first let her go." Kixi's entire body posture and facial expression demonstrating nothing more than total defeat. Her total lack of strength exhibiting itself due to her shortfall of experience and inability to deal with such cutthroat and confronting circumstances. 

Terron on the other hand, much older, the more wiser and experienced knew exactly what he was doing and how to play his cards correctly. He understood well enough how to play the young and naive captain, how to twist her mind and have her yield to his unethical demands. He had only one objective in mind, and he had an obligation to his people as their military leader. Any quarrels the first prime had with her lord, was no concern of his. He merely would carry out the command given to him by that very same lord, Lord Xiz'Jhan, and not give a damn about what happened in the process, as long as in the end, he satisfied his own objectives.

"What do you take me for, a fool!" Terron retorted. "Release the virus first and then I'll release your precious worthless piece of shit here that you call your girlfriend". Terron now began to make matters personal, just to further intimidate the captain. "I know you can do it. After all, you make a fine captain, Captain Rajki, reject from the noble House Rajki, and now First Prime to his excellency of House Sunrider, Lord Xiz'Jhan in which you represent." 

Terron wasn't holding back at all. In fact he couldn't care less about the fact that once the ordeal would be truly over, that the security team that had him surrounded would immediately have him arrested. He knew all too well that Lord Xiz'Jhan would have him immediately released and not only acquit him of his crimes, but also make him an honorary war hero.

Terron raised his eyebrow. "Captain Rajki, Züncålazin, First Prime of Sunrider, all shall fear her name, all will feel her wrath." He continued mockingly, before a long pause in which the two military leaders stared one another in the eye, a look of distain evident on both their faces as they gave each other the death stare.

"Well what are you waiting for, I don't intend to stand here and look at your pretty face all day you stupid little brat. The Genghis Virus, deploy it on those ships now!" Terron said now exposing a hint of frustration at Kixi's fruitless stalling tactics, and further bringing the knife closer to Mako's throat, in that the blade now ruptured her soft skin causing blood to begin dripping out. Simultaneously she began gargling due to her breathing which had also become erratic. "Do it now, I'm about to slit her throat," he snarled back at Kixi.

"Okay, Okay, Okay, I'm ordering the command now . As, as  you wish.  Just, just don't hurt her okay. Please, I..... I beg you." Kixi now in total disarray and panic said holding both her hands out at Terron in a stop there gesture. 

Kixi was clearly shaken in disbelief, stuttering her words, never in a million years did she expect that the one man in which she had played a pivotal role in liberating his world, would turn on her so harshly if she did not give in to his demands. She was about to commit an act of genocide because of this one man. Although the question did pass the minds of both the victim Kixi and the assailant Terron. In fact it was more than obvious enough once the Züncålazin woman had declared her love for the frightened hostage in front of the shocked audience only minutes earlier. They both knew, that had he be holding someone else in place of Mako, that Kixi would never be about to succumb so easily to his malicious demands. 

It had been the perfect setting for Lord Xiz'Jhan to eradicate Mako from existence from his First Prime, in his push to have her hone in on her full potential without any distractions in which he saw the unworthy Mako as. Lord Xiz'Jhan had in actual fact picked Terron's target, his cover of deception playing out perfectly so far, with Terron intent on killing Mako no matter the decision Kixi made, and ensuring that the Kustetierian military leader would nonetheless get his way all the same.

"Captain we are receiving a hail from one of the Vistesh ships. It appears that they wish to discus terms of an unconditional surrender." Jhes Je'Kesik, the third in command suddenly disrupted Kixi's concentration who up until that moment had forgotten about the enemy ships. Instead her sole focus had been on Terron and his petrified hostage, her girlfriend.

"Ignore it and proceed with the operation or she dies." Terron quickly shouted back at her, looking towards where she stood at her tactical controls and then back at the captain.

"Captain?"'Jhes glanced back at her anxious captain.

"Do as he says." Kixi let out a slow sigh of dissatisfaction, then turned to face the Kustetierian militant before her. "There, you see, I'm already conceding to your demands, I'm being reasonable am I not? Just don't hurt her please." Although still speaking to Terron, she directed her attention to the other officers. "You will release her after concluding our deployment of the biological weapon on the enemy, do not make any haste moves after that." There was a slight pause of silence. "You may proceed with the operation, ladies and gentlemen." It took several seconds for Kixi's own words, so casually uttered, despite her level of distress, to penetrate within herself. 

