Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


13. Chapter 6


Kixi stood proudly, arrogantly with hands behind her back on the bridge of her Defiant Class battleship, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba. Facing the forward view screen, the view outside, displayed a breathtaking shimmering blue tunnel effect of hyperspace – a view the Züncålazin still found enchanting even as a young adult woman.

Still some hours away from her intended destination, the Krayiss System, there was another matter to deal with. And that was Aeil, the Bothan spy. With a quick swivel of her body to face those on her bridge under her command, the captain acknowledged her senior crew, excused herself, and swiftly left. 



In the brig, onboard the Ueshiba's lower deck areas, Vinskk cracked his neck. He had just cuffed the Bothan with his trademark stun cuffs, and was now kicking and electrocuting Aeil. Free-Eyes sat in one of the various seats, catching his breath, drinking a mysterious substance out of a flask while the Bothan screamed, "ITOLDYOUEVERYTHINGAHHHSTAHPPPPP!" The Trandoshan remained unmoved as he upped the voltage delivered, then pressed the button on his remote again.

Kixi subtly made her way to the ship's small brig. The sound of her healed boots clanked on the dark shiny metal flooring, warning the two on duty male security officers of her pending arrival. Promptly they saluted their captain as she walked past them, with Kixi returning a salute of her own, but not taking a second gaze at her officers, instead hurrying over to see what commotion Vinskk was causing the Bothan. Immediately realising what the Trandoshan was doing to the poor Bothan, she smirked and then chose to ignore it. 

Aeil let out a whimper or dismay, and Kixi pulled her eyes of the scene of pain to fix on Aeil. She stood in a corner, her eyes wildly roaming the spectacle, her mouth forming words but no sound was emitted. Getting up soon after, she approached Aeil and crouched down beside him. She laid a hand on his firry shoulder, only to simply feel the terror of his traumatised body.

"Aeil," she whispered. "It's okay. You're safe – so long as you cooperate that is."

He turned to her, his face ashen. "But I'm not," his voice hoarsely replied.

Kixi frowned and glanced over her shoulder to the large lizard like figure behind her. Her eyes flickered questioningly into Vinskk's, and she lowered them to gaze at the floor momentarily before looking up again. 

"Vinskk," she prompted immediately gaining the Trandoshan's undivided attention.

"This interrogation will be short as I have other more pressing matters to attend to. I will deal with him after the next part of my mission is over. Until then I need this Bothan alive, therefore you will cease with the unnecessary hostilities – for the time being that is."

"Trandoshan understands human's request." Vinskk replied reluctantly, but would not fail to comply.

Nodding, Kixi then returned her attention to Aeil. His eyes met hers and his eyelids trembled and threatened to close. A groan came from his mouth, as he twisted his battered head to stare directly into his captor's eyes, seeing nothing more than hatred in them, just as the cloudy world swam into clear view and a sneer widened the smooth edges of her mouth.

"You're temporarily stopped the nightmare for me to stare straight into the beast's mouth," he dared to mock.

Kixi looked between the derisive eyes of her torture victim and into his pleading eyes. She pitied him, but on the same token loved the fact that he would suffer at her own hand.

As he continued to stare into her fiery eyes, Aeil had just realised that it had to have been over twelve hours since he had fallen into the hands of the very same human woman, who had claimed to be of extra-galactic origins. His stomach felt hollow and his throat was dry and scratchy. Being tortured pretty much had erased the hunger and thirst, but now sitting next to her, being mocked, ridiculed, beaten and bruised, both the hunger and thirst were returning, and he was pretty sure he was going to have to use the bathroom soon to relieve himself. 

Seconds after Kixi had stood up again and began heading for the exit, Aeil shifted his knees and then his arms, so that the electronic binders and restraints that held him made a soft sizzling cracking sound. He was trying to get Kixi's attention again and did so catching her eye. She frowned as she strolled back up to him, placing a hand on her hip. 

"What do you want?" She inquired as she stood there sighing.

Aeil licked his cracked dry lips and grinned. "Since you obviously plan to finish me off, may I have a few last requests?"

Kixi stared down at him and then up at Vinskk who laughed from behind.

"What kind of requests are we talking, and who said I'm gonna finish you off?" Kixi asked as she strolled around and leaned forward, so her face was now mere inches from Aeil's. She had no intention to allow the Bothan to live, regardless weather he spoke up or not. In fact Kixi no longer cared about the matter on why he had been sent to bug the Jedi Temple. She simply didn't like his species and would make it personal to kill him. "If you talk when I get a chance to interrogate you later, you'll be then free to go." She lied dryly.

