Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


11. Chapter 5 - Part 1



"Mako, you there?" Kixi subtly whispered through her tiny comm attached to her wristband.

"Yep, and I'm watching over you like an angel in the sky." Came back the sweet voice of Kixi's girlfriend through her embedded earpiece, in so that only she could hear it. The two girls, although not physically next to one another, warmly chuckled at hearing each other's voices. Even if for just that one moment, the two lovebirds always seemed to have time for laugher, despite the perilous situation they found themselves in.

Yet despite giving off the illusion of easiness, Kixi's brow furrowed, and notwithstanding the fact that both were in different locations, Mako could feel a tendril of concern drift off Kixi through the love bond that existed between them. Yet knowing that her lover would ultimately deny that fact, Mako chose the wiser to ignore it, understanding that it would only create further unnecessary unease.

"Good. From as of this moment, we're going to have to maintain communications silence . We're about to enter the temple, so keep scanning the area and tracking our position. You can still speak to me via my implant, if the need to do so arises, I just won't be able to reply. Hopefully we won't have to be in need of your wonderful services, however if we do, you'll have to de-cloak your star fighter meaning that your position will be more than likely compromised.

"Understood, and may the Force be with you sweetheart." Came Mako's affectionate reply, yet a tinge of worry and concern was undoubtedly present in her voice, despite her best efforts to conceal her feelings.

The three would be infiltrators made their way casually to the temple on foot. On approach to the entrance, a stationary ship was observed on a landing pad outside of the Jedi Temple. Kixi gazed at the temple and had to force the tears that were beginning to appear in her eyes back, but it was hard. The temple stood as whole and as beautiful as she had imagined it to be – and very reminiscent of the Züncålazin Temple she had practically been raised at by her masters – by her father – the latter also giving her reason to want to shed a tear.

“Are you all right, Kixi?" Vinskk asked a little confused by the noticeable effect of suddenly being in the presence of the temple was having on her. "Trandoshan thinks human misses temple, has a belonging to Jedi.”

"No. It's just that it reminds me of home, my people. These Jedi are like the Züncålazin, and my infiltrating their temple, it feels like once again I'm betraying my own people." Kixi tried hard to hold back her emotions, but it felt like an almost futile affair.

"Jedi will detect Kixi's emotions. Mission in jeopardy human is putting Trandoshan and Gran into." Vinskk pointed out urgently trying to have Kixi snap out of her current state of emotions. Of course he couldn't have cared less about her, thinking just how much he would rather just smash her pretty face on the decorated concrete pathway that lead to the temple. The appealing thought of Kixi's head being smashed and splattered in blood would certainly add a touch of colour to the already pitiful Jedi Temple he thought. However that was not yet an option. Instead his priority would be getting his arse and that of his Gran friend in and out of the temple. He would deal with the arrogant Kixi when the time came by giving her a taste of her own medicine – with nothing short of extreme violence.

"I'll be okay. Thank you for your concern Vinskk." She smiled, with extreme genuinity in her voice - thinking that Vinskk really cared, as if suddenly they had become friends.

Still as impatient as ever, Vinskk thought with a pretentious rueful smile as he and Free-Eyes followed the young woman along the smooth broad path. As Kixi approached the Jedi Temple, she had to force herself to push the memory of the last time she had been at her father's palace, and Züncålazin Temple that lay adjacent to it, but at a much lower level that the palace towered it, out of her mind. And then the mental images of the thousands upon thousands of Xendaj bodies lying strewn about in Tepliea City, killed by her very first biological weapon designed solely to exterminate the Xendaj race, funded by her then would be leader, Lord Xiz'Jhan. With details of the total annihilation later surfacing to her father, and that his own daughter had been unscrupulously responsible for it, without hesitation he had ejected his own daughter from his House. Immediately following, she evaded an almost certain court martial and imprisonment by pledging her allegiance to Lord Xiz'Jhan – whom she would then develop more weapons of the sort to wipe out the Vistesh and ultimately and unknowning at the time be betrayed by the very same man – leading her to the disastrous events at Kustetiera which ultimately would be the reason that she stood where she stood now.

Kixi paused a shy 50 metres of the entrance to the temple as she attempted to gather her thoughts together. 'My emotions of my dark past will not effect my true judgement. I won't let that happen, not this time, I have a job to do, for Mako – my only sunshine – for my love,' she told herself firmly.

