Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


9. Chapter 3



Kixi Rajki, the once first prime of the Dark Jedi, Lord Xiz'Jhan, kicked the covers from her bed and swung her feet over the edge, resting them on the cold metal floor. She tilted her head from side to side, straining to work out the knots in her stiff neck and shoulders. She finally rose with an audible grunt. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly, reaching her arms up high above her head as she stretched to her full 1.70 centimetre height. She could feel the sharp pop-pop-pop of each individual vertebra along her spine loosening as she extended herself until her fingertips brushed against her ship's quarter's low ceiling. Satisfied, she lowered her arms and scooped up her lightsabre from the bland looking nightstand at the side of the bed. The weapon's handle felt reassuring in her grip. Familiar. Solid.

Moving silently, she slipped from the bedchamber out into the hallways of the secluded rarely used part of her starship, in which the captain had deliberately chosen to have her personal quarters located at. Kixi had found the time to decorate her ship's private part, all before the time that Mako had been attacked, and very much what she called home. Luminous tapestries covered the walls and colourful, handwoven rugