Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


12. Chapter 5 - Part 2



With a loud and painful sounding thump, Kixi, Vinskk and Free-Eyes re-materialised elsewhere in the Jedi Temple. As intended, they had just arrived in a highly restricted area, where access was granted only to certain masters.

Kixi dropped to her knees. Short on breath, breathing heavily with her hand clinched on her stomach clearly in agony. Vinskk, who along with Free-Eyes looked more than a little shaken, given the fact that up until now, neither had ever heard of beaming transporter technology before, let alone experienced a trip through one. Vinskk stared at the Züncålazin woman, until the present moment, never had he seen her in such a state of defeat. She looked up at him, her face showing more determination than ever.

"Help me up, we need to decode that data and program those holographic projectors now before someone finds us in here!" As she said those words, she spat saliva from her mouth, with her eyes almost rolling back. But somehow she managed to hold on. "The Jedi have no idea what just happened, so it will take them sometime to work out that we're still in the temple, and in here." Again Kixi spat out more saliva, some mixed with blood as this time she also coughed violently. Then without anymore warnings, her eyes once again rolled to the back of her head, her eye lids firmly shutting, as she rolled backwards, totally collapsing and slumping to the floor with a gentle thudding sound. Her head momentarily faced upwards before it tilted to one side, her mouth still wide open with blood steadily gashing out of her nose.

"Oh, by the Scorekeeper!"

Vinskk looked at the unconscious Kixi in a mixed state of amusement and concern. It was slightly funny, in a dark way, to see her like this. But she was vulnerable. He sighed and picked her up, holding the woman across his broad shoulders. "Let us move to a place where Kixi can become conscious again."

Free-Eyes look panicked. "I'm surprised we got out of that one, old friend." Both walking past shelves and shelves of archives and knowledge, the two looked for a place to lay low, like a closet or a doorway.

Vinskk gently placed the unconscious Kixi on the hard cold marble flooring. She was in a helpless state. Before Free-Eyes who watched on could even react, let alone speak, Vinskk had placed his large clawed hand over her mouth and nose, and at the same time placed the sharp blade of his dagger to her throat, reading himself to slit it.

"No, no Vinskk! What in the name of the Force are you doing! Have you gone totally insane!" Free-Eyes burst out startled upon seeing his friend readying himself for the kill.

“Trandoshan wants to rid himself of ridiculous life debt. Only way to rid life debt is for Trandoshan to kill human.”

"No, don't do it old friend. Look around you, look where we are. If you kill her now, we'll never get out of here. I know how much it means to you to kill her, frantically I can't stand that arrogant stupid bitch either, but you must think logically. There will be a time and place to rid her filth from existence, and that isn't now." Free-Eyes said looking his friend in the eye, never breaking eye contact.

Vinskk immediately withdraw his dagger from Kixi's throat, followed by his large hand from her mouth and nose. "Old friend has valid point. Trandoshan will wait and endure more pain with human sorcerer for until time is right for Trandoshan to kill woman."

Free-Eyes simply nodded as his friend withdrew his weapon from Kixi's throat, and became relieved at the same time. "We need to help her wake up for now. And perhaps close some of those cuts. You can give her the gift of eternal rest once all this shit is over." Free-Eyes said trying to be sarcastic.

The unconscious Kixi remained unresponsive and gave him no response – not even a grunt. As he was dressing her wounds, Vinskk took note of something that seemed uncommon for both military personnel or a warrior of her calibre. Kixi didn't have any visible tattoos. Athough she had one rather highly detailed tat on the inside of her lower left arm. It was some sort of writing – unrecognisable to the Trandoshan or the Gran for that matter, something that meant something in her own language no doubt.

“Hey Free-Eyes," Vinskk said lifting her soft feeling feminine arm up and pointing a talon from his other hand at the inscription on her arm. "Trandoshan curious to what writing says?”

"I have no idea. It's in a totally unknown language. You'll have to ask her once she wakes up. But hey, I wouldn't be surprised if it's something along the lines in expressing her love for that mute of a stupid cyborg girl that she can't see anything else beyond of." Free-Eyes suggested harshly.

Vinskk didn't bother to respond, simply dropping her limp arm which dropped without a single twitch next to the rest of her motionless sprawled out body. "When time for Trandoshan to kill human comes, rape woman Trandoshan will do first."

As the Trandoshan continued to try and wake Kixi up, he took the liberty to study her closely, moving his hands around her unresponsive body, sensing both her soft but almost non existent breathing and heartbeats. At least he was certain that she was still alive – although he had to strongly urge himself back to resist the temptation of what he craved to do for so long now – that was to permanently silence her.