"Human looks a little pale," said Vinskk stopping just behind the Züncålazin woman gazing at her.

Kixi shook her head. "No, I'm fine Vinskk she said.

Vinskk nodded although it was obvious he didn't agree with Kixi, continuing to play the false pretence of caring.

The three then casually walked over to the guarded temple. Several tall, gleaming forms, all human except for one Twi'lek appeared from nowhere and began to close and circle around them. "Weak padawans," Kixi thought to herself as she approached them. One of the guards, a human, raised an armoured hand, giving Kixi no choice but to take the necessary action. As she, along with the other two got closer, she grew aware of the attention they were receiving from the other curious guards. Worse yet, it seemed that the attention for the approaching guard was in fact reserved not for her, but for the two non humans walking directly behind her.

"Halt! You there, this is a restricted area. Please state your business here?" The guard now within metres of Kixi barked out demandingly.

Kixi leaned forward a fraction in the direction of the guard, suddenly any sense of nervousness, had she ever had any vanishing, talking easily to the guard. "You don't need to know our business here," the Züncålazin woman informed the guard in an extremely peculiar voice. Staring blankly back at her, the guard replied, as if it were self evident. "I don't need to know the reason for your business here." His reaction was the opposite of Kixi's, his voice was normal, but his expression peculiar.

The guard's gaze then swiftly shifted towards Kixi's two larger alien companions. Yet before he could speak, Kixi once again spoke in her calm voice with that rather peculiar expression that both her companions had already observed her subtly do, and with some unexplained but striking effectiveness.

"The services of my two companions are required by your most esteemed Jedi Council," Kixi told him pleasantly.

"The services of your two companions are required by our most esteemed Jedi Council."

"We can go about and proceed with our business."

"You can go about your business," the human padawan who couldn't have been more than 16 years of age informed Kixi.

Yet the other guards around them were not quite convinced, as faces of skepticism clouded them. Kixi then kicked her mind persuasive efforts into another gear. Slowly extending her mind of thought well beyond hers, and over to the other guards, she creating a bubble of influence. Using extreme caution, she carefully made sure that the bubble extended only to them, and not anywhere beyond that radius, thus avoiding detection by any Jedi knights or masters that unwittingly would be lurking around in the vicinity. Kixi understood that any such attempts on a strong minded sentiment being would more than likely result in jeopardising herself, her companions and her overall mission objective.

'My thoughts to your thoughts, my mind to yours,' Kixi closed her eyes but could still sense direction through the Force. Touching the minds of not only the guard who had demanded to know their intentions, but also to the individual padawans that stood at the temple's grand entrance before her, Kixi touched their feeble minds and through the Force that connected her mind with theirs, implanting an image of how she wanted them to perceive her along with her two alien accomplices.

The expression of relief that spread across both the faces of Vinskk and Free-Eyes ought to have been as revealing as their previous nervousness, but the main Jedi padawan guard ignored it.

"Move along," Kixi whispered.

"Move along," the guard instructed Kixi and her companions.

Nodding to the guard and thanking him for his cooperation, Kixi nudged the other two forward, who now entered the Jedi Temple without further challenge by the guards.

Once through the gates, Kixi quietly spoke out. "Okay peoples, you're all clear. Say your stuff, do your stuff, the guards are under my influence." Kixi said, her stern voice backing up her confidence as she spoke, before continuing in what then clearly demonstrated some concern in her tone. "However I will only be able to keep this up for around 15 or so minutes, and should any knights or masters show up......." she paused a split second, "Well let's say we better hope none do show up, thus I hope you can slice this database in the ten or so minutes you said you could do it in." Kixi walked behind them, "Keep moving," she finally said gesturing with her arms for the Trandoshan and Gran to move along in the direction that would lead deep within the confines of the temple. 

Just beyond the entrance were a second lot of guards, definitely padawans. In fact, despite the one male Zabrak who couldn't have been more then 17 years of age, the others, both boys and girls were nothing more than younglings, in what appeared to be learning the customary ways of the Jedi Guard.

With this lot also under Kixi's bubble of influence, the Trandoshan walked up to the trainee guards with the Gran. "The Excellent..er, Bossk of Trandosha is expected here," Free-Eyes exclaimed.

"Stand to, vanguard!" Vinskk barked. The guards snapped to the side, and the Zabrak and his younglings moved aside. Allowing the three to proceed.

“We're in," Free-Eyes whispered. "Now, to find a terminal.”

"Good work guys," Kixi quietly whispered, as the three then took the liberty in proceeding to walk through the temple halls. "Now quickly, my mind grip on those guards is – um somewhat weakening."

"I'm suprised you got them at all. They're trained to resist force persuasion." Free-Eyes muttered to her. He took a straight path, right into the heart of the temple. "Before we get there, I'd like to know what are we gonna do if a master shows up?" He continued to say while Vinskk looked at Kixi in interest, asking the same question in his mind.

"On my home world I'm what is called a Züncålazin. I'm sure I've already explained this to you, but I'll explain it again," Kixi sighed, an obvious tinge of annoyance evident as she had to explain what she was again. A Züncålazin is basically a Force wielding warrior, so same as a Jedi so to speak. Even if our agendas in general are not the same." Kixi said clearing her throat almost as if she were not too sure herself. "My level of competently is at an advanced level, so I would assume I'm an equivalent to a Jedi master on my home world – well maybe. It's hard to really compare, but that's how I did it." Kixi pointed at Free-Eyes. "However now isn't s good time to ask questions irrelevant to the task ahead, nor to question my abilities." Kixi pointed out dryly. "However if a master happens to show up, I have just the plan. And it won't even involve a touch of violence," she said, her tone of voice further demonstrating her unsureness. "Now move it will you!" She snapped before anyone could respond and sounding further irritated.

The Gran although, threw up his hands and groaned. Vinskk clicked at the Human and said, "Holographic chips better work, Jeedai..."

"Holographic chips require precise programming if we are to impersonate someone successfully, in this case Jedi," Kixi counted. "Go ahead Free-Eyes", Kixi instructed, "I've got your back".

As they walked through the temple, a large fountain, no doubt important to the Jedi Order, flowed endlessly. Flowers bloomed and surrounded it, and various Jedi of different age and rank passed by, casting strange looks at the three outsiders. Vinskk pointed to a hallway, where a shelf full of holobooks was partially revealed. Free-Eyes saw it and said, "There! Let's go. Just act normal."

As they walked into the suggested direction, they observed the activity in the temple meditative walkways which were filled with Jedi knights, padawans, younglings and perhaps a master or two. She forced herself to not stop as she now led the way down the meditative walkway and toward the holo bookshelves, nodding and greeting several padawans as they walked passed them. The padawans simply nodded back and continued going about their own business, unsuspecting of the foul intents of the human and her two alien companions.

The Gran scampered over to the nearest terminal and began to work on it, typing away furiously at the screen. A youngling, perhaps around 7 years old, stared at the massive Trandoshan, and Vinskk hissed at him, sending the boy scurrying away in fear. What a ray of sunshine he mused to himself.

Mako spoke into Kixi's implant,"I have mapped the schematics of the temple, I'm ready to transport you from your position to where the archives are whenever you're ready." Upon hearing Mako's message, Kixi had to maintain radio silence, which Mako knew too well would be the case, thus assumed her Züncålazin counterpart had received and heard her message whom both knew could prove decisive later. For now though, she at least knew that that part of the plan could be executed.

"Alright," she said to the Trandoshan, "Here are the holographic projectors. Once we have the data, Mako just confirmed the co-ordinates to the archives library in which she will transport us into. Moving forward from there, we use the data to program our projecters to look like their Jedi, and then I will get to work to find what I'm looking for, while you guys sit tight," she said turning to Free-Eyes who was busy fidgeting at the terminal.

The familiar rhythm of beeping blended perfectly with the scattered sounds of voices blaring throughout the room and nearby area. The sound of typing on the holo keyboard was faint but present, and the Gran's fingers moved like blurs across the projected keys. Kixi leaned over for just a moment, looking over with her crystal like blue eyes, scanning the screen, before once again looking away, deciding the better and not to distract the Gran who's continuous use of his hands on the several floating holo screens joined the plague of noise.

"Come on you piece of shit," urged the Gran's voice through clenched teeth, and a hand gave the computer terminal a smart whack. Slicing wasn't as easy as it was cracked up to be. Free-Eyes growled loudly as this fact made itself evident. "Damn you all to hells." There were thousands, no, millions of codes that could fit. And he had to narrow it down to one. What he needed to do was notch it down to ten or less numbers. Then he could make random combinations and eventually get in.

