Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


16. Chapter 9 - Part 1


On approach to Coruscant's busy atmosphere, a mechanical voice came over the Ueshiba's communication system. "Unidentified ship of unknown type and designation, state your business, cargo, and passengers."

“Lieutenant Commander Jhes Je'Kesik speaking. We are on route to Coruscant from the Seswenna System which is our primary planet of origin." She briefly glanced at her captain who sat to the left of her, who made a series of quick hand gestures at her to continue with the charade. "We only intend for a short stay – refuelling, get some supplies and then resume inwards towards the Outer Regions." Kixi glared at her for almost forgetting, and then relented and mouthed the rest at her. "—We have our standard operating crew, and carrying no commercial cargo.”

“Transmit manifest.”

"Transmitting manifest now." The third officer in command punched in a series of keys on the ship's console and then all remained silent as they waited.

“Clearance granted. You are assigned to Landing Dock 68 at Spaceport 46 Alpha. You have been granted a permit to stay for no longer than 24 hours. Please standby for escort.”

Jhes turned on the mute button on the communications panel, looking very pleased with herself. "I guess that was easy, and we've been assigned a landing dock in the same spaceport as last time. Should make things a little more familiar too."

"Yes". Kixi pouted standing up and looking at Mako as she answered Jhes.

"Mako lets go get the others so we can hurry up and finish up our business with them. I want to be ready to leave once we have docked at the spaceport." Kixi said shifting her attention back to her girlfriend who promptly got up and followed Kixi to the exit.

"The rest of you know what to do in the meantime, and what protocols to follow while I'm gone etc. I intend to make this quick, so hopefully I won't be more than a few hours." Kixi said as she exited the bridge, waved to her crew, and her crew promptly acknowledged her.


As they got to the ship's exit ramp, Kixi couldn't help but notice Mako somewhat despondent. "Hey sweetheart, it's not that bad!"

"Okay." Mako didn't know if Kixi was referring to her injuries from her two successive battles in as little as 48 hours, or her own rapidly declining confidence for the mission.


"I meant I'm all okay, let's... Just get on with it Kixi." Mako thought the better to just shrug off her concerns, as in the end it was evident that it would make no difference in the overall grand scheme of things.

"Good. Come on, move along then, the other three idiots should be waiting for us at the exit, security would have escorted them there by now. It would be very rude to keep them waiting all day you know." Kixi said in a very sardonic manner, and a very poor attempt at sarcasm, as Mako failed to see the humour in Kixi's insults towards the three aliens.

Vinskk, Free-Eyes and Aeil, as well as several security officers waited in the adjoining passageway for Kixi and Mako's arrival.

"Hey," Kixi greeted almost startled from her thoughts, as one of the security officers activated the door to the exit, which swooshed open as the lowering ramp was lowered.

"Are we all ready?" Kixi asked already expecting the answer.

"Absolutely." Replied Free-Eyes on behalf of himself and the others.

"Great. Let's go then. After you three if you care to disembark first." Kixi said signalling a hand gesture for the three aliens to exit the ship first.

Kixi took Mako's hand and leaned forward to kiss her cheek. Mako blushed tensely and pulled her hand from Kixi's.

"Kiks, really – in front of the security officers?" The four security officers undoubtedly all had grins and smirks across their faces, at the potential of seeing their two commanding officers, and also two stunningly good looking women kiss.

"Hey, look, I'm just showing my affection for you sweetie," Kixi took Mako's hand again, a little more firmly this time, and flashed her a smile.

“When don't you ever Kixi, and yes I do appreciate it." Mako expelled an exasperated breath. "Come on Kixi. Let's go.”

They descended down the opening ramp together, as Kixi turned her head to momentarily face the security officers still onboard the ship. With a wave of her hand, she instructed them to raise the ramp, and promptly left the busy spaceport immediately after.


"We don't wanna be followed with anything traceable to us back to your shed Free-Eyes. I need to borrow someone's airspeeder. All follow me please." Kixi inscrutably instructed the others. She gave absolutely no hints regarding her intents – nobody including Mako either dared or bothered to question her anyway.

From the spaceport situated on the upper surface of Coruscant, Kixi, Mako, Vinskk, Free-Eyes and Aeil walked away from it, leaving the Ueshiba and its crew behind, traversing the many various platforms. With it being only their second visit to Coruscant, the two human women still marvelled at the glorious view that shot up before them, of the seemingly never ending surrounding of the urban jungle of never ending skyscrapers. Although it couldn't be seen from where they stood, if they were to once again enter the world's orbit, the view would have been breathtaking, as from the surface all they could see was but a speck of the bustling planet sized city. From orbit, the endless ring of titanic skyscrapers girded Coruscant around its equator, some of them tall enough to pierce the upper fringes of atmosphere. Similar, if shorter structures could be found almost anyplace on the globe. It was those rarefied upper levels, spacious and clean, that constituted most peoples' conception of the galactic capital.