She didn't carry the more flushed appearance of an average human, but instead a more albino like body – pale skin tone in colour. Her ears were tapered into points so she could hide them if she kept her hair either down, or in the loose pony tail he had seldom seen her wear. Her windswept up raised eyebrows could be easily overlooked. Although partially shut, her eyes were not dark or the average blue coloured eyes, but a light crystal like blue. Even though it was extremely rare for humans to have such eye colour, it went well with her pale skin colour and blonde hair, adding a touch of unique beauty in her – at least on the outside, as on the inside, the Trandoshan saw her as nothing more than a nasty arrogant and deceitful space witch. Her hair being blonde, almost shined with a tinge of glitter in it, with her bangs now a total mess pushed over to one side partially covering one of her eyes. She was mostly slim with some obvious toning on both her upper and lower legs, notably her calves, with a thin hourglass like hip area, which had only been fully flaunted and exposed minutes earlier whilst she had been dancing.

Consciousness slowly returned to Kixi, drawing a satisfied sigh from the Trandoshan. He ultimately wanted her dead, but for now that was not an option, so he was somewhat content she was slowing coming about.

She could feel the blood slowly gasping out of her nose. It felt like she was going to choke on her own blood. She felt vulnerable, especially sensing the Trandoshan holding her, touching her and mending her wounds. Never in her life had she tasted the harsh reality of defeat – not in this manner. Even her capture by resistance rebels as Lord Xiz'Jhan's first prime, which had resulted in the brutal cold blooded execution of her then best friend Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, did not feel as harsh as the belting she just received at the hands of the Twi'lek Jedi master.

However all wasn't at a loss. After all, they had successfully penetrated into the temple's archives . All she had to do now was find what she was looking for and get the heck out. Yet her problem was obvious enough. In the current predicament she found herself in, she was a huge shipwreck so to speak. 

She gradually moved her head from side to side before looking directly at Vinskk, her voice weak as she attempted to speak. Such an effort it seemed, as pain engulfed her entire body. She muttered something which got the Trandoshan's attention, however it didn't come out in Basic, immediately realising that her translator had been damaged. Kixi loved linguistics and the knowledge of understanding and speaking other languages. Unfortunately though, her ability to speak Basic was still extremely limited.

"Vinskk," Kixi violently coughed at just saying his name.

"Hydrospray in utility belt mine prünen," her words came out in broken Basic mixed with some words in Züncålidiom, her native language.

"Get it edol inject it my neck. Strength back will give to me." Her head fell back as she continued coughing painfully.

The Trandoshan clicked in concern, while Free-Eyes dug through her utility belt at the order of Vinskk. He eventually found the hydrospray and applied it to Kixi. Vinskk kept watch, ready to fight if someone came in. He could hear a person somewhere in the archives, but couldn't locate them thanks to the acoustics of the large room with hallways of shelves. Hopefully the spray worked quickly he quietly thought to himself.

At the very moment Kixi was administered with the hydrospray, to the total unexpected surprise of both the Gran and Trandoshan, her body began to twitch violently. It spasmodically shook for approximately 30 seconds, and then as quickly as it had come to life, it stopped, where she lay still for around another 30 odd seconds. Vinskk and Free-Eyes stared at her in astonishment and disbelief. Kixi no longer moved nor twitched, and with the white paleness of her skin coupled with her mouth being left wide opened, she gave off the impression of appearing like a deceased woman. Then without any warning at all, she sprung her body up to sit upright, simultaneously lifting her head up. Immediately she realised that she had a splitting headache. Quite normal given the nature of the circumstances. Although at least the young woman was stabilised now.

"Me help on feet back up," she said in very broken Basic, as she tried to recompose herself slowly. She sounded weird speaking without her translator. "We work to do have got!"

Vinskk picked her up, deliberately being rough with her.

“Ouch!" She yelped out in agonising pain. "Careful with delicate me you be!”

Vinskk held her in a way that kept her on her feet, supporting her over the right side of his body. As they started walking, the Trandoshan thought he had heard someone. He wondered in an extremely concerning manner if it were just him, or if it indeed was the sound of another person getting closer.

"Where are we going?" Free-Eyes looked at the broken translator. "I'll attempt to fix this while we're moving." The Gran said as he deliberately yanked it off of Kixi's ear, carelessly so it would hurt her, and began to fiddle with it. "Just point to us where you want us to go." He said before she could even protest at the very rough manner in which she was being treated.

"For now somewhere cannot us be seen," Kixi replied seemingly out of breath. "Data you give me. Data of Jedi need I. This use I will, program holo projecters will I do. Once done, walk freely can we in here and work of mine complete I will do". Kixi finished off saying in what was probably the worst Basic he'd ever heard any human speak.