The only thing driving him on was the fact that Kixi paid extremely well for the job at hand. Yes it was by no means without its perils, but the young woman who claimed to be of extra galactic origins had already demonstrated without doubt, that the credits she had on offer were more than a substantial sum. Where a so called extra galactic being had gotten her hands on such an enormous amount of Republic credits raised many questions, but in the end he didn't care, as long as he got paid. The thoughts crossed the Gran's mind as he feverishly hacked away.

The computer's holo images flashed red in objection to the commands, and it was hit again. "Come on..." Finally one of the floating holoscreens announced that he had gotten in. "Yes!" he said, smiling as he prepared to download the data of the Jedi masters who currently were on leave, and would be a suitable match for the three infiltrators to pose as with their holo projecting devices. His triumph was then follower by a laugh. "So easy a child could have broken into this."

His fingers moved even faster as the easy part started. Quickly, and in turn he inserted the three holo projecting devices into the terminal, downloading the individual data relating to each Jedi on each device. The computer subsequently asked for a series of confirmations for each transfer, which ultimately agitated Kixi.

"Whatever its asking you, allow it!" Kiki said, clearly justifying her reason for her agitation. Without mistake she noticed a Jedi master nearby and approaching.

"That fucking stupid boy you hissed away earlier must've fucking alerted her Vinskk!" Kixi cursed, biting her lips under her tongue at the same time.

Free-Eyes saw the Master approaching and began to finish up with the last transfer of data faster, his hands a blur of light brown as he went into overtime. The Jedi master was getting closer. Vinskk whispered into Kixi's ear, "What should Trandoshan do?" Vinskk kept his eyes dead on the Jedi master, almost about to reach the Gran.

"Trandoshan will do nothing," Kixi spoke back quietly in the same manner Vinskk was used to speaking, and taking a deep breath in. "I have to create a diversion". She then whispered softly. "For what I am about to do, I will hold no grudge against you if you think I am insane, because what I am about to do is absolutely crazy". Kixi breathed deeply, slowly and heavily. "This will buy us the final few minutes we need..... I hope." Kixi said, already slowly retrieving a small disk like device from her utility belt, and then putting it down about a metre on the floor directly in front of her. The Jedi master, now within visual range in terms of being identifiable, was close enough that now her distinct facial features and medium body height, Twi'lek in race, could be unmistakably seen. "Fuck!" Kixi gritted her teeth. She could indeed feel the strong Force presence from within the Twi'lek Jedi master, and had no doubt in her mind that the approaching master was indeed more adept and powerful than her as a Force wielder. On the more positive side of things, as far as Kixi could tell, the Twi'lek was the only master in the visible vicinity.

She gulped nervously. Not a good thing as immediately the Twi'lek master sensed it, and immediately it prompted her to hurry over to them.

"All I ask of you both, is that once you are both ready, to stand directly behind me so Mako can lock the transporter onto the 3 of us." Kixi spoke in a very low pitched voice, never once taking her eyes away from the approaching menace.

The female Twi'lek then came to a halt, only about 3 metres shy from where Kixi was standing. "You there, hold! State your business here please?" She spoke in a deep authoritative voice.

Kixi however remained silent, almost frozen like a statue, locking eye contact, and staring directly into the alien's eyes. Yet Kixi could not manipulate her, nor read her thoughts, not against a being that she had already acknowledged that was far more superior than her at wielding the Force. "Sure," Kixi replied, "I'm a dancer, and I am here for the entertainment of your humble serving Jedi," she waived a forward hand gesture at the master. Before the master could even answer, the device on the floor that Kixi had placed there, without delay sprung to life. Holo images about a metre in height of lines and shapes of various colours filled the space in the air between Kixi and the Twi'lek Jedi, while the device simultaneously began playing dance music unfamiliar to anyone except Kixi herself. Music from the planet of her birth.

Kixi began dancing in front of the Jedi master, doing her best to look like a dancer, showing off her dance moves, and singing with the strange and unfamiliar music. The Twi'lek's eyes drifted to Kixi's mid section which seemed to be keeping in time with the beat of the drums from the song, while her upper half stayed perfectly still, letting her hips do all the work.

The Jedi master who never in a million years anticipated what she was witnessing actually froze in disbelief. And the Twi-lek master wasn't the only one. Others within the vicinity, younglings, padawans, knights and the like, had immediately developed a keen interest over the commotion that Kixi was causing.