But all visions of soaring beauty and wealth, no matter how stately, must be grounded somewhere, somehow. Along the equatorial strip, below the lowest stratum of air traffic, beneath the illuminated skywalks and the glittering facades, lay another view of Coruscant. There, sunlight never penetrated. The endless city night was lit only by flickering neon holo projections advertising sleazy attractions and shady businesses. Spider roaches and huge armoured rats infested the shadows, and hawk bats with wingspans of up to one and a half metres roosted in the rafters of deserted structures. That was the underbelly of Coruscant, unseen and unacknowledged by the wealthy, belonging solely to the disenfranchised and the damned.

The Gran's shed wasn't exactly located there, but rather on what still passed and was classified as the upper levels. Yet Kixi didn't want to run the risk of being followed, something she was sure both Free-Eyes himself and the large Trandoshan appreciated. She decided that it would be best to perhaps go down to the lower levels, steal an airspeeder from there, and use it to return to the Gran's safe haven. Her alien counterparts who as well wanted to tread carefully immodestly agreed. It was without a doubt clear, that there would be a lower chance of the authorities trying to pin down a stolen vehicle from Coruscant's crime infested lower levels, than would be the case from the citizens of the more law abiding upper levels.

The particular route Kixi had chosen to take her and her companions to Coruscant's underground was already familiar enough. Although Free-Eyes had suggested taking a particular path, that would lead them well away from the many denizens of the more populated areas.

The target place was a dingy building at the back of a dead end street. Kixi and her companions had to step over a Rodian sleeping in a pile of rags near the recessed entrance. However no one had any intent to enter the building. Several metres to the side, Kixi found what she was looking for. An airspeeder in which she could steal. Although the presence of a minor problem was apparent. Two humans, one seemingly large build bald man, along with a very slim short red haired woman around the same height as Kixi's girlfriend, stood guard next to it.

As they emerged into the dim light of the dead end street, immediately sensing their approach, the man and woman turned to face Kixi and company.

"Can I help you?" The man said in a heavily pitched stern voice.

"Yes you can actually," Kixi replied in an equally pitched sounding voice "I'm afraid in this case the pleasure of you handing over that airspeeder of yours will be all mine," Kixi said retrieving and then aiming her blaster at both the man and woman who immediately raised their hands.

The man who'd been smiling initially, his smile quickly vanished, and the next words came out in a sinister hiss. "No one ever threatens me and lives to tell about it girl. Whoever you are, you've made one big grave error in judgement."

"Yeah really? Yet I'm the one pointing a blaster at you." Kixi retorted disregarding the stranger's threat. Yet she'd been too keen in simply hurrying up, and didn't realise just how close the man was standing to her, and that he was still within striking range at lunging at her, and taking her down before she had a chance to shoot.

With her mind too occupied elsewhere, she either didn't notice this fact, or was too enraged to care. Snarling, the man lunged at Kixi and her half cyborg girlfriend that stood to her right. Kixi managed to fire her weapon, as the man was within centimetres reach of overpowering her. The particle beam punched through his armoured chest plate, seared its way through various internal organs, and exited between the shoulder blades. The beam's intense heat instantly cauterised the wound, stopping any visible bleeding – not that that mattered much to the man. He dropped to the floor like a sack of meat, which was essentially what he had become.

“We don't want his body immediately discovered. It will attract unwanted attention, and possibly somehow track it back to us." Kixi urgently pointed out, gazing directly at the Trandoshan. "Vinskk put his body in the rear boot compartment of the airspeeder. Once we're done, I'll dump the whole airspeeder with the bodies.”

"Bodies?" Mako who was holding the red haired female against the wall at gun point questioned raising an eyebrow. Vinskk who immediately got the hint on the other hand, chose to ignore the matter, lifting up the deceased's body with ease, causing a loud thud as the corpse was dumped in the airspeeder's boot.

“You there, get in the boot with your dead friend!" Kixi stared at the young female her facial expression merciless.. "Now!”

"You're just gonna kill her!" Mako cried out in protest.

“Mako, shut the fuck up and don't dare question my authority – ever!" Kixi growled in anger. "Fall to fucking command girl!”

Obediently, even though reluctant, Mako pushed the girl forward, shoving the nozzle of her blaster in the centre of her lower back, forcing her to walk forward towards the boot compartment of the airspeeder.

"Now get in!" Kixi demanded relentlessly.

"Please, please I haven't done anything to you. If you want the airspeeder take it, but please don't kill me! Please!" She tearily begged.

"Just get the fuck in there!" Kixi said as she used excessive force to ruthlessly push her in the boot, where she curled up on top of her already deceased companion.

“I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!" The girl sobbed into her chest unceasingly, hands clutching at her jacket. Please, what did I ever do to you!”

Mako watched incredibly with contempt at what her girlfriend was about to do, with signs of doubt regarding their relationship undoubtedly emerging. She had crossed her arms and lifted her chin as Kixi had forcibly pushed the innocent girl into the boot. She noticed the tightness around the girl's eyes, the despair, as she shook her head sighing, knowing she was powerless to help her.

"Be fucking quiet. You're wasting breathable air. Oh and by the way I agree with you, you haven't done anything wrong, except that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." As Kixi said those words, she retrieved her own blaster and pointed the nozzle to her temple. As she did the girl began to yell. "Don't worry, I'll make it quick and painless." Kixi said in a low deep voice, staring into the girl's eyes, and feeling a sense of pleasure seeing her totally petrified. Kixi gritted her teeth in hate, despite not even knowing the girl.

"No, no please. I don't want to die!" Her cries were quickly muffled, as Kixi placed her other hand over her mouth and continued to stare into her very eyes. Her young innocent eyes of fear and despair. She snarled in hate as she pulled the trigger without hesitation, showing no remorse for her unjust actions, instantly creating a cauterised wound through the centre of the girl's brain. Kixi did not disengage eye contact with the girl, as her body twitched for several seconds and turned lifeless. Kixi then withdrew her hand from the deceased's mouth and blaster from her head, allowing for the body to just slump perfectly with the other dead man. She then abruptly slammed the airspeeder's compartment shut.

"Let's go now!" She said grabbing a horrified Mako by the arm, and shoved her into the front passenger seat of the airspeeder. "The rest of you get in the back." Mako remained totally speechless, as were the other three aliens who had promptly taken up position in the back seat. Kixi could see Mako wanted to say something, something to condemn her actions, but thought the better of it as Kixi gave her the ultimate death stare.

Although Mako dared not speak, her thoughts were clear. She now despised what her lover was doing. Killing innocents in cold blood for no reason. Mako felt disgusted as she felt a sickening feeling in her stomach. Seeing what her lover had become, a woman far worse than when she was Lord Xiz'Jhan's first prime. Terrible thoughts crossed her mind. She wondered if she had what it took to just kill Kixi herself, if given the chance to end all this insanity. She knew she could never make herself do such a thing, as she still loved Kixi immensely. Yet at the present time she just wanted to run, run away far, far away from all the chaos and turmoil.

Kixi turned her head around and glared at both Vinskk and Free-Eyes. "Now may not be the most appropriate time to discuss my actions." Kixi took a deep breath in, and then let it out slowly. Dusk was falling fast. "Not that you really care Vinskk," she said turning to him. "After all, I'd lose count if I were to try and count how many people you've killed. Come on," she said. "We'd better get out of this sector before someone who can do something about what I've just done finds us. That would be the perfect end to the day – not."

Lifting off and remaining in complete silence, Kixi and her four occupants hurried off through the bustling Coruscanti air traffic in their stolen airspeeder. Soon after however, Kixi broke away from the mainstream of fast moving vehicles, setting a course that would scrupulously take them to Free-Eyes' shed – well almost.

Faintly, from behind them, came the wail of a siren. Kixi glanced back over her shoulder and saw they was being pursued by a police droid on a smaller speeder bike. The sight did not surprise her, nor did it surprise the three alien occupants taking up her rear seat. She knew she was breaking several traffic laws due to her speed and course. Just as she knew there was no way the droid was going to catch them either. Kixi pushed the airspeeder to maximum velocity, rocketing through the ferrocrete labyrinth on a plane between two levels of skycar traffic. The airspeeder had no stealth capabilities, but that did not matter. Her speed and her control were more than sufficient to leave the pursuing droid behind. She knew the droid was comlinking ahead, calling for reinforcements to surround her and bring her to a stop. She couldn't let that happen. There was a break in the lower traffic flow ahead. Kixi altered the airspeeder's thrust angle and dived through it, descending several stories until she dropped through a fog layer that hovered perhaps thirty metres above the ground. They could still track her, of course, but she knew that, as long as she was not endangering any lives other than hers and that of her occupants, that she would not be as high a priority to them. Besides, they had almost reached their destination.


They arrived without further incident, parking the airspeeder by the small abanded shed. The five occupants then stepped out onto a footpath, that lead straight over to the Gran's safe house, and walked inside.

Once inside, Kixi decided that it would be a good idea to immediately conclude their business as quickly as possible, and thus leave as soon as possible. Although she still had the matter of the Bothan scumbag to deal with.

"Mako, please transfer one million Republic credits to our humble Gran here," Kixi said with a slight bow and hand near her heart.

"That's the half million we agreed to for the job, plus an extra half million for all the extra trouble." She paused and made sure both the Trandoshan and Bothan spy behind her could hear. Emphasising she continued, "I'm a very generous and kind person. If you respect me that is. However, ever double cross me, and you'll feel my bitter wrath fall upon you." She said smiling menacingly at Free-Eyes. "Oh and I am totally aware, that Republic credits are not of much use here on Sith controlled Coruscant, but I'm quite sure that someone of your calibre will be able to exchange it at some underground local Bureau de change." Kixi said producing a brittle smile.