Free-Eyes handed her the data and Kixi got to work finding suitable candidates for the three of them. In the meantime, the Gran fiddled with Kixi's very alien like translator, as Vinskk stood guard and watched attentively.

Vinskk walked a short distance away to investigate the sound he thought he heard, so Free-Eyes found himself alone with Kixi. Despite her unmistakable talents in manipulating the Force to her own will, despite having only just lost a battle to a Twi'lek Jedi master, her ability to bend the Force was still incredibly strong. Yet when he looked at her, what he saw wasn't the face of a cruel and dangerous warrior, but that of a young innocent girl – how looks could be very deceiving Free-Eyes mentally warned himself, despite not being at all intimidated being alone in Kixi's presence.

"Wow, this is some alien shit you have here," the Gran said. "I'll try to fix it as quickly as possible. I just need to study it a bit." He concluded.

Kixi nodded in acknowledgment as she skimmed through the data at lightening speed. She found the name of a high ranking female human Jedi currently not at the temple. It read Jedi Master Estemol Chieade. 'Perfect', she mused. Not wasting any time thinking about it, she quickly attached one of the holographic projectors to the data pad, and initialised the transfer of the schematics of the human female Jedi master in question to the device. After the transfer completed, she then attached the holographic device to her chest and activated it. In an instant, an image of a broad red haired woman enveloped Kixi's body, allowing her to impersonate herself as someone else – in this instance, the Jedi Master Estemol Chieade.

Just then, Vinskk came back, hissing. "Someone's coming down this hallway!"

Before any of them could react, a Bothan turned the corner.

What the Botham saw before his very eyes, was a Trandoshan still dressed as an aristocratic politician, a Gran dressed in working overalls, and a red haired human Jedi. Three very distinctive and diverse people that one would unlikely normally expect to see together. Furthermore, he found it extremely unusual for the red haired human to speak very broken Basic, as he was able to hear a glimpse of her speaking to the Gran, who appeared to be fidgeting with some sort of device.

The Bothan wasn't dressed like a Jedi. No, he wore a light armour and carried a sheathed knife and an assassin's pistol in his right hand. The alien's jaw dropped as he saw the Jedi master, the Trandoshan aristocrat, and the Gran, too busy studying the technology to even look up. His blaster fell to the floor due to the shock, and as the Bothan turned to run, Vinskk anticipated it,
taking a holding grip on the Bothan. He covered his mouth with one hand, and brought up a talon to gut him if he so much as whimpered, spinning him around to face Kixi.

“What the fuck is Bothan doing here? Bothan is no Jeedai.”

His eyes turned wide as the Trandoshan put a claw right against his neck, warning him of the dangers of talking too loud, and as he let go of his mouth the Bothan gasped out,
"You smell like a...well, like a Trandoshan. Ugh, let me go, scaly. I'm obviously here for the same reason as you."

Vinskk hissed at the Bothan and turned him to Kixi for any questions she had, Free-Eyes still oblivious.

"And reason what is that," Kixi spoke directly to the Bothan pointing her index finger at him. "Reason us here not know possibly can you know." She continued in her very terrible Basic, making her lightsabre visible to the Bothan in a threatening manner. "Me tell now!" Kixi demanding trying to use the Force to influence his mind.

Despite the deadly predicament that the Bothan found himself in, he defiantly laughed. "Jeez, that's the worst Basic I've ever heard in my life. And quit with the mind tricks girl. They don't work on me."

Vinskk looked at him curiously, still holding a claw uncomfortably close to his throat, and Free-Eyes finally looked up, jumping in suprise. "Hey that's a fucking Bothan!"

The alien in question rolled his eyes. "Thank you for stating the obvious." He said dryly before continuing, "Well, you guys don't look like Jedi, not even you, toots. I can see the hologram. Pretty good though. Anyway, I'm gonna be flat out. I'm here to steal info. You guys probably are too. So why don't we help each other out? You see, I got in, and it was a pain too, but now I can't get out. I'll be sure to reimburse you for your trouble. So, yeah? Tell scaly to get his meathooks out of my throat."

Free-Eyes looked at him in shock from the rapidfire way he spoke, and then Vinskk hissed out to Kixi, "What do we do, human?"

Kixi pressed on her holographic projecter chest piece to reveal herself. "Actually Jedi am I," she said walking up to the Bothan and picking up his blaster at the same time. "Nice piece," she said pointing the weapon directly to his forehead. "Just a Jedi from another galaxy." She dug the nozzle of the blaster hard onto the Bothan's forehead. "Why you infiltrate want to Jedi!"

The Bothan's fur rippled as the gun was put against his head. "Woah, woah! Take it easy, galaxy hopper! I told you, I'm here to steal info. Same as you." A glare from Vinskk told him that the info wasn't enough, and he continued, "Okay, name's Aeil. I work for the 'Net. You know, Bothan thing. Um, yeah, we don't trust anyone. So...I was assigned to steal some Jedi info and plant some bugs. I'm not the bad guy."