"So what is it that you want?" Kixi said trying not to puke at the revolting smell of the Bothan's breath, as she instinctively recoiled backwards, moving away from the close proximity of Aeil's face.

"Oh you know… Just the basics, food, water, and a bathroom break." Aeil suggested, attempting not to be amused at the young woman's disgust in him. Was his breath really all that foul he thought to himself, or was his captor just not used to the smell of species non human. That lead him to further wonder how in fact she even tolerated the Trandoshan and Gran companions she was with.

Kixi straightened up and scratched her chin thoughtfully.

"I suppose we could… But then again... No food for you!" Kixi said harshly, stepping completely into Aeil's view.

Aeil felt his stomach give a sharp pang in protest. "Let me guess, you don't want me to make a mess all over your fancy clothes for when you torture me later." Aeil remarked.

Kixi smiled. "You are smarter then you look... You... Thing."

She then shook her head realising just how pointless and a waste of time her conversation with the Bothan was becoming.

"Ah whatever! Give the firry smelly walking carpet water and a bathroom break. Chop, chop, people, I got urgent matters to attend to!" Kixi shouted, waving her hands in the air.

The icy water was the most soothing sensation Aeil felt as the liquid slid into his mouth and down his throat. He gulped as much as he could and swallowed a protest groan as it was taken away. His restraints were unlocked and he collapsed face first on the cool metallic floor of the holding cell, hearing the amused snickers and chuckles of his captors. He clumsily picked himself up and was seized by the arm by the larger Trandoshan.

"I'm your escort." Vinskk said in a menacing voice, coupled by an equally menacing look all across his scared scaly face.

In the bathroom, Aeil immediately halted and stared at his reflection as he entered and closed the door, glancing to his left to see the full length mirror. His hand instinctively reached across his firry body and touched the various burns that were a result of being zapped by the Trandoshan. He sighed, slowly lifting his top to see what damage had been done and studied the bruised spots along his torso. He considered himself lucky, that thus far, his captors purposely avoided hitting hard enough to crack or break any bones. Knowing he only minutes, he did his business.

Moving forward from there, after being restrained once more and tossed back into his holding cell, Kixi activated the protective force field locking the Bothan into his cell, and then motioned for both Vinskk and Free-Eyes to follow her. 



The ship's corridors seemed deserted. The clanking of Kixi's boots along the metal flooring making the fact more obvious, as the sound echoed loudly along the dull passageways, warning anyone who just happened to be in the nearby vicinity of their impending arrival. 

Several minutes later and a few decks up, they arrived at the ship's holodeck. Pressing a few buttons to the side of what was clearly the entrance, the door hissed open and Kixi motioned for both Vinskk and Free-Eyes to follow her inside.

"What is Trandoshan supposed to do in empty room?" Vinskk immediately questioned, dumbfounded upon observing nothing more than a large empty square room which contained smooth space grey walls, with many yellow vertical and horizontal lines running across it forming many smaller squares. 

Kixi tried to contain the smirk on her face knowing that neither alien had any idea of what a holodeck was. "Well let me explain as once you see what this room can do, you'll both be thrilled in one form or another."

"This is a holodeck, and with it, it has technology that is much fascinating to say the least." Kixi immediately began with her spill, proudly showing off one of her ship's many unique technologies.

"The holodeck's most evident use is recreational, so not all ships in the Sajnen fleet have been designed with a place for them, with this ship included. However, me personally had one specifically installed." She said smiling broadly before resuming.

"Furthermore, although holodecks are not essential equipment for a ship, they are extremely useful for teaching and doing things like simulating a real scenario. This can range from space battles, to ground combat, or to simpler things like flight simulation. Scenarios can be a reenactment of a real scenario, or a simply made up one. Hence why it can be used for recreational purposes. Compared to trying to simulate something in the real world, inside of a holodeck, it could be a lot more complex, be more realistic, and offer more varied situations than a simulated bridge. In the training of say a surgeon, it would be an invaluable resource. However it's not just limited to military and medical based scenarios. One could setup a scenario for example on a city on a certain planet, at a bar, be whatever character they want to be, even in a timeline that is from a primitive era. The possibilities are close to endless." 

Kixi then gazed her eyes directly at those of the Trandoshan. "With this technology you can indulge yourself in all the killings that tickles your fancy, and it will feel and look real. Hell you can even simulate killing me, and in so many different ways." Kixi laughed out jokingly, inadvertently forcing a laugh back from the large Trandoshan, who would without a doubt get much pleasure in actually doing that. 