The Twi'lek master was entranced – at least for a brief moment. She continued to watch her dance, the drums becoming slower, causing her hips to move in slow motion provocatively tempting Vinskk who stood only a metre behind her. She began turning around, still dancing, allowing everyone to see her taunt stomach arch in and out as her hips moved. Then she stopped, rolling her shoulders and giving everyone a most enticing view of her breasts. The music picked up again, and her hips began their dance. It was then that Kixi turned fully around and at once.

In the meantime, in the invisible circling Câlder mit Arkhan in the skies high above them, Mako could hear all of what was unfolding from within her cockpit seat. "Kixi what in the name of the Force are you fucking doing? Have you lost your damn fucking mind! Kixi! Kixi!" Mako yelled, yet her concerns were futile, as Kixi ignored the sounds of her pleas and cries that through her earpiece were audibly loud. She simply continued with her charade, while Mako frantically continued to yell at her loved one through the comm unit, desperate to gain her undivided attention.

"Kixi you have got to be fucking kidding me right?" Mako's heart felt like it was going to jump straight out of her mouth. "Kixi Rajki, I hereby declare you officially insane!" Mako continued to yell out in a state of panic. However she was totally helpless, with all she could do now was hope that whatever Kixi was up to would ultimately work.

Kixi now had her eyes closed, completely enraptured by the music, although she was fully aware of her surroundings through the living Force. Her forehead was moist with perspiration and her lips where full and pouty as she concentrated on her movements. The Twi'lek Jedi master's eyes drifted all over her body as she carefully began to study Kixi, crucially feeling the Force sensitivity in her.

On the outside Kixi did at least look the part of a dancer. Her breasts were surprisingly full and her stomach taunt, flaring out at her hips and giving her the perfect hourglass shape – her being so stunning had indeed been something that her two alien accomplices would never have imagined. She was turning again and after a few moments, her back was to the Jedi master once again, and she was still dancing, as if never have noticing her presence at all. However the entire time, while Kixi continued her dance, despite keeping her obvious worries buried deep within her, she thought to herself. "That Gran had better be done any moment now, because any moment now, the Twi-lek is going to end all this madness once and for all."

Free-Eyes froze in horror in what he saw, and the Trandoshan was slack jawed next to her, watching the woman dance. The Gran then ran towards Kixi and yelled, "Done! Get us the hell out of here!"

The Twi-lek instantly saw the Gran panic as he ran towards Kixi. Unmistakably, she could already sense the strong Force presence in the dancer girl dancing beside her. Her natural instincts told her something wasn't quite right.

"Enough of this!" the Twi'lek Jedi master said as she gently used the Force to tap on Kixi. Although the Twi-lek hadn't meant to do so, the Force tap inadvertently sent Kixi hurtling backwards, who ultimately fell on her arse between both the Gran and the Trandoshan who had been standing behind her. At that very moment the music stopped. Silence once again filled the halls of the temple. The Twi-lek's eyes lit up suddenly, as a result of Kixi's lightsabre suddenly becoming exposed during her fall.

In the blink of an eye, Kixi was back on her feat. With the charade now clearly over, both Force users advanced towards each other, not one making the first move. They circled each other, stepping over the smooth polished floor of the Jedi Temple, but maintaining an equal distance between them.

Kixi was a Züncålazin, with her kind not necessarily being aligned to the light or dark side of the Force. In fact in many cases, Züncålazin were neutral when it came down to the core fundamentals of light and dark side of the Force, thus having the ability to use a mixture of light and dark Force powers. Kixi Rajki was no exception to the matter, with her Force alignment containing aspects of both the light and the dark.

Yet as she stared the Twi'lek directly in the eye, hatred and enragement engulfed her. Thinking of her hatred towards Lord Xix'Jhan and Terron Hesh alike, and what they did to her beloved Mako Jhasmin Zaneca – her girlfriend, the power of the dark side suddenly became ever so prevalent from within her. Passion, rage, fury, it all hit her at once as she raised her hand and a bolt of lightning erupted from her fingertips. The lightning danced across towards the Jedi master. The Jedi raised her own hand and the space in front of her distorted. The lightning met the distorted space and as if water hitting a rock, the lightning passed around her leaving the Jedi unharmed. Kixi sent more bolts of lightning at the Jedi, hissing at the same time, intending to break though the Jedi's barrier. The Jedi dodged a series of bolts jumping about the area, performing aerobatic flips, while the other younger padawans and younglings watched on in horror.