Free-Eyes looked at him with curiosity. "Spynet? Damn Bothans can't keep their noses out of even Jedi business?"

Aeil shrugged and looked to Kixi for a reply, Vinskk still holding him.

"I not here information steal not. I after one thing only. And you in my way you are," Kixi said putting her other hand on the left side of her stomach, still in some considerable amount of pain. "Tell me where bugs you put? Tell me or kill you now I will." Kixi further demanded still training the blaster on the Bothan's forehead. Kixi didn't like the Bothan. In the end she was a Züncålazin, which to her equated to as a Jedi in this galaxy. Although one couldn't really beg to differ between what she was doing in comparison to the Bothan spy, she still held a soft spot for the Jedi cause. What she was attempting to do would not be putting the whole Jedi order in jeopardy, yet what this Bothan was doing would be. At least that's how she viewed things in her own arrogant little mind. Kixi simply smirked at the thought.

"You don't understand. The 'Net has reason to believe that the Jedi are up to something. It's a matter of national security at this point. Oh, for your info, I'm an agent of the Bothan government. So you cut me, scaly, or shoot me, morally questionable and reprehensible speaker of Basic, Jedi or not-Jedi, you could probably start a war or something here." Aeil concluded with a smug smile on his face.

Free-Eyes nodded and added, "He's right. You kill or hurt him and you could start some serious shit here. I knew about the Shadownet from...well, a while ago." Vinskk shot the Gran a dirty look. "Just sayin'." He shrugged.

"You idiot you are!" Kixi pressed the gun harder into the Bothan's forehead. "Do speak not to me about war starting," she hissed terribly at him, with eyes full of hate, and then backed off a bit caughing in pain. She couldn't take too much more of this, that she knew was for certain. The war starting comment hit home hard. Although she had ended a war most recently, she had done a lot worse when having been backed into a corner. 'Mako,' she thought to herself, as she then shook her head slowly.

"Vinskk, let go of Aeil." Kixi ordered.

He did so as Kixi still pointing the gun at him, waived the gun to the right a bit, gesturing the Bothan to move to the right. At the same time, she put her free hand to the back of her own head. Her head was still ringing, and with the strain of having to think more to speak Basic, it didn't improve or help her situation, as her head felt as if it were about to explode.

"Free-Eyes are done are you with device translator?" She shot the Gran a quick look and then faced the Bothan again talking.

"Vinskk get you my data pad and you have Gran program them other 2 holographic projecters with suitable Jedi look alikes for both you. I go now, I will to get what here I came for. When done I am, leaving we are." She lowered the blaster and handed it to the Trandoshan. "Carefully watch him."

Free-Eyes nodded to Kixi and handed her the translator. "I'm pretty sure it's good now, although you're gonna have to explain some of the tech to me later. It's fascinating!"

Vinskk grabbed the pistol. It looked clumsy and inefficient in his claws, so he tossed it to the Gran. "Point blaster at Bothan." Vinskk said as Free-Eyes pointed the blaster back at the Bothan.

“Now, what is Bothan looking for here?”

Aeil however, responded by laughing and mimicking the Trandoshan by saying, "Bothan already told Trandoshan. Bothan plant bugs. Jeez, your Basic is almost as bad as Ms. Sunshine over there. At least the Gran can talk properly."

At that, Free-Eyes shook his head and began to speak in Gran, emitting a sigh from the Bothan while Vinskk began to look through files for suitable matches.

Kixi put the translator on her head. It seemed to work properly, as it began to translate the speech from the Bothan into Züncålidiom with perfection. Well almost anyway as there was a bit of static. 'Good enough,' she said to herself as she pressed a button on the top corner of the device, allowing for a small flat holoscreen to appear from it and cover her eyes. "Good work Free-Eyes," she said in what was now perfect Basic. "Oh and in case you are wondering, the holoscreen will allow me to look at a terminal with Basic writing, but through the holoscreen between the terminal and my eyes, I will see it all in my own language." She gently smiled and added. "I have a spare one on my ship. I'll give you mine once we've gotten the fuck outta here."

She then turned to Vinskk. "Interrogate this Bothan, I'll be back shortly." In saying that, she activated the holoprojector on her chest, instantly and once again impersonating the Jedi Master Estimol Chieade, and then turned away and walked off.

"Interrogate me? Whoa, big fella, take it easy. No need for any blood to be – Ah! That hurt! " Vinskk had made a crude swipe across Aeil's chest, cutting thinly through his leather armor. "Look, I told you everything. The 'Net, bugs, my state of being lost and boxed in – everything. By the way, how do you plan on getting out of here? Oh come on, let's be reasonable." The Trandoshan advanced slowly on the Bothan, claws bared, in no particular rush.




Although she had a sense of urgency, Kixi wondered slowly through the restricted archives area. Her thoughts initially on the Orb of Passage, and then on Mako. Kixi loved her immensely, sinking deeply into an almost meditative state as she walked, allowing for the Force to guide her to whatever it was she sought, that would help lead her to something – anything related to the Orb of Passage. Her facade as the Jedi master Estimol Chieade – thus far flawlessly held up well, as she inadvertently made her way to a dim lowly lit up area of the archives section. Pausing for just a moment to regather her thoughts to the present and task at hand, she felt the warm fluid of her own tear drops running down the side of her nose. 'I love you so much Mako, I only have to think of you and my heart flutters every time,' she murmured to herself as she wiped away the tears, sniffling at the same time.

Suddenly she felt a weird tingling sensation. 'Intriguing,' she said to herself. This temple, or at least the archives section she was in, it can only be accessed by those that are light sided. It seemed clear to her that it was how it was designed or built. 'Interesting,' she thought as she knew that she would be able to access everything in the room before her, yet she had tapped into the dark side whilst battling against the Twi'lek Jedi not so long ago. And then it clicked. Being a Züncålazin she wasn't either light or dark sided. She was neutral. The fact that she could still enter this particular part of the archives suggested she was still more closely aligned to the light side. Although the startling thought immediately crossed her mind. It wouldn't be for long. The way in which she had been able to access the dark side to shoot lightning strikes at the Twi'lek Jedi master, had confirmed that she was already on the verge to cross over to the dark side – permanently. She would also need the dark side to harness the power of the Orb of Passage, or access a Sith holocron to learn the secrets of replicating one. In order to save the love of her life, she would need to cross over to the dark side, this she knew for certain, however if successful, not only would she save Mako, her journey to the dark side would ultimately also be erased. Nonetheless still a chilling thought, given that the risks of failure were great, yet she had known that from the moment she had departed from her own galaxy.

Closing her eyes, she took several deep breaths in and out. 'Over there,' a tiny voice in her head suggested. Kixi immediately opened her eyes and reached out for a data card. Retrieving it she walked over to a nearby terminal only several metres away and inserted the flimsy card into it, allowing for the terminal to instantly burst to life.

The information that floated freely before her eyes, all in Basic it displayed in. Yet the small visor like flat holoscreen that zapped on the moment she activated it, hung over her eyes, allowing for her to see the writing which was in Basic, all in her own language of Züncålidiom. And to no surprise to her at all, it indeed was related to the Orb of Passage. 'The will of the Force is guiding me well, just as my love and bond for Mako drives me.' She whispered out aloud to herself, and smiling graciously.

'TheOrb of Passage is an ancient artefact contained in the Temple of Tet-Ami on a planet called Benja-Rihn,' translated the holo text through her own holoscreen which sat fixed just above her eyes like a visor.

'Records say it was guarded by a statue of a great hero named Tet-Ami.' She paused as she checked that her translating device was definitely recording the data which was being projected before her. 'He was rumoured to be a Time Guardian, who saved the armies of Carthas from a plague of insect like beasts in an epic battle. The records and stories, which are scarce, say this device could control the flow of time. The records go on to say that some time after its construction, the orb was secretly taken by the Jedi Order, and knowledge of the temple was lost.'

'Bummer!' That was Kixi's immediate reaction. She looked sad, as she pulled the flimsy out of the terminal and returned it back to the exact spot she had found it. The trail seemed to have gone cold. The Jedi here didn't appear to have any records of its location. Although Kixi wasn't convinced that what she had just seen had been everything they had.

From the information that had been presented before her, she was able to recall the names of several key holocrons, although these were Jedi ones and not  Sith ones. These were accessible from the very library in which she stood. Tionne's Holocron, the Great Holocron, the Codex of Tython, the Holocron of Luke Skywalker. Had she seen the names of those holocrons just before, she suddenly wondered as she became aware of them. Given the overwhelming wealth of information presented to her in such a small amount of time, she could not accurately recall if it were so. She shrugged, then sighed, almost wanting to give up her insane quest, but the images of Mako before she had been turned into a cyborg vividly flashed and then filled her thoughts. She couldn't give up. The thought of Mako, her love for her, gave her a pressing sensation to keep going. Then as if someone had magically appeared, she felt a weird sensation pass at the back of her head, almost like a soft but yet hard pulse beat through once as she looked down upon a single data card. Had that been there before she questioned herself. It had to have been, and something bizarre that she could not explain was urging her to check the source of information it contained.