Mako who stood quietly beside the Gran nodded in approval, although it was more at the gesture of her girlfriend's generosity, rather than her what she would do if she were double crossed. That latter most certainly did not agree with her, especially after only just witnessing her kill two innocent people in cold blood for no real reason other than to steal their ride.

As the two walked over to another room to conclude business, Kixi swivelled around on the heels of her long knee height black boots to face the Bothan. Still being watched by the large Trandoshan, his large body structure loomed over him like a tower, ensuring that he had no chance to make a run for it in the event he were to dare do so.

"Now Bothan Spy", Kixi angrily snarled, grabbing onto his chest with both her hands. "I have an arrogant saying. To contend with Kixi is to lose." She pushed his big smelly body close to hers, fighting off the repulsiveness of his odour and the need to want to vomit. Kixi's face demonstrated nothing more than bitterness, as she glared the Bothan directly in the eyes, her eyes telling only one telltale story – one filled with pure hated.

"Last chance to speak up now, otherwise I'll do a lot worse to you than what the big Trandoshan has been inflicting onto you thus far." The dark side was now running purely through her veins, her every breath, and her very soul. It would be only a matter of time before she would have immersed herself purely in enough dark Force energy, to be able to activate the Orb of Passage and attempt to fulfil her prime objective. 

Aeil sighed. "I told you everything already... please, just let me go. I wanna see my kids. My wife. Don't kill me." The Bothan looked, pleading, at everyone in the room.

Vinskk was silent analysing the matter at hand. Aeil had seen and heard a lot of information, like their names and where Free-Eyes' safe house was. He had to be killed. There was really no way around it. But... he mentioned a family. Part of him was conflicted. He had enslaved entire tribes, separated families, everything, but for some reason, Aeil was making him feel something he hadn't felt for a while.

Free-Eyes, who along with Mako had now returned back to where Kixi's interrogation of the Bothan had truly been underway. He nodded to his approval, regarding having just had the credits transferred to him by the half cyborg girl. "A job well done. I'm just glad we made it out of that one alive." He looked at the Bothan and shrugged nonchalantly. He then stood there pondering, the Bothan was most likely going to get what was coming to him, which didn't bother the Gran one bit.

It seemed as if the decision on the Bothan's fate, would now be totally in the hands of Kixi. She smiled at him sardonically, her facial expression foretelling one thing only – that she was prepared to show him absolutely no mercy. 

"Ah you have a family and kids," Kixi said, her face turning expressionless, as she then let go of the Bothan, and at the same time kicked him in the left knee, in a manner to force him down on both of his knees before her. She then proceeded to gently put her hand under his jaw, lifting his head so he could see Kixi in a way that was overshadowing.

She spoke slowly in a sweet gentle, yet mocking voice. "Your... family, tell me... exactly where they are... and who they are?" She said now concentrating and focusing heavily within the dark side of the Force. "Tell me the exact location... and take me to them." Kixi continued saying, cocking her head towards her left shoulder, and at the same moment feeling the conflict from within Vinskk.

"AH...they're on Bothawui, also known as far away. I can't bring them to you, but here." Aeil reached into his pocket, to Vinskk's alarm, who stopped him by roughly grabbing his arms.

Free-Eyes reached into his pocket instead and produced the picture. "A paper picture? Old fashioned." He inspected it closely. "Nice looking kids."

Aeil, desperate, pleaded with the Gran. "You don't want them to grow up fatherless, do you? And what did I ever do to you all to deserve to die, huh?"

He was speaking the truth. Aeil really did have a family back home. Whether or not Kixi wanted to seperate them or not was up to her, although her answer and reasoning was already obvious enough, now having totally being consumed by the dark side of the Force.

"What has he done to deserve this he says?" Kixi laughed out aloud, once again mockingly, releasing her hand away from Aiel's jaw, and briefly waving her other arm and hand in the air, in a very sardonic gesture.

Then as her nostrils appeared as if they would flare up, in fit of rage of anger, she simply answered her own question. "What you have done, you fury ball of shit, is make the grave mistake to defy a human!" In her moment of enragement, the word human had inadvertently slipped out. "I mean a Jedi," she quickly corrected herself and continued, yet it was too late. Her intolerance towards intelligent non human life forms had been made absolutely clear.

"We all have choices given to us. Not always are we given what we are promised." She said her voice a tad muffled as she moved her head a fraction to peer over towards Mako, who was standing next to the Gran. "You see her, she may be a human female just like me, however she is the love of my life. One man who secretely despised that fact, put me in a position similar to yours." Kixi fought futilely to stop the resulting tear drops, of having just recalled the tragic events that had taken place at Kustetiera. "Except when he said that I had a choice to either do what he says or she dies, he lied to me after I succommed to his wishes". Pausing briefly trying to hold in her emotions of sadness and hate, she wanted to look down in shame, but dared not to look away from both the Bothan, or the Trandoshan, who's facial features did not elude the fact of his awkwardness. "He maimed her before my very eyes, destroying half of her body, thus why she is how you see her now, a cyborg."