Kixi was becoming more enraged. She howled and sent a furry of lightning bolts in a wide spread, narrowing the Jedi's ability to dodge. The Jedi flipped backwards narrowly missing a bolt. Before she could land on her feet, Kixi threw a ball of energy, hitting the Jedi in the chest. The wave sent the Jedi through the air and into a nearby terminal. The terminal smashed to pieces by the Jedi's own body weight and then the Twi'lek fell to the ground, the wind knocked out of her. Trying to regain her footing, the Jedi barely had time to react before she saw the Züncålazin in the air, falling towards her with her lightsabre held above her head. The Jedi reached for her lightsabre and brought it up just in time to block Kixi's attack.

The strength behind Kixi's strike was great. She pushed the Jedi back and launched a series of powerful strikes. One was intended to slice off her arm but the Jedi managed to kick the Züncålazin in the stomach making her recoil. Kixi jumped to the side and with the Force pushed off, the ground cracking underneath her feet. She momentarily left the ground and sailed across the air. She swung her lightsabre up vertically in order to slice the Jedi in two. The Jedi side stepped the attack and with the Force, pushed Kixi away sending her into the ground. Recovering, fury and rage contorted Kixi's face. She screamed a blood curling cry. Electricity began to run down her arms and converged on her fingertips. Veins popped around her neck and her eyes momentarily glowed blood red. The purple electric sparks turned red. She raised her arms above her head. "Stand out of my way. I will stop at nothing to achieve my goals!"

Red lightning burst forth from her hands ran high above towards the ceiling, and it raced towards the Jedi. The Jedi deactivated her lightsabre, and brought both hands up forming another Force barrier. The red lightning made contact with the barrier but did not shattered it. On the contrary Kixi was tiring, having already used up much energy reserves, whereas the more experienced Jedi master was pacing herself far more sensibly, and thus would soon have the upper hand in the unfolding battle. The failure to penetrate the Jedi master's Force barrier resulted in some of Kixi's own Force lightning strikes to come back at her, resulting in pain to pour all over the her body. Her muscles convulsed violently. The flesh underneath her light clothing began to blister and burn. She fell to the ground crying out in agony. The pain subsided and the lightning – her own lightning ended. Her muscles continued to shake, her vision obscured as blots of colour filled her vision.

As quickly as she had dropped, she managed to get back onto her two feet, with her two fellow companions joining her from behind. The Twi'lek now sensing ultimate victory approached her, pacing towards her at a rapid rate. Kixi extended her right arm out, and with all the energy left that she could muster, Force pushed towards the approaching Twi-lek Jedi master. The Twi-lek however, anticipated Kixi's move with sheer ease, and naturally countered her Force push with a Force push of her own, directing it straight back at Kixi, ultimately locking the two in a fearsome invisible tug of war. The struggle was evident by the onlookers, in which by now had included other Jedi masters from the temple whom were alerted by the violent disturbances of the fight. The two continued to push against one another with increasing intensity, and it was evidently clear by now, that whoever would lose the battle would surely end up severely concussed, with broken bones and possible internal injuries, as the inevitable force of the resulting impact into any of the surrounding walls would be immense.

"I do not sense the dark side fully in you. You are no Sith, but neither are you a Jedi. What are you?" The Twi-lek master gasped out, yet Kixi did not bother to respond.

"Mako! We are in position – 3 to beam up!" Kixi's voice was frantic, her words a complete strain as she spoke into her implanted comm unit, given she could not use the one on her wrist, struggling for breath at the same time. It was more than self evident by now that she was slowly losing the battle, with the Twi-lek Jedi about to have Kixi slammed onto a surrounding wall, given Kixi's reluctance to surrender.




Onboard the MXS Morihei Ueshiba, Arden Callis sprinted down the halls of the ship towards the transporter room.

Callis burst into the transporter room, startling the engineers slightly. "Get ready to lock onto the Câlder mit Arhkan – once it de-cloaks. However we are not transporting anyone from that ship onboard." The others stunned by his words gazed at him all with looks of confusion across their faces. "I'll explain, just give me control, I can lock on. I mean Mako who is piloting that star fighter will be transmitting a signal at the same frequency as the transporter in both our direction and in the direction of the Jedi Temple directly below her – where our captain and the two other non humans she went there with currently are. The strengthened signal by the Arhkan, will ensure that we can penetrate the small amount of interference of some source of unknown origin in the vicinity of where the temple is. We need to transport them doing a site to site transport, or from one section of the temple to another part of the temple, and from what I've gathered, it's imperative that this is executed immediately." Needless to say, even with his explanation, no one argued. The chief engineer threw himself into the control chair, his fingers thrumming furiously on the keys.