Without a second thought, she inserted the data card into the same terminal that she had used prior, allowing for the holoprojection of information to light up and float around her. This record seemed somewhat older and incompete, with flickers and static more than evident in the holographic display.

'The Sith Lord Darth Kaarth.' The name and a 3D picture of the Sith appeared before her spinning around before disappearing in a stutter of static. Then more static of a 3D image of an Orb appeared, followed by what Kixi almost certainly identified as a Sith holocron. The two images floated graciously around her for several seconds before the image of the much smaller orb was swallowed wholly by that of the larger holocron. Her visual translator then briefly picked up the words, 'Secret to the Orb of Passage,' before the whole holo recording flickered out and temporarily vanished.

Kixi's eyes widened and lit up in excitement beneath the flat holoscreen that covered her eyes. She finally had the name of a Sith Lord who had possibly used the Orb of Passage, and by what she gathered, that Sith in particular had recorded its secrets into a holocron – his holocron. Her next obvious step was to now learn where it could be found. Fortunately for her, the next part of the holo recording would contain just that bit of vital information, without any of the poor quality from the first part.

Before her images of the Galaxy floated just above her head. Writing and names appeared, floating next to sectors, trade routes, star systems and planets that were highlighted and then were zoomed into. Then the words, 'Outer Rim Territories, Esstran sector and Sith Worlds', appeared next to key images that popped out and became enlarged, while the rest of the irrelevant parts of the Galaxy dropped into the background becoming smaller. 'The Stygian Caldera was a large nebulosity that surrounded the Sith Worlds region of the Galaxy. As it acted as a hyperspatial breakwater, it was difficult to navigate, and protected the Sith Empire from attack.' The holographic presentation continued around her. 'The Krayiss system was a star system in the Outer Rim's Sith Worlds and contained the planet Krayiss Two. Krayiss Two was a planet in the Outer Rim, in the remote Sith Worlds region of the Stygian Caldera nebula. Connected to other nearby worlds by the Nache Bhelfia hyperlane, Krayiss Two was considered one of the five sacred Sith planets that formed the heart of the Sith Empire. In ancient times, Krayiss Two was home to a massive library temple that was a place of meditation and study for Sith sorcerers. However, after 14,000 BBY it was buried and largely forgotten, with its large obelisk being all that remained above ground. Still, Krayiss Two attracted a number of Jedi seeking to learn the secrets of the ancient temple. In 4000 BBY, a Jedi Knight named Vara Nreem traveled to the world for this purpose, but she was deemed unworthy by the Sith spirits that dwelled within the ruin. As a result, Nreem was killed and made to suffer in torment for eternity.' From there, the recording abruptly ended, and where seconds ago the air around Kixi was full of images and writing, it now contained nothing more than the air in which Kixi breathed.

Despite the pain she was in, Kixi smiled vigorously. She had found what she needed from the archives of the Jedi Temple. Her next phase of the mission was obvious. Go to Krayiss Two and retrieve either the Orb or the holocron of Darth Kaarth – the latter being the most probable.

'That has to be it,' she rationalised. 'My work in this temple is done.' She felt a sense of warmth rise from within her. Sure she was still far from the orb, but at least now she knew the name of a planet which possibly contained clues and secrets and even a holocron of the Sith who had used such a device, or at best had knowledge of it. Now, finally, the confidence that made her who she was began running strongly through her veins, and that she would find what she sought and what she needed to fulfil her quest – her dream to erase the tragic events of her past at Kustetiera and ultimately save the only one that mattered most to her.

She looked around her. All continued to appear silent yet she had another one of those bizarre feelings. Yet this time it wasn't related to her quest for the Orb of Passage. Instead it was her instincts telling her to get back to the others and leave – immediately. The Jedi would discover her soon and if they did.......... she preferred not to waste anymore of her already strained mind on that thought. Instead she began running back to the awaiting others.

Out of breath, and body aching, Kixi returned to where she had left the others. Barely managing to stay on her own two feet, she felt as if she were going to fall apart. In the short period of time that she had been gone, she had at least managed to not cast too much attention upon herself – the holographic image of Jedi Master Estimol Chieade owing much to that fact.

"I've gotten all that I can from here, we're leaving!" Kixi gasped taking hold of Vinskk's shoulder in order to prevent herself from collapsing.

She could not afford to battle it out in another fight. "I've got good reason that the Jedi are onto us, so we must hurry," she said producing a worrisome look all over her pale facial features.