She then took a moment to recompose herself. "I am giving you a choice Bothan, tell me all you know regarding your government's reason to spy on the Jedi, or seal the fate of your family. You have a choice better than what I did, as I will spare your family if you comply." Although what Kixi had said was a total lie. She would not spare the Bothan nor his family in any way whatsoever. In fact she couldn't have given a damn about the Jedi Temple, no more than in knowing that she would commit the exact same crime that Terron Hesh did to her. In other words even if Aiel answered her truthfully, she would still slay both him and his family. In saying her words that all including her girlfriend had found hard to fathom, she could immensely feel the conflict from within Vinskk growing ever so stronger. "If you fucking have something to add, then spill it out now!" She furiously snapped out to the Trandoshan.

Free-Eyes looked at Kixi with amazement. "You're going to kill his family? I didn't hear that right, did I?"

Vinskk hissed lowly, "Gran heard correctly."

"No! I'll kill you first, you fucking space witch!" Aeil made an attempt to rush towards Kixi, but was held back by the titan Trandoshan, who carried him in a bear hug.
"Please...don't hurt them..."

The pity, the compassion he felt so early in the mission towards Kixi was hitting him full force now, as he heard those words and remembered. He remembered what happened that fateful night. He remembered the bowcasters held to his head and his family. He remembered what it was like to beg, to plead. He remembered what was on Trandosha, waiting for Vinskk to join them. The graves of his wife and children.

"If human wants family dead, then human will have to do it herself," he muttered. He was mad now, enraged, full of hate from the past memories that flooded him. Stretching to full height, towering over everyone in the room, the Trandoshan roared out, "VINSKK WILL NOT KILL FAMILY! KIXI WILL DO KIXI'S DIRTY WORK!" He slammed his fist down on a table, breaking it in half. Free-Eyes and Aeil stared at the lizard in shock as he stormed up to Kixi, stopping right in front of her face as he virtually spat out, "Harm Bothan's family, his CHILDREN, and no life debt, no weapon, nothing shall stop Vinskk from tearing human inside out!" Pain and suffering all bubbled to the surface of Vinskk's brain, his psyche, as he stood there, not breaking eye contact with Kixi, a stream of tears now leaking out of the Trandoshan's eyes.

In seeing what was about to unfold – and then unfold, Mako was quick – lightening quick. Her half cyborg body gave her that one advantage, or at least an advantage over most people who were not Force sensitive. In a flash she flipped through the air, ripping out both her Zat'nik'tel Gua'uld pistol like weapons, landing 2 metres behind the Trandoshan, with both guns pointing at his head. "I don't think so," she sternly said.

Kixi still bearing the grunt of her recent injuries fighting the now deceased Sith Ravik, as well as the Twi-lek Jedi Master back on Lothal, breathed heavily as the Trandoshan stared menacing at her, ignoring Mako behind him, not feeling at all times threatened by her.

"I seem to have have hit a soft spot have I? Perhaps you need to be reminded that it is I who you serve, and that it is I who decides when your debt to me is paid." As Kixi spoke those words, she could feel the dark side of the Force flow ever so freely through her, and much stronger than ever before. With that she summoned it at her, all for her to command. She Force tugged the Trandoshan back a few steps as an invisible grip tightened around his neck. Chocking him, she held him levitated half a metre in the air for several seconds, before releasing her grip, causing the Trandoshan to hit the floor in agonising pain.

She then spoke to the Trandoshan with none other than harsh bitter words, "Your place is to serve me! Remember it! I will not spare the Bothan's family, and furthermore, you must prove your loyalty to me!" Kixi said gritting her teeth as she spoke. "Kill him immediately and prove it to me now!" Kixi said angrily as she hissed at Vinskk.

Vinskk defiantly spat on Kixi's boot, writhing in pain. He got up on one knee and hissed out, "In the Scorekeeper's name, Vinskk shall not rest until Jeedai slime drowns in her own blood! Vinskk renounces life debt!" He jumped up suddenly, yelling something in Gran to Free-Eyes, who promptly ran out of the room with Aeil, held at gunpoint. The Trandoshan continued, "Trandoshan has done the unspeakable now. To renounce a life debt, Vinskk is a Trandoshan no longer!"