"Good, very good Captain Rajki, I have to applaud you on a job well done". He said in a wicked tone before letting out an evil laugh, resulting him in inadvertently digging his knife deeper into Mako's throat. Something he decided to then use to further ensure Kixi fully committed to his cause.

"What! What the fuck are you doing!" Kixi gasped.

"You've only spoken words Captain, you are yet to turn those words in to action," Terron explained, digging his fingers of his other hand that he was using to hold Mako's head, back with harder through her hair and into her skull. "Actions speak louder than words, Captain, and only action will provide for an effective demonstration. 

"You already got an effective demonstration when we used the same weapon of terror against them to free your world. Clearly your idea of an effecting demonstration is total annihilation, something that I'll make clear to you right now, that I do not share your view with and that I'm only proceeding with these unspeakable actions now because you've simply forced my hand." Kixi shot back with her head held down low, now essentially disgusted in herself.

"You will understand that for reports of our triumph to spread rapidly throughout this galaxy, and the entire Trident Cluster for that matter, that this is the perfect show of force demonstrating that humans are by far the most superior beings as a species." Terron said with total arrogance in his voice.

"But earlier you said that this was all about the liberation of your world, not the triumph of humanity above other sentiment species, the majority of humanity does not share..." Kixi started to protest.

"The only words which have meaning are the last ones spoken," Terron declared cuttingly. "Now do your job you Rajki filth or your precious here gets it." He concluded vaingloriously.

"Very well, we will proceed with the deployment of the weapon as agreed. Then you will get your satisfaction in watching us as we obliterate your enemy, and then you'll fulfil your part of the bargain and release my first officer." Kixi's eyes were filled with regret and sorrow as she stood there powerless to do anything. She stared at her beloved girlfriend, her sunshine, thinking of the uncertainty in whether she would ever be able to hold her again in her arms, cherishing the urn to feel her love and warmth once again.

"You may fire when ready." Kixi finally ordered hesitantly.

The ship's engineer Arden Callis, the chief scientist Dāni Fuj'teca, and armoury officer Icarus Xiz'altera all nodded in unison, and began to work furiously in deploying the weapon armed with the Genghis Virus biological warhead. The process didn't take long given the high prospects of the weapon in question having to be deployed, that is given others just like it had already been fired during the liberation of Kustetiera. Thus it was already pre-prepared for deployment and consequently launched as ordered by their Captain. 

"Warhead is deployed," said Icarus from his console in charge of the armoury.

"10 kilometres to target," informed Dāni the science officer.

"Weapon charge at 42%," Icarus called out.

"Visual confirmation in 2 minutes," Arden the ship's chief engineer droned.

"This will be a success just like on the planet Kustetiera, they have no defence against the weapon," Icarus murmured. "I can feel it."

"Weapon charge at 62%." Dāni quickly gave a status update.

"1 kilometre to target." She continued.

"Visual confirmation in 29 seconds." Icarus gave everyone the heads up.

Visual feed from the missile appeared on a large floating virtual screen in front of the group. The outline of their target, the five reptilian Vistesh world ships came into view. Kixi gulped and watched dreadfully.

"We have visual confirmation, Captain." Icarus confirmed the obvious.

"Good." The Captain nodded. "Is the weapon's warhead ready, are the death spores ready to expand so they spread out and infect all eight ships?"

"Yes, ma'am. Charge at 99%...100. Preparing firing sequence." Icarus confirmed as he overlooked the troubled captain.

The young Züncålazin captain slowly moved towards the bridge's viewscreen. She studied a distant nebula, then her eyes followed the small missile heading towards the defenceless world ships. She was standing so close to the screen that she could see her face reflected in it, and the sadness and despair that covered her entire body. Then biting her lip nervously, she shut her eyes.

The missile now within striking range released its deadly payload, the warhead separating itself from the missile and released thousands upon thousands of death spores into space which all were programmed to hit one target only, the Vistesh world ships. The spores upon being unleashed, attached themselves to the world ships, quickly penetrating their hulls and what little armour they had, and within minutes spreading themselves like a viscous cancer, infecting sentinel beings of the once hostile reptilian race, the deadly virus mutated itself quickly sending them all to their ultimate painful and bitter ends. The dirty evil deed was done, the Genghis Virus fired on the world ships, with the command coming  by none other than Kixi Rajki, First Prime of Sunrider herself.  