Pointing directly at the Bothan spy, she had felt like pressing her forearm across his neck to choke him, but thought the better of it. "Gather all your stuff, make sure you leave nothing behind." Kixi ordered both Vinskk and Free-Eyes. "You Aeil, are coming with us," she said placing a hand on her lightsabre hilt as a warning of what would happen if he failed to comply. The Bothan who had been glaring spitefully at Kixi in silence during her outburst, simply shook his head in 

She then turned away a moment later, calling over to Free-Eyes and flicked him a spare holoprojector device that she had kept incase one of the others unexpectedly were to have malfunctioned. "Program it quickly, the Bothan will need it," she said to him, turning her head to lock eye contact with the Bothan again.

"You will come back with me to my starship. You will talk as otherwise I will gladly give you an incentive to talk you revolting creature!" She said hissing with disgust as she spoke to him, and then allowing for her lips to stretch into a smile before finally bursting into a brief laughter. Her amusement at her dislike for Aeil, was simply a way for her to taunt him – and she enjoyed every moment of it.

Kixi was no fan of spies and espionage, however those who were ever of use to any of her causes, such as her friend back on the Ueshiba – the beautiful woman assassin Kes En'jusek – whom she falsely believed was her friend, but herself had her own much larger hidden agenda at play, were exempt from that equation as they certainly played their part in the bigger picture of things. However Aeil simply did not, and simply put, Kixi intended to kill him once she was done with him, regardless on weather he spoke up or not.

“We will walk out through the temple and out the front doors. The holographic disguises will hopefully get us there unchallenged. My people will pick us up, while Mako will cover our landing transport in the Câlder mit Arkhan while we make a run for it from there and board. You Bothan scumbag,"she said dryly and glancing at him with a cold death stare, "Try any funny business, and I will not hesitate to immediately terminate you myself!”

"You done with the programming? I'm kinda in a big hurry if you get my drift!" She snapped as she turned at Free-Eyes.

Free-Eyes yelped, "Done!" and clipped it onto the Bothan. Aeil sighed. "Yup, this is what I get for serving my system." The Gran and Vinskk clipped their holoprojectors onto their bodies in a hurry, the Trandoshan still holding the blaster to Aeil's back.

"Okay, we are ready to go, I will take the lead. The Bothan will walk directly behind me along with Free-Eyes who will walk along side him. You Vinskk will take the rear." She eyed Vinskk and continued, "You have my permission well in advance to shoot Aeil if he fails to comply." Vinskk nodded in acknowledgement.

"Good. Now move! Move! Move!" The four moved swiftly through the passageways and hallways of the Jedi temple. No one payed any immediate or particular attention to them, as after all their holographic projections respectively allowed them to impersonate a Jedi master and three Jedi Knights belonging to the temple's Jedi Order. Furthermore to that fact, the Jedi seemed extremely busy investigating the recent intrusions caused by the very imposters now departing – all but one. The Twi-lek Jedi master who had almost killed Kixi Rajki would not be fooled by their holographic disguises – sensing the familiar Force signature of the Züncålazin. 

"Mako where are you?" Kixi urgently spoke as she raised her arm close to her mouth to speak into her small wristband comm device, no longer caring if the signal could be traced. It was all trivial now, as at any moment, that Twi'lek master would spot and single them out to the others, subsequently compromising them.

“We're almost there. We are bringing in another shuttle to pick you up. Braj'tec is piloting it. Obviously the three of you are gonna need a lift back and you won't all fit in the Arhkan. I'm still here as well with the Arkhan, to give you a bit of firepower to back you up should you need it. Oh and by the way, we already remotely auto piloted the shuttle you landed in to the Ueshiba.”

“That's great thinking ahead Mako, good work, but what's wrong with the transporters?”

“Nothing except that some unknown signal or frequency is causing a disruption in and around the Jedi Temple.”

"Oh I see," Kixi said not really all that surprised, "and by the way, we have an extra passenger to bring aboard." Kixi could already sense the uneasiness in Mako upon those words coming out of her mouth. "Don't worry I'll explain once we are on board, "Kixi said reassuring.

“I'm cloaked infront of the temple, although there is a lot of interference in the air. As already mentioned, it's impossible to use transporters —”

Kixi cut her off abruptly, "I know already. You just told me so sweetheart – remember? Anyway they don't have this technology from what I have gathered, but have probably worked out to some degree what we did when you transported us into the the archives room. They're jamming signals in the vicinity of the temple to prevent any chance of us trying it again. We are almost at the front doors of the temple. As soon as you see four people running out which includes me, decloak and cover the landing shuttle."

“Yes, yes, yes Kixi love, I know that, that's what our plan was in the first place," Mako replied assuringly.”

They were almost at the temple doors, as they strode past through the same long lit up corridors that they had originally come in by. The few guards mostly padawans, and the odd knight gave them an occasional stare, but to their relief thought nothing suspicious of them.

