Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


15. Chapter 8


Kixi was trying to concentrate, gathering her mental energies for the coming battle. She was distracted, however, by her own worriedness concerning Mako who unmistakably was panicking.

Kixi was prowling back and forth like an angry rancor, her lightsabre already drawn. Mako who had partial Force sensibility could feel the dark side building inside her, fueled by her rage, her never ending hatred of Terron Hesh, and her resentment toward Lord Xiz'Jhan for using her in his evil sinister plans.

Kixi had led them back to the temple, however they did not reenter it, instead they went inside a stronghold about 200 metres shy of it, into a large open room with an exit at either end. A single door would have been easier to defend, but Kixi was wary of getting trapped. Although as far asshe had been aware, it was just Ravik who'd come alone, so trying to corner them would probably not be an option for him – unless he had brought others such as battle droids.

Kixi understood that she would need to fight, with the choice of being beamed out no longer an option, as for one, the whole area around the temple and the stronghold was causing an unknown interference to their communications, and secondly if she ran from the Sith, he'll only continue to chase and hunt her down throughout the ends of the Galaxy – ironic the thought though, since she had come from another galaxy. She had thought about hiding and waiting for reinforcements from her ship the Ueshiba to arrive, yet by the time they would realisewhat had happened, let alone send a team of fighters down, it would be too late she surmised. No, she had to stand her ground here and now and fight, she hastily concluded.

The room was empty, completely devoid of any furniture. Based on that fact and its great size, forty metres by thirty she guessed, it had been built as some kind of practice arena or training centre. In addition to the exits on either end, there was a small door on one of the side walls that led to a tiny, dead end room. It had probably served at one time as a storage closet for weapons, targets, and other implements used in drills or training.

At Kixi's instruction, Mako was to hide in there too. Yes she was lightly armed, but her weapons would prove futile against the Sith, and thus she would be of no help to either side. Mako held on to all the information that had been copied and replicated by the Sajnen Nanite Replicator Technology, and promptly got into the storage closet.

"I love you with all my heart Mako, always remember it in the event of my defeat and your survival." Kixi said as she brought her half cyborg lover in for a close hug, and passionately kissed her lips in a kiss that felt an eternity.

"Don't come out until the fighting's done." Kixi said to her once she had let go of her, drawing a sad look from her girlfriend. "You'll only get in the way and hinder me." Kixi explained as she closed her girlfriend in.

Now there was nothing to do but wait for Darth Ravik to arrive. Fortunately or unfortunately she wouldn't have to wait long. The door she had come in from burst open, and Ravik charged straight for her, he had without a doubt come alone, yet surprisingly he stopped 10 metres shy of his target coming to a complete halt.

“Kixi Rajki!" Ravik's voice cut off her thoughts midstream. "I come with an invitation for yours truly.”

Kixi glared at Ravik, as angry at herself for allowing him to easily follow and find her. "How did you find me?" She asked, casting out with her mind to see who else might have come with Ravik, although she was certain it was just him. She did feel a mixture of relief and disappointment when she realised Ravik was indeed alone.

"I followed you to Lothal and patiently observed you and waited. Once you were gone, I was able to work out what information it was you stole from the Jedi library, by discreetly and simply focusing on the Jedi investigating what you did there. Once I learnt what it was you were looking for and that you'd come here, well the rest was easy." The dark lord replied.

Kixi then asked, "Did you come here to kill me?"

Ravik gave a slight nod. "If you will not join me, I will leave your corpse on this barren and forgotten world."

“Barren?" Kixi echoed, incredulous. "How can you say that? The dark side is strong here. Far stronger than you can even start to imagine. However the power of the dark side doesn't interest me. Only being able to harness the power of the Orb of Passage does.”

"And did you find it?" Ravik immediately countered. "Over the centuries many Sith have searched for its secret, and none of them could ever discover it." Ravik then ignited his double bladed lightsabre before continuing. "It is time to end this foolish quest Kixi. What you seek no longer exists, that you have failed."