"So why is Trandoshan here human?" 

"Well, that's because in the next mission, I only need take Mako with me, and I figured that you'll need somewhere productive to pass the time for until that's over and we return to Coruscsnt." She said as she then turned over to face Free-Eyes. 

"You if I'm not mistaken are probably interested in how the technology works. I'll try my best to explain it to you." She said slowly circling a small area in between Free-Eyes and the entrance to the holodeck.

"This enclosed room, the holodeck, is a highly advanced simulator in which objects and people are simulated by a combination of transported matter, replicated matter, tractor beams, and shaped force fields onto which holographic images are projected. Very much whatever program you choose, even though not all of them, are run in first person or subjective mode, in which in this case you the user, actively interacts with the program and its characters. As already mentioned though, not all programs are run in first person mode. You may also employ third person or objective mode, in which in this case you, is apart from the actual running of the program, and do not interact with it, thus all of the program's characters will ignore you as if you were not there."

Kixi paused a moment in order to allow what seemed like an information overload, to sink in to the very attentive three eyed sentient being, and then continued.

"Whatever is created inside the holodeck can never leave the holodeck I'm afraid to have to tell you." Kixi said with a slight wince, and breaking the Gran's wide-eyed facial expression for just a fraction. "Matter created on the holodeck also known as holomatter, requires the holoemitters to remain stable and will quickly disintegrate if it is removed from the holodeck without a mobile emitter to sustain it, thus why non real things so to say, cannot exist outside of this environment." Kixi remarked spreading both her arms and hands out in an outward direction, demonstrating that the holodeck room they were in was the environment they were limited to. 

"Lastly the holodeck is controlled primarily by voice commands, though physical controls do exist, and are primarily used to execute safety protocols to protect users – in the event that you should need it. Oh and don't worry, the computer has been re-programmed to understand voice commands  in Basic." Kixi said assuringly. 

"Well that's the quick tour of the holodeck—"

"That's fascinating technology your people have, I would love to learn the insides and out of how to construct one of these." Free-Eyes cut in before Kixi could finish speaking.

Not at all bothered by it, Kixi humbly responded with a huge grin all over her face. "Just ask the holodeck's computer to run a crash course program to teach you." Kixi said then turning and headed for the door, before once again coming to a halt to face the two aliens. "Although that sort of setting will ultimately bore your Trandoshan friend, who I'm sure would rather a more violent backdrop and setting if you get my drift." She pointed out to the Gran smiling crudely at him. "I suggest you take turns at whatever setting you want to run," she then kinked her head a fraction to face the Trandoshan, "Just try not to kill him if he frustrates you... Cos... Well... I don't want my holodeck decorated with pieces of Free-Eyes all over it. Anyway enjoy." She concluded, extended both her arms out in an inviting gesture and then promptly left before either Vinskk or Free-Eyes could respond, with the holodeck's door hissing shut immediately afterwards.



Returning to her private quarters on the lower levels of the ship, Kixi quietly strode in expecting to see Mako there and awaiting her return – but she wasn't there.

Deciding to then gaze out of a small window in her secluded quarters at the constant bright lines of the hyperspace tunnel, Kixi stood there entering into a deep pensive trance like state. 

"Mako," Kixi called out her name in seeing her face in her dream like trance. Since the tragedy at Kustetiera, every night Kixi would dream of her lover, with her obsession and love for her multiplying in strength with every dream. Some of the dreams would end with Mako dying in her hands. Surprisingly those were the better ones which were close to how the real events had occurred. However she would have others not so true to the events that had played out too. In her worst nightmares she would see Mako lying on a hospital bed, unable to move, not even to help herself. Kixi would find herself bound to the bed next to her lover and totally helpless to do anything. She would try to scream, but would find that her voice was gone. She would struggle against the restraints that were keeping her to the bed, but Terron Kesh  would then appear from nowhere, see her and quickly would stun her, rendering Kixi helpless, stuck watching, as he then would slice though Mako's bra. Next he would pull his blade over her underwear, a stray tear would leave Terron's eye. It's as though Kixi would be made to resign herself to the knowledge that he would proceed to rape her, then kill her every single time. In the background, the face of Lord Xiz'Jhan would appear, laughing, mocking her, torturously breaking Kixi's heart each and every time the nightmare would be experienced.