He knew that Kixi was weak from the two recent fights with both the Jedi Master at Lothal, and with the Sith Lord Darth Ravik at Krayiss, that he had a chance of killing her, and didn't particularly care if he died in the process. His life was forfeit to the Scorekeeper now. Unhooking a thermal detonator, Vinskk primed it and held it up, saying, "Vinskk is holding dead man's bomb. If Trandoshan lets go, everyone in the house dies. There is no deactivation." At that moment he realised how much he hated her, the anger all pent up throughout the entire ordeal finally exploding as the Trandoshan entered a primal state of bloodlust. One claw still clutched around the grenade, Vinskk rushed Kixi and took a swipe at her, narrowly tearing her throat out with surprising speed. The second attack came even closer to ripping her face out completely, only missing due to the fact that Kixi was already stumbling backwards, falling from the Trandoshan's first quick clean strike. In one quick fluid motion, Vinskk had slit Kixi's throat, and to his utter surprise, had taken her out with relative ease. Although not deep enough to kill her instantly, the pain was immediate.

Her left hand grasped at the injury, as her other hand dropped helplessly to the side of her body. Her body gasped for breath, to no avail. Blood ran down her pristine neck, drenching her shirt in red. The pain was agonising, even torturous. She sucked in a gasp for breath, and a single cough brought up blood from her lungs. Her mouth opened to scream, but her screams were silenced by her pain. Quickly replaced with quiet sobs.

Kixi dropped to her knees, her eyes wide open in shock before dropping to the floor completely. She called upon the Force, and summoned it to create a Force bubble around her. It would protect her momentarily from secondary attacks by the enraged Trandoshan, who was now determined more than ever before, in seizing the opportunity to kill the incapacitated Züncålazin once and for all.

Her body lay unmovable amongst a crumbled pile of rubble and debris which was the result of the table that Vinskk had destroyed in anger. There were also shards of glass from it – several small pieces, of which, had lodged themselves in Kixi's temple. This had caused a deep gash to open above her brow line with thick, red blood trickling down the left side of her face. Her chest rose slowly, but only slightly. It was hard for her to tell the full extent of her injury, but easy enough for her to tell, that from within her ribcage, her lungs ached. Everything just shy of her midsection felt twisted in on themselves.

Kixi flexed her fingers, each one aching as badly as the one before it. But there was something else. Her entire right arm felt numb. There was no pain. There was nothing. The limb felt completely foreign to her. Removing it from her throat, she used her left more functional hand, to lift her weightless arm from the ground, and drape it over her chest.

She bit the interior of her cheek, and then pulled herself up. Only pain followed. Terrible, nail biting pain. She tried to inhale, but the only thing to come of it was a wheezing, hacking cough. Kixi's fingers pressed along her weightless arm, and continued upward until her arm connected to her shoulder.

Or should, anyway. The shoulder bone had been dislodged from its socket. But how she wondered, and then remembered the metal shelf she had hit as she staggered backwards, the loud thud and the reverberating clang that followed, as pieces of the shelf fell on the metal flooring. Her slit throat episode, had overshadowed the fact that she had simultaneously dislocated her shoulder. Grasping it tightly, Kixi worked it slowly back into place. SNAP! It was just momentary. The surge of pain jumped up her arm to her neck. She shut her eyes, tightly, and bit down on her lower lip hard enough to draw blood. But she could move her right arm again. She pressed her right hand against the metal floor and attempted to push herself to her feet. But she faltered, and her knees buckled under the weight.

Kixi grimaced as she fell onto her belly. Her stomach twisted in knots. She began to pull herself towards Mako, but then twisted her body around and collapsed to roll backwards, and lay flat on her back with both her arms and legs spread outwards. Her chest heaved greatly. She quickly realised it was her lungs. Her eyelids closed for half a second before opening again. With all the adrenaline rush, she had become delusional, and totally oblivious regarding the one serious laceration that the Trandoshan had inflicted upon her. Her throat, it was still bleeding as blood continued to ooze from it. She was powerless to do anything about it. Without assistance, it would only be a matter of minutes before she was dead.

The Trandoshan had forgotten about Mako behind him, as he watched the Züncålazin warrior, to even his own disbelief, go down critically.

Mako fired three bursts from one of her Gua'uld Zat pistols at Vinskk's grenade. Zat pistols were small, yet sophisticated weapons. One shot would stun a victim, two kill, and three vaporise. As quickly as the Trandoshan had momentarily turned the tide into his favour, he had lost that same advantage the moment his grenade suddenly disappeared into nothingness. Without hesitation, Mako then fired one single shot at Vinskk to stun him. However his heavy armour protected him well against such attacks, making Mako's initial strike a futile effort. Not at all discouraged, she fired a second shot which normally would have been fatal, however that instead paralysed the huge Trandoshan, causing him to growl loudly as he fell onto his knees.

Immediately upon neutralising the enraged lizard like man, Mako ran to the aid of her wounded girlfriend, just as the Force bubble that had protected her from further attack had collapsed completely. Grabbing her head by her back hairs and lifting it up, Kixi coughed blood in every which direction. Mako got down completely on her knees, wrapped her arms around Kixi in a tight embrace, and slowly lifted her slightly off the floor. Kixi was struggling to breath, her eyes barely open, as she felt the warmth of her girlfriend's body wrapped strongly around her, holding her.