For a brief moment Kixi felt the faint flicker of excitement. Ravik's words echoed her own thoughts. Ravik's next words however would bring his fury crashing down on her. "The ways of the Sith is the future of the dark side. Your future girl lays with me, I can teach it all to you plus much more. Join me."

Kixi shook her head. She didn't care for the power of the dark side, its glory and the will to rule. All she wanted was Mako, and this Sith was hindering her. For that he had to die. "You are wrong. I will never follow you, nor will I ever join the Sith. My allegiance is to my only true love, and because of it, I serve only her needs."

Ravik sighed. "A waste of true potential. Then your life ends here." With those words, he then leapt in, his weapon moving with far more speed than Kixi had ever seen any opponent do.

Parrying the first sequence, Kixi realised just how powerful her Sith adversary really was. Only now was she seeing Ravik's true ability, and she was barely able to defend herself. Barely, but still able.

Her opponent grunted in surprise when Kixi warded him off, then stepped back to regroup. He'd come in hard and fast, expecting to end their battle quickly. Now he had to reevaluate his strategy.

"You're better than I have anticipated," he said, clearly impressed and making no attempt to hide it.

"So are you," Kixi responded.

Ravik lunged in again, and the room was filled with the hiss and hum of lightsabres striking each other half a dozen times in the space of two heartbeats. Kixi would have been carved to ribbons had she tried to react to each move individually. Instead she simply called upon the Force, letting it flow through her and guide her hand. She now gave herself over to the dark side completely, without reservation. Her weapon became an extension of the Force, and she responded to Ravik's unstoppable attack with an impenetrable defence.

Then she went on the attack. In the past she had always been afraid to surrender her will to the raw emotions that fueled the dark side. Now she had no such limitations. For the first time she was calling on her full potential.

She drove Ravik back with furious slashes, forcing him into a backpedaling retreat across the floor of the chamber. Ravik flipped back and across the other side of the room, but Kixi was relentless in her pursuit, leaping forward and coming within a centimetre of landing a crippling blow to the Sith's leg.

Her strike was turned aside at the last second, but she quickly followed it up with another series of powerful thrusts and stabs. Ravik continued to give ground, pushed inexorably back by the raging storm of Kixi's onslaught. Each time he tried to change tactics or switch forms, Kixi anticipated, reacted, and seized the advantage.

The outcome was inevitable. Kixi was simply too strong in the Force. Only some unexpected manoeuvre could save Ravik now. Kixi had taken the time to study and see every possible sequence, series, move, and trick with the double bladed lightsabre, and she knew how to counter and nullify them all.

Ravik became desperate. Leaping, spinning, ducking, rolling. He was wild and reckless in his retreat, seeking now only to escape with his life. He quickly realised that he had made a grave judgement in error in following Kixi.

Kixi kept Ravik away from the exit doors of the chamber, slowly herding her opponent into a corner. Ravik eventually stood in the corner of the large chamber, panting heavily, stooped ever so slightly, his head bowed. He looked up at Kixi, but when his gaze met Kixi's, there was no hint of defeat in his eyes.

"You foolish woman, you think that you've won," he said. There was less than five metres between them, but it was just enough space for Ravik to give the hilt of his lightsabre a quick twist. The long handle separated in the middle, and suddenly he was armed not with one double bladed lightsabre, but with a pair of single blades, one in each hand.

Kixi hesitated. In her time as a Züncålazin, very few had ever attempted to use two sabres at once. In fact it had always been discouraged by the teachers and masters saying it was inherently flawed.

Now, as she saw the cruel and cunning expression on her enemy's face, Kixi understood the real truth. The battle was rejoined, but now it was Kixi who was in full retreat. Without proper training against this form of lightsabre attack, even her enormous command of the Force would be unable to anticipate the unfamiliar sequences of the two handed fighting style.

Her mind was flooded with a million options of what her opponent might attempt, and she had no experience to draw on to eliminate any of them. Overwhelmed, she staggered back, floundering with the desperation of a drowning woman.