Yet Kixi would never fathom what she was about to feel next. With her eyes still wide shut, she slightly lost her balance, staggering backwards feeling the millions of lives cry out in terror and pain, and then silenced.  Millions dead, wiped out by her own hand. Millions, many in which were women and children who did not have to die, didn't deserve to die, now all perished from existence. Undoubtedly irregardless the situation that had unfolded between her, Terron and Mako which was yet far from over, the young Kixi Rajki would now be considered a war criminal after committing such a vile act of terror. Hero to the Kustetierians, hero to the House of Sunrider in which she served, but a total disgrace to her own family, the House of Rajki in which her own father had already disowned and banished her due to her fascination with the creation of biological weapons. Her father had forbade the use of such in humane weapons, yet she had since a very young age worked on a weapon behind his back, with the secret funding and support of the House in which she now served, and ultimately became an outcast from her family. She had regretted what she had done, wanting to seek out forgiveness from her father, yet her actions today would only worsen the tension between her father once the word of what had just taken place spread throughout the Trident Cluster and back to the worlds of the Sajnen Confederate.

She slowly opened her own eyes, barely able to support herself up, she grabbed and latched onto one of the side railings momentarily. Kixi stared at Terron in utter disgrace, feeling sick in the stomach, at the sound of his voice, at the thought of the crime she had just committed. A crime she knew she had committed in the name of love. She could feel the acid from her stomach come up to her throat. Such a feral sensation. Her body wanted to vomit, but she fought and held back the urge to do so. Mako was still struggling in his arms. She recognised the familiar look in Terron's eyes. He was reluctant to let her sweet Mako go. He had the blood thirst in his eyes, the urge to kill, and to kill Kixi's only true love despite her having bowed down to his demands, the atrocities in which would now go down in history as being committed by her own hand. 

 "I have — have done as you you asked, let her go as you you promised", Kixi was stuttering for words, shaking as she could still feel the suffering of all those lives wiped out through the Force. Breathing healthily almost struggling for breath herself. psychologically she was a total wreck.

"Captain Rajki, you need to understand that you serve your Lord Xiz'Jhan above anyone else, and only him and wherever he sends and assigns you to.  You are his first prime, therefore people bow down to you, not you to this insignificant useless girl who has no future." Kixi remained frozen, stunned, realising that something else wasn't quite right, especially upon the mention of the lord in which she served.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Let her go now like you promised." Kixi's mind was on the edge of total breakdown. She couldn't think, nor sought to care at this point of time of any possible treacherous acts that ran deeper than Terron. The safety of her sweetheart Mako is all that mattered to her now. 

"Sure Captain, this piece of filth that you probably found in a trash can, she's all yours again", Terron said hastily as he quickly withdrew the knife from Mako's throat. However it was only in a mere fraction of a few seconds, that he was then able to shove a small device inside her clothing and down the spine of her neck. He had never had any intention to let her go. Kixi was to inexperienced and naive to realise it and now it would be too late to stop him from destroying the life of the one she cherished and loved most. Upon releasing her, he kicked her forward towards Kixi.  

And then, the explosion. The impact of the blast sent ripples in all directions. Before Kixi could even register what had occurred, her face and clothes became splattered in red from the blood that belonged to her beloved, followed by pieces and fragments of human flesh, the force of the blast throwing her back along with Mako, or what would be left of her. They both smacked against the cold metal decking, with some sparks being created by the destruction of several screens and consoles that stood along the path of the blast. They then bounced once, twice, three times before Kixi started to skid and scream and finally slowing to a halt with Mako's disfigured body only metres away from her.

Kixi, covered in Mako's blood, in an instant sprung to her feet and leaped over to Mako who's body twitched spasmodically and was also covered in a pool of blood. She screamed and yelled for help. "She's still alive, barely. She's dying! Help! Somebody help!" Kixi cried out frantically in the chaos that engulfed her. The young woman had been split from neck to navel, parts of her rib cage spread. One lung draped over like bloody trappings, the other still intact but barely functioning. Her misty eyes lay wide open, staring almost motionless towards the smoky ceiling above, her gored cheeks on her face standing out. Kixi couldn't do anything, but cry out in horror and continue screaming for help. Mako's stomach and her lower body were only attached by a small amount of flesh that also lay in a pool of blood.

Head of security Braj'tec Qarr pounced on Terron Hesh as did other members of the security team, and although he hardly put up a fight, the tall sturdy Kustetierian military leader was then tackled and dragging down onto the floor and consequently restrained. Once restrained, he was then forcibly lifted back onto his feet by the larger build Braj'tec. "You are under arrest sir." The words of authority came out of Braj'tec's mouth as he wrinkled his nose at the distasteful smells of charred flesh and burning metal, who then escorted Terron off the bridge, bounded by security in cuffs, leaving the scene of gloom and gore. Terron's work was done, his custody to the unfortunate distaste of his victims a temporary affair once Lord Xiz'Jhan would later order his immediate release.