Her dream like experience would then erratically change. Either from Mako dying in her arms, or from the inaccurate rape and kill scene – the explosion that ultimately ripped her apart in the real events would then follow, often ending with Kixi waking up in a cold sweat. On this occasion however, just as the explosion was about to rip through Mako's body, Kixi's deep thoughts and dreamlike trance suddenly became abruptly interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind her that caught her attention. Initially though, and although snapped out of her trance like state, she chose to ignore them, and continued to gaze out at the distorted stars before her eyes. 

Mako had entered the room almost tip toeing as to not interrupt Kixi, taking extra care when she had gotten to the door and carefully opening it. Kixi although could tell it was her, and not only by the silhouette of her shadow reflecting off the window caused by the bright light of the hyperspace tunnel, but by her familiar signature through the Force. 

With the realisation hitting Mako, that her girlfriend had detected her presence, Mako let off a muffled cry. At that moment, she couldn't bring herself to move, freezing on the spot watching, as Kixi slowly moved her head around, and then turned the rest of her body around, still trying to control her breathing from her nightmare like trance. 

"Sweetheart." Kixi whispered across the room so quietly that despite Mako standing right there, she didn't even know if Mako had heard her. But she did, and remained stopped in her tracks.

 "Are you okay Kiks?" Was the only thing that Mako could bring herself to say at that moment. Mako turned around slightly to look across the room, and then back at Kixi to see her close to tears. She instantly walked towards her stopping a good metre shy of her partner, not knowing what to do next.

"Kixi what's wrong? Honey talk to me," and that's all it took. Kixi lunged forward towards Mako and held onto her for dear life, while the sobs shook her entire body. Mako just stood there holding her girlfriend and whispered comforting words into her hair. It took a while before Kixi loosened her grip on Mako, leaning back slightly and looked deeply into her lover's eyes. 

"I just had one of those nightmares whilst in a trance. It felt as vivid and real as always, Kixi whispered to her as she wiped away the tears from her face.

"Then stay with me Kixi, please? I don't want to be on my own, I don't want to be away from you. We need each other—"

"Shhh, I'm okay," Kixi cut her off. "The nightmares feel real, but they're both gone now, that is Terron and Lord Xiz'Jhan. They are never going to hurt either one of us ever again, I promise. And once this is all over, what they did to you would never have happened, and we'll run away from them again to this faraway galaxy to ensure they're never able to repeat their crimes on you again."

"Yes, but I don't want you to go down to that planet with you when we arrive." Mako unexpectedly said forcefully.

"I need someone to accompany me, I know there are others such as Braj'tec that could come, but I would rather it—"

'NO!' Mako almost screamed. "I don't want to go. I don't want you to go either. I want you to stay here, with me. Please Kixi don't leave me, ever! I don't know how I'd even begin to cope if you weren't here." Mako said suddenly becoming hysterical.

"Mako, I won't go anywhere if you don't want me too, of course I'll stay here with you," Kixi patiently smiled directly at her girlfriend who had visibly began to calm her heaving chest. 

In a way of answering, Kixi slowly took Mako's hand in hers and kissed her palm, breathing in her smell. Kixi grinned and then kissed her, gently, on the lips, adding as she drew back, her hand sliding from Mako's mouth to her chest. “I need to go to planet's surface once we arrive. It's imperative to the mission – the key to the artefact to alter time to save you Mako is down there. I would like it very much for you to accompany me sweetheart."

Before Mako could reply, Kixi lost control of her emotions and crumbled to her knees. She could not control her tears and her chest throbbed so she thought her heart would explode from the pain she felt. Mako knelt with her and put her hands on either side of Kixi's face. Her brown eyes stared at her. Kixi observed the pinkish hue of her cheeks, and the perfect shape of her lips.

Without thought, Kixi once again brought her lips to meet Mako's. Mako closed her eyes and responded equally. Kixi kissed her again and again, each kiss more intense than the last. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her against her. Kixi's heart raced wildly as she felt Mako press against her. For a moment they were lost in time. Finally Kixi retreated from Mako's embrace.

“I don't really want to go to the planet because I'm scared Kixi. I'm nowhere the warrior that you are.” Mako said sighing. 