Within the first few passes Kixi knew she couldn't win. Ravik had indeed trained for years – his entire life for that matter. After years of study, he'd mastered all seven forms of the lightsabre, Kixi simply had not, choosing to rely on other types of weapons such as blasters to fill in the gaps. Ravik had honed his skill for decades, perfecting every move and sequence until he had become the perfect weapon, and one of the greatest living swordsman in the Galaxy.

Kixi was no match for him. Ravik was unrelenting in his pressure. He seemed to wield six blades rather than two. He attacked with a peculiar rhythm designed to keep his foe off balance, coming in with one blade high and the other low at the same time, striking from opposite sides at odd and opposing angles. Kixi had no option but to fall back ... and back ... and back. She was fighting now with a single purpose. Somehow escaping with her life. One hope gave her the strength to persevere in the face of overwhelming odds. One advantage that Ravik had lacked during his own retreat. She knew the layout of the temple outside. Slowly she would need to work herself towards the exit, and back to the temple.

Yet it seemed Ravik was now more than a step ahead of her, not allowing Kixi to make for the exit of the room, instead he caused Kixi to backpedal towards one of the other corners. She however stopped several metres from the intersection of the two walls, allowing her to protect her flanks, but still left enough space for her to duck, dodge, and evade the weapon of her enemy.

Each offensive was a model of lethal efficiency, quick and powerful strikes, and counterstrikes that kept her guessing.

More exchanges drove her backward. Ravik was cutting off the room, herding her tightly into the corner to limit her movement. He was taking away her agility, knowing she was no match for his skills with 2 blades. And there was nothing she could do about it. Taking another step back, she felt her heel butt up against the edge of the wall. There was nowhere left to go, the end was near.

Directly in front of her she peered into Ravik's menacing eyes, determined, reading the kill. She braced herself for a final stand she knew she couldn't survive, yet in the back of her mind she thought of Mako, her beloved Mako. She had to survive – find a way against the odds somehow.

He charged forward at her head on, gathering momentum for his next attack. And then, suddenly, he spun around to deflect a burst of energy from a stray blaster bolt – Mako it could only have been her. Sensing her partner's distress, she had came out of hiding and to Kixi's aid. Now with that moment's distraction, it was her slender window of opportunity to manoeuvre herself out of the corner Ravik had forced her into.

Seizing the opportunity, Kixi's fingers flickered in strange patterns as she unleashed her dark side sorcery at her foe. A burst of lightening energy exited her free hand, causing Ravik's eyes to go wide in not anticipating the move. He stumbled away from her as he deflected the lightening blasts away with his lightsabres, giving Kixi the gap she needed to run past him and out through one of the exits.

Kixi sprinted straight for the temple, where she would resume her battle with the Sith, knowing she would have a much better chance to win this battle there. Once inside one of the hallways that lead to the temple, it didn't take Ravik long to catch up with his adversary and resume the fight.

Battling through the halls and corridors, the combatants rounded a corner to bring them in sight of the Sith Temple's only entrance. The wide archway and the small landing beyond, with the wide staircase leading back down to the ground nearly twenty metres below. In the instant it took Ravik to recognise where they were and realise that his opponent might still escape, Kixi thrust out with the Force. She knocked the Sith off balance for a brief second, then backflipped out through the archway and onto the landing.

She dropped into a crouch, still facing her opponent. But in her haste Kixi had leapt too far. She was balanced precariously on the precipice of the uppermost stair, the steps falling sharply away behind her.

Ravik responded by using the Force to knock Kixi backward, sending her tumbling down the great stone staircase, away from him. The fall would have broken her neck, or at least fractured an arm or a leg, if Kixi hadn't cocooned herself in the Force. Even so she reached the bottom bruised, battered, and momentarily stunned.