Kixi knelt down on the floor beside what still appeared to be a semi conscious Mako. Hysterical and panicked Kixi began crying out in a frenzy. "My Mako, my sweet Mako. Noooooooo!"  Kixi looked into her eyes. She was still alive and conscious.  Kixi knew she could see her, maybe feel her to a small degree. Her life force was draining fast though.  Both her arms and hands were still attached to her torso, sprawled outwards away from her body.  Kixi took one of them and brought it in tightly into her squeezing her hand. She could still feel her body temperature, the warmth of her skin. She had no idea if Mako could feel her though, and if she had lost all sensation of touch in that part of the body. However it confirmed she was still alive. That, along with the faint wrist pulse and the weak beating of her heart. She was dying, that much was more than apparent, unless for some miracle, someone pulled off some extraordinary intervention.

"Don't die my sweetheart, please if you can hear me, hang in there, hang in there." There was a partial movement in Mako's eyes, a tiny twitch in which she stared directly into Kixi's, who from Mako's prospective, Kixi's face was looming over hers. The momentary flinch confirming that Mako could indeed see and sense Kixi. Despite the tremendous pain she was in, she forced a smile knowing Kixi, her own sweet love was by her side. Then immediate despair, Mako's head dropped back as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. 

"No! No! No!"

Then the steady stream of liquid began trickling down Kixi's face, as she began sniffling with her nose knowing she could no longer hold back the tears. Ignoring her own urge to cry, Kixi placed her other hand behind Mako's head to lift it and bring it up again. Her eyes rolling forward to stare back into Kixi's desperation and despair, before rolling back into the back of her head once more. 

Kixi instantly thought that this would be the end . "I love you Mako, I love you and I'll never forget you until the day I die." Her cries, her screaming now overshadowing the sounds of the rest of the chaos that was unfolding on the bridge. From there, she didn't even try to hold back the seething torrent of tears, as it was futile. The first tear had long broken free, the rest then followed in an unbroken stream. Kixi bent down completely and brought Mako's head forward and into her own chest. Not withstanding the fact that Mako's body was ripped apart, with massive wounds and organs dangling out, she wrapped her own body onto Mako's bloodied body. She could feel her heartbeats slowly dropping, and her breathing slowing. Knowing that her dying partner could feel her, Kixi would give her the comfort of the knowledge that she could move on to the Elysian Fields from the current realm whilst in the caring arms of her soulmate. "Until we meet again my only true love, I will cherish that day when it comes." She then began to cry with the force of a person vomiting, embracing Mako and allowing the torrent of her own tears to soak through her own bloodied uniform. 

Kixi then tightened her grip with the hand that was holding Mako's, almost clenching it into a fist, anger and hatred dangerously running through her veins. She could hear herself screaming madly, almost suffocating with each breath she took wishing that she could die with her. Kixi ran her fingers through Mako's hair, time and time again, feeling her slowly fading away, distraught and without even realising it, giving birth to a new silent war of vengeance and  retribution from within the deep profundities of her mind. 

The medical team finally arrived. Mako was still alive, although barely. "Let her go", cried the voices of one of the paramedics. "It's possible that we can still save her, but you must let her go Captain." The yelling voices echoed in Kixi's head, slurred sounds everywhere, she could hardly recognise the speech.

Her vision a blur as she looked up not recognising the faces of the medics who then proceeded to forcefully get Kixi off of Mako and move her away from her. "You need to let us do our job Captain. You must trust us." One of the doctors said as Mako was placed on a hoversled and hooked up to a various life support machines that swallowed her up entirely in that she could no longer be seen within the jungle of cables and instruments.  And as quickly as the team of medics had done that, equally as quick they had disappeared taking what was left of her beautiful Mako away with them. 

Kixi remained on her knees. Head down low, blood filled palms across her bloodied face. 


"Captain!" Cried the voice of the much older Braj'tec Qarr.

Finally getting his attention, she looked up to see the huge man soaring above her and extending a hand to her which she slowly took. Getting her back on her feet, he placed one of her arms across his broad shoulders in that he could help carry the delirious captain off the Ueshiba's bridge, and escort her to where the medical staff were taking Mako. A truly sickening course of events finally unwinding themselves into a traumatic conclusion, Kixi's screams could still be heard echoing through the ship's hallways, and slowly dwindling away.

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