"This is Commander Zaneca onboard the star fighter Câlder mit Arkhan hailing the MXS Morihei Ueshiba, I'm in position to de-cloak my ship, schematics of the Jedi Temple have already been transmitted prior. Prepare to lock on our captain and her two companions, and then transport them site to site to the already established coordinates. I'm stressing urgency over the matter, our captain is in trouble." Those were Mako's last words before her ship suddenly materialised up in the sky directly above the temple. Her ship instantly transmitting the desired signal necessary to boost the Ueshiba's transport range, however the Câlder mit Arkhan was now perfectly visible from outside the temple.

A small bolt of ion energy flew from one of the forward cannons of the Câlder mit Arkhan, and tore through the sky towards one of the long spiralling towers of the Jedi Temple where a series of communication arrays and a small shield generator were housed. Scoring a precise hit, communications coming in and out of the Jedi Temple was immediately silenced. More importantly of all, the small defence shield could no longer be raised which if it did, would prevent the Ueshiba's beam transport from working. The strike was of course only intended to shut down electronic devices and signals, and by no means would cause harm to any sentient beings that happened to actually be in the area. The ship then backed away momentarily in an attempt to avoid any possibility of return fire from the temple's defences. However to the relief of Mako, there was no retaliation – for now.

Much to the utter surprise of the Jedi situated on the open terraces that lay high above the structure of the temple, the sudden emergence of the star fighter of unknown design and designation, that then ripped out a ribbon of energy that for reasons unforeseen to them, had just taken out their communications array and shield generator array, came as a sudden shock. Consequently it rocked them, and immediately triggered the temple's defences to switch over to high alert.

"What the hell was that?" A young human Jedi padawan yelled out to his master.

"A Cloaked ship… But who has such a ship? As far as we are aware, none of our enemies possess such technologies." The padawan's master painfully told his student, as the sound of the fast moving Câlder mit Arkhan that was now encircling the temple, created one sonic boom after another as it flew past. "For a fighter that has advanced technology such as a cloaking device, it looks and sounds more than a little obsolete. It is not of our Sith enemies." The Jedi knight calmly said to his padawan, despite the obvious chaos that had unexpectedly unfolded, already having instructed his padawan to hurry along off the terrace, in which he subsequently followed immediately afterwards, to inform the Council of his observations.




"Beam us out!" Arden heard Kixi's voice boom over the comm. "Hurry up dammit! I can't hold..... this...... much...... longer," Kixi's voice came through muffled, with signs of an immediate struggle obvious. Arden simply shook his head, trying to ignore the distraction.

"Hold on, hold on!" He nearly screamed, trying desperately to cling on to his train of thought.

"Now, now now! Do..... it..... now! Now, now..... now!" Kixi's voice was becoming a cry of desperation as she was now on the verge of losing her battle with the far more elite Jedi master.

“Don't move! Hold on!" Arden Callis knew that was the most pointless statement possible as soon as it left his lips. Because of course whoever it was his captain was struggling against and creating an unexplained gravitational like pull surrounding the subjects in question, would magically stop with their vicious assault on her because he wanted a few more moments to collect his thoughts. Callis didn't have time for that, quickly putting the finishing touches on his equations and entering the command. "Computing gravitational pull and...gotcha!”

Callis' words were instantly relayed back to Mako in the Arkhan, seeing that he, nor anyone else onboard the Ueshiba had any direct communications link to Kixi down at the temple.




"Transport lock is confirmed, 3 to beam out, initialising site to site transport. Energising in T minus 10..... 9..... 8....." Kixi could hear Mako's words echo into her head as her knees began to buckle. She wasn't going to be able to hold on for much longer.

The Twi-lek starred directly at Kixi's agonising face, "It's over," she said in a stern voice. "Surrender now while you still can." Although at that very moment, three rays of white bright light from the Asgard transporting device encompassed the bodies of the Gran, Trandoshan and Kixi. In an instant the three vanished in the flash of light from the transporter, and to the utter disbelief of the Twi-lek master, and the younglings, padawans and knights who had just witnessed the fight. Where the three intruders had only stood seconds earlier, now stood nothing but thin air.


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