On the landing high above Ravik stood beneath the massive arch of the temple entrance, staring down at her. "I will follow you wherever you run," he said. "Wherever you go I will eventually find you and kill you. Don't live your life in fear, Kixi. Better to end it now."

"I agree," Kixi replied, hurling out the wave of Force energy she had been gathering during Ravik's speech. There was nothing subtle about Kixi's attack. The massive shock wave shook the very foundations of the Sith Temple. The concussive blast had enough power to shatter every bone in Ravik's body and pulverise his flesh into a mass of pulpy liquid. But at the last possible instant he threw up a shield to protect himself from the attack. Unfortunately, he couldn't shield the temple around him. The walls exploded into great chunks of rubble. The archway collapsed in a shower of stone, burying Ravik beneath tonnes of rock and mortar. A second later the rest of the roof caved in, drowning out the Sith's dying screams with a deafening rumble.

Kixi watched the spectacle of the temple's implosion from the safety of the ground at the foot of the stairs. She'd been fully aware that Mako had not followed them into the temple prior to unleashing her deadly and destructive blow. In fact she had been certain of it as she watched the billowing clouds of dust roll out from the wreckage and down the stairs toward her, simply because she'd told her of her intent via telepathy, during the minutes that lead up to the final moments before her annihilative strike.

Exhausted by the long lightsabre battle and drained by the sudden unleashing of the Force, she simply lay there until she was covered in a layer of fine white powder. Eventually she struggled wearily to her feet. Reaching out with the Force, she sought some sign that Ravik might still be alive beneath the mountain of stone. She felt nothing.

Ravik, the only Sith she had ever met to date was dead. Kixi Rajki, former First Prime of Sunrider, turned her back and walked away. Awaiting her on the other side of the huge pile of rubble was Mako, who, then relieved to see that Kixi had survived the thunderous ordeal, ran towards her.

Mako opened her arms to allow Kixi to be pulled into her in a close embrace, Kixi's lips warm against Mako's, and in response to Mako's silence. In turn, Kixi wrapped her arms under her girlfriend's hips, letting herself melt in her arms, consumed by the raging fire of her own emotions from the battle now over. Mako dug her head down into Kixi's breast area, feeling her warmth and heartbeat next to her own, while Kixi although aching in pain, felt a never ending comfort in the warm embrace of her loving and caring girlfriend.

"It's over. Darth Ravik will never be troubling us again." Kixi softly whispered down Mako's ear, before kissing her gently over the top of her head.



The alien ship of extra-galactic origin, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba, broke away from Krayiss' orbit and knifed through the starry blackness of space away from the world.

The ship's captain and first officer quickly changed into clean attire, once the captain had safety returned and landed her star fighter, the Câlder mit Arkhan in the Ueshiba's hangar bay. There had been no denying it, Ravik had pushed Kixi to her utter and absolute limits, and as a consequence, she had been injured and consumed. Indeed she was now vulnerable, much vulnerable than she had ever been, with only rest being the cure to her replenishment.

However she had no time for rest, not now with the ultimate goal of her mission edging ever so closer. Yet there was a nervous energy to both Kixi's and Mako's movements that was unmistakable. From time to time, they would glance uneasily at each other, each knowing what the other was thinking, but chose not to speak about it.

From their own quarters, Kixi and Mako made their ways back up the Ueshiba's hallways, and to the ship's bridge, where her crew was at work preparing the ship for the jump to hyperspace.

Kixi took her seat in the Captain's chair with Mako the first officer taking her seat to the right of the captain. She then produced a hand gesture out to her helmsman Ālrai Tānien.

"Ready," the pilot announced over his shoulder, one eyebrow cocked expectantly.

Kixi nodded. "Course is set for Coruscant, engage the hyperdrive when ready and make the jump." The company then watched silently as the helmsman readied the controls to engage the hyperdrive.

Ālrai fitted his hands a quick, sharp whine, and the stars that filled the viewport turned from silver pinpricks to long streamers as the ship streaked smoothly into hyperspace, leaving the Krayiss System long behind them.

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