"Nooooooo," Mako cried out in horror and screamed. She scowled at the conscious, but now paralysed Trandoshan. "You bastard! You fucking bastard!" In that same instant, Mako frantically tried contacting the Ueshiba. However her face turned into a pale white, as only the crackling sound of static could be heard.

Vinskk laughed, then gurgled something in Gran yet again. This time, Free-Eyes and Aeil entered the room with neural bands and ion rifles, made to block out external suggestions by the Force and to disable droids. They immediately fired upon Mako, disabling her with a volley of shots to her half cyborg body. Immediately dropping to the metal floor causing a soft clud noise, she would be incapacitated for quite a while, but not dead.

As the two aliens hesitantly advanced in the room, the Trandoshan got up on one knee and hissed out weakly, "Vinskk always had plan...to kill Kixi and be free. Free of ridiculous life debt. But Trandoshan forgot plan after kindness shown to Vinskk. But when human did this...Free-Eyes still remembered plan. And Gran had help from Bothan when Jeedai threatened."

Free-Eyes looked at Kixi with a glare. "Sorry, Kixi. You paid good, but I basically owe Vinskk my life. He saved me when I was just a kid from getting too deep with this... crowd. What's the best way to repay someone saving their life? Helping them get their life back." Aeil was silent, training the gun on Kixi, his fur rippling, his face a mask of hate. No doubt he was enjoying the turn of tables.

Kixi raised her head slightly to look into the Bothan's eyes, panting for breath, but she showed no fear, nor care. She looked towards Mako, her unconscious body, sprawled on the floor. Mako was her only care, and who she lived for. If Kixi failed in her mission, as far as she was concerned, her life would be forfeit. Yet she had come prepared. She had one last line of defence in her pocket, ensuring one last ditch effort of desperation, as Kixi's and Mako's priority had now changed from being the captors, into needing to escape.

Vinskk's paralysis was beginning to slightly wear off as he spoke again, this time a bit stronger. "Jeedai can never outsmart hunter. Trandoshan's life debt ends here. Vinskk will reclaim points lost for Scorekeeper and will become worthy again." The two aliens dragged Kixi back up and on her knees, and held the ion rifles to her head. The rifle may have been made for droids, but it would certainly have still hurt her, especially aimed to the head, and in the extremely volatile position she was in. The Trandoshan slowly got up, still semi-paralysed.

Just before Mako had been rendered unconscious, she had managed to pull out a piece of technology known as a medical tricorder, which had originated from a neighbouring galaxy of that of her own, or the Lat-Saena Galaxy. Attending to her girlfriend's grave wound on her throat, the almost flat like device, which included a small flap that opened on its top and a large touchscreen interface, had been used to diagnose the precise extent of her injury. Then with another device she had managed to retrieve from her belt, an actual healing device, she used it to close the gashing wound. Vinskk had stared at her silently, undoubtedly curious at what he was witnessing, as the wide blue beam from the second device tickled across Kixi's throat, mending cell after cell, turning ripped bloodied tissue, back into smooth unscarred skin. Kixi's throat had stopped bleeding, despite having lost a considerable amount of blood, with Mako just having saved her life.

Kixi looked up at Vinskk and laughed. "You think I'm really that stupid you repulsive piece of alien shit? I knew that this might happen someday." As she slowly raised her hands in the air, she detached what looked like some sort of vial from under her skirt. "Oh don't worry, it isn't my lightsabre as you can see." Despite the guns being pointed to her head, Kixi smiled, her facial expression one of pure evil as she eyed the Trandoshan with total disdain. "You call me a space witch? Well I'm a thousand times worse!" She hissed as she began coughing blood, her throat still hurting like hell. Mako had managed to heal her wound and take the necessary action to stop the bleeding, however she was far from cured and would require further proper intensive medical assistance once back on her ship – assuming she ever made it back.

"Back in a star system in the galaxy of my origin, the less technologically advanced humans from Kustetiera were in need of our assistance when they were encountered by a lizard like species similar to yours. The exception in this instance was that this species in particular could manipulate their bodies, and use human DNA to look like humans." Kixi paused a moment as she once again coughed violently, spitting more blood and had to place her other hand over her chest.

"The situation was unfortunately a lot more complicated than it seemed. With the advanced humans from Terra-Sol, and their allies from the same Lat-Saena Galaxy not being able to assist, this being due to them having their own forces spread out and involved in other conflicts and commitments, I along with my single starship, which had remained hidden, were alone in aiding the humans of Kustetiera. Initially we used guerrilla warfare type tactics, teaming up with freedom fighters from that world. However it inevitably wasn't enough with the Vistesh, that's what the invaders were called, who had over 600 cloaked motherships in and around the orbit of Kustetiera. Although I was born on Terra-Sol in the Lat-Saena Galaxy, my people from the Sajnen Confederate are located in the Androj'Meden Galaxy, and unfortunately were too far to assist – initially." Kixi then paused again, not because of the pain in her throat, but rather because of what she was about to say. Producing a grim smile, and a cold facial expression, despite the seemingly grave situation she suddenly found herself in, her vile words of genocidal hate, that would be the telltale story of who she really was, would give her a total thrilling sense of satisfaction. She began to snarl as she spoke. Hatred filled her eyes, as she hissed the words of her vicious triumph against the Vistesh, that had marked her a war criminal and a mass murderer. Now totally consumed by the power of the dark side, unlike the initial aftermath of her actions, she actually felt tall and proud about it.