Kixi then leaned forward, took Mako's cheeks in her soft hands, and pressed her lips to hers. Kixi's arms immediately betrayed her, wrapping themselves around Mako's neck and kissed her once more but slowly. "I know you're not." Kixi said as she pulled away, wiping her lip gloss off Mako's lips. “I understand that it will be dangerous, but I want you by my side, and that is not just for now, but for whatever else this mission requires me to go. The reason for my reasoning my love, is that in the event that I were to fail and ultimately die, I want you to be by my side. You do understand where I am coming from?" Kixi concluded slowly, realising the awkwardness of her words, but knowing that there was no other way she could have said them in the end.

Mako then proceeded to place a hand on Kixi's cheek, which despite the two making out, still felt as cold as ice.  "I understand. I will go with you to wherever you ask of me." The reluctance in Mako's voice was evidently clear, but she nonetheless meant what she had said. 

"Thank you," Kixi said quietly as they both got back onto their feet. "You mean the universe to me, you are my sunshine, and I would worship you if you were a goddess. I love you more than words can ever describe Mako."

Mako then turned to face the opposite direction, placing her back to face Kixi. "What is it that you see in me Kixi? No one else has ever given a shit about me. I was always nothing more than the local little freak. How many more people are you going to cause the deaths of for me? How many? I'm just but one being, and my life does not out weight the lives of the many in the end. This is becoming an obsession for you Kixi, almost like a holy quest that you are bound to fail, and then for what?"

"And then for what? What do you mean and then for what? For you, who else Mako." Kixi replied shaking her head in confusion, and at the same time very surprised by Mako's outburst.

Mako then turned around again to face her obsessed lover. "You are attempting the impossible Kixi, can't you see that you are bound to fail. And it will cost you your life and for what – useless me?"

"You're not useless Mako. No! No!" Kixi shook her head. "You are my sunshine, you're the greatest gift of all. I don't know what I'd become had I never have met you." Kixi immediately counted.

"Ah but you have become it. You are more terrible then you were before you met me. Just take a look. Before you were wiping out millions with your biological weapons for Lord Xiz'Jhan, and now you're prepared to kill anyone that stands in the way for me –and all for a crazy quest that you can never fulfil. I am what I am now Kixi. You say you still love me, then accept me for what I am now. I won't hold a grudge against you if you don't find me attractive anymore."

Kixi's heart went into her stomach at hearing those words. Kixi stretched out her hand towards Mako who's eyes brimmed with tears. She was on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Aren't you going to come closer to me?" Kixi asked in an uneven voice. Then without hesitation Mako approached her, turned around again so her back could face Kixi again, and then allowed for Kixi to hold her tightly around the waist, so that Kixi could spoon into the back of her.

Kixi then shut her own eyes, smelling the scent of her girlfriend's hair, kissing her head at the same time.

"Oh Mako," Kixi said in a low toned pitched voice, placing the palm of her hand on the flesh side of Mako's face and cheek. "I love you for who you are, you know I do, otherwise I never would have gone on this crazy quest for you. You are far from useless. You may not understand it when I tell you that you are by a far a better and more superior being than I could ever hope to achieve in my own life time. However in good time you will come to realise the truth of my words. Now, after all this is over, no one would have died, including those on the Vistesh world ship's at Kustetiera. All will be erased and you restored to your former self my love. And if not because I were to have failed, then I would have died for you knowing that I tried. You may be right in saying that your life is not worth the sacrifice of the many others, but it sure is worth more than mine, because in the end you are all I live and strive for. I love you with all my heart Mako."

A small smile pulled at the edges of Mako's lips. Kixi was after all the only person who'd truly only ever cared so much for her. For the briefest of moments, Mako closed her eyes, and just stood there spooned with Kixi in silence, appreciative, and knowing that she couldn't argue with Kixi's reasoning. Her love and devotion for her was unrivalled. She swirled around, placed both her hands on Kixi's cheeks, and then kissed her passionately for the good part of a minute. 

Pulling back a fraction, but with her hands still on Kixi's cheeks, and both tips of her thumbs pressing on Kixi's cold skin, they both passionately stared one another in the eye. Mako's first drop of tear was about to fall, but she blinked it away.

"It's okay Mako." Kixi said in seeing the tear drop. 

Mako didn't say another word. Another tear formed in her eyes, and this time she allowed it to roll down her cheek. However in the end, Mako was able to contain her emotions. She realised just how much she meant to Kixi, and in turn just how much she had meant to her. Mako removed one hand off of Kixi's cheek, and gently placed it on her back. They held each other tightly and not wanting to ever let go. They embraced their bodies close to each other, feeling each other's warmth, and hugging like they always did. They forgot about the complexities of their problems, even if it would be for just a couple hours, and laughed and smiled as one. 

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