"You all know what to do," Kixi quickly turned behind her. "As soon as you get out through the entrance doors, make a run for the shuttle which if we have gotten the timing right, should arrive on the landing pad when we get there." Kixi said again gasping for breath, momentarily clutching her hand to her stomach area once again. "Hurry! Move! Move!" She said as her own struggle to move at such a rapid pace caused her more agonising pain.

Focusing on the pain, using her imagination to engulf the area that hurt, she created a bubble around the area and buried it. With some level of success, the pain subsided to some degree, only for it to return as the sound of an already familiar voice yelling out aloud, interrupted her train of thought.

The same Twi-lek Jedi master that she had so bravely fought up against, had unmistakably spotted them.

“Stop! Now!" The Twi'lek yelled and pointing others in the direction of the temple doors. "They are the intruders – and their masquerading as Jedi!”

"Run!" Kixi yelled to the others. They were already past the guards at the entrance doors as the guards, the same ones she had earlier on influenced with her mind control tricks, ignited and raised their lightsabres.

"Oh fuck!" Was Kixi's natural reaction as she allowed the other three to backup behind her and at the same time retrieved her own weapon. Just then the Câlder mit Arkhan materialised de-cloaking itself, the unexpected arrival of the star fighter causing the Twi'lek Jedi master and the far less experienced guards to momentarily stumble backwards.

Regaining her footing first, the Twi-Lek master yelled at, "They are fraudsters, stop them... her!"

Kixi wasn't prepared to take any chances given she'd already gotten as far as she had. If they caught her now, her quest for the Orb of Passage would be as good as over.

"Mako fire forward guns at the temple doors, now! Do it and do not question me!" Kixi yelled out into her comm unit.

Mako did not dare hesitate. The blast hit hard enough to rattle teeth out of a skull. The Twi'lek and the guards half tumbled, and were half thrown to the ground from a second hit. The Twi'lek garbed in almost nothing but her skin, managed to regain her balance despite the repeated blasts that threatened to send her back on her backside.

Soon after a shuttle piloted by none other than General Braj'tec Qarr came down beside the star fighter touching the ground, the docking ramp opening to allow passage for the escaping four to enter.

Grabbing Free-Eyes's arm just before he jumped in, Vinskk frowned looking at him. "Trandoshan and Gran made it out of temple in one piece old friend."

Aeil followed them in having no choice, and despite him having being taken hostage, knowing the alternative – being captured by the Jedi – he wisely got onboard the ship without hesitation.

Vinskk released Free-Eyes' arm, with Free-Eyes frowning. "This isn't over Vinskk. My gut feeling tells me that evil woman is only just getting started."

“Trandoshan knows, but Trandoshan promise he will kill space witch when chance comes to Trandoshan, and minute battle is totally over.”

Free-Eyes was about to muttered something under his breath, but decided not to in the end.

As they ran for the shuttle's boarding ramp, Kixi felt the presence of another. Much, much stronger than the Twi'lek master. Coming to a sudden halt while the other three already had climbed aboard the shuttle, Kixi swivelled around.

She spotted her, calmly standing there, a beautiful medium height brunette woman, perhaps a little over ten years older than herself. She was dressed in traditional Jedi robes and her violet eyes were warm and friendly. A sabre and a shoto hung from her belt, as well as a white scabbard that housed a katana. And even in its current state, it gave off a strong light sided aura. Kixi didn't feel any hostility from the other woman as she gently reached out to touch her.

"I am the Grand Master Corvus Raaf, I feel your pain my young child," the voice of the grand master echoed into Kixi's head. "Surrender yourself, I can help you greatly to heal your suffering. You only need to allow me to. "She continued communicating telepathically.

Kixi stared at her from afar and for a brief moment shut her eyes, spreading her arms wide and outwards, dropped her head back and breathed in the air around her in one long continuous breath. The Züncålazin woman actually and willingly opened up to Corvus, without the grand master having had to influence her. She revealed her suffering – her hurt – and her love for the person in which had been the sole motivating factor for her actions. Before looking away from the wiser grand master, Kixi responded back telepathically. "Indeed we shall meet again and in another time." Her words were not something that she expected the grand master would literally comprehend, yet something that Corvus will only ever understand when Kixi would eventually return in another timeline to seek the truth of the now that would no longer be the now, but a long memory faded in the paradox of time. Kixi severed the connection and strode forward up the boarding ramp. The shuttle's engines then audibly roared to life as it blasted away, along with its star fighter escort.

Corvus smiled as she watched the shuttle and its escorting star fighter shoot up. Looking up at the starry night sky above Lothal and marvelling at the sight, she  witnessed two brief flashes, and shooting streaks of light flying across the darkened sky and then disappear. "Take care child and May the Force be with you. Indeed we shall meet again and in by far better circumstances."

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