"I never told you fuckwit aliens. I'm not just a Züncålazin, I'm a biological scientist... who creates weapons... purposely to kill... non human enemies." Kixi said snarling and deliberately slowing down as she said the last part gritting her teeth.

"Oh yes... behind the beauty of my face... and the elegance of my body... there lies... a monster," Kixi said smiling broadly in a soft low pitched voice.

“The only way to eradicate the Vistesh against such overwhelming odds, was to create a biological virus that only killed them. I was the lead scientist in successfully developing, and then deploying such a lethal weapon, and consequently winning us the war. But it didn't end there. After the war was over, I ordered the slayings of millions of their kind in an act of mass genocide. We killed women and children without remorse, and all in the name of humanity. We didn't stop until every single last one of them was dead!”

Then taking a short breath in, and then out again, Kixi recomposed herself and continued. "While you were on my ship, I took the liberty of studying your DNA while you were asleep. Your Trandoshan DNA is 85% identical. I had the virus modified". She shook the vial in her hand. "Let me go, as all I have to do is drop this, and although Free-Eyes and that Bothan scumbag will survive, you will experience agony beyond nothing else you can possibly imagine. Furthermore my crew onboard my starship have orders to unleash it on Trandosha if either Mako or myself are killed." She paused again, hissing, snarling. "I suggest you let me go now, and then we will all get to live and fight another day." She smiled deviously, making it obvious that she was not holding the vial in a tight grip, so that even the slightest attempt to take it off her, would result in her dropping it and ultimately killing the Trandoshan. In fact, Kixi could sense that both Free-Eyes and Aeil wanted to pump a few rounds into her head, upon just having learnt who she really was. Yet the deadly vial in her hand was the only thing holding them back – and keeping her alive.

Vinskk cracked his neck, falling back to a knee, not yet ready to stand. Free-Eyes helped him up, grunting as he rested him on his shoulder. The Bothan still had his gun trained on Kixi. "Let's move, Vinskk! You can finish this later, on your terms, when you have the advantage." The Trandoshan nodded weakly and spat once again, this time the saliva landing on Kixi's neck wound. "Vinskk has your scent, Jeedai...Vinskk will hunt you until the day Trandoshan dies."

The life debt meant nothing to him anymore, although it still stood, despite his earlier proclamation of breaking free. He had two choices, either to serve her, or to kill her, and at that moment, Vinskk chose to hunt her down. But later. He was wounded and she had the momentary advantage. Free-Eyes dragged him to a garage, where a speeder sat, dusty and unused.

"I'm going too, right? You're not gonna leave me with... her?" The two looked at Aeil, who trailed them, and Free-Eyes nodded to him. They all hopped on the speeder and left the building. The Trandoshan called a business partner then, to bring the Broken Talon to him as they sped off to a spaceport, awaiting the vehicle.

Kixi yelled out as the three hopped onto the speeder. "I am technologically more superior than the lot of you! I'm going to attack your home world of Trandosha and kill millions!" she waived the vial in her hand. "No one will stop me, nor catch me because no one fucking can!" Kixi's wicked laugh caused shivers to run down the necks of all 3 aliens, as the sound of her voice echoed into their heads, and they heard her gloomy and dreadful words while they furiously sped out the building.

Kixi got on her feet. Mako was just waking up and Kixi helped her up. "They know of the Genghis virus, they're running." Kixi said, almost sounding panicked. "I need more hatred to activate the power of the orb and travel back in time. Terron Hesh's treachery is not enough. The Trandoshan and all species of his kind must die. Just like the Vistesh did. However, we will deal with his planet later. For now we need to capture that bastard Vinskk, and painfully force him to watch the destruction of his world before I end his miserable life." Kixi was growing stronger and stronger by the moment, in harnessing the power of the dark side. Killing the Trandoshan and eradicating his entire species on his home world, would ensure that she would more than adequately achieve her ultimate goal.

“We need to give chase now. I'll contact the Ueshiba once we're well in pursuit of Vinskk's and the other non human alien scumbags. There should be another speeder in that garage. Let's go as we're losing precious time.”

“But Kixi perhaps we should just let them—”

"Go?" Kixi ended Mako's sentence by saying what she had wanted to say. "No fucking way. He must be shown no mercy. Mercy is for the weak. Now c'mom Mako." Mako once again knew better than to argue with her girlfriend, who as far as she was now concerned, had gone absolutely insane – but she dare not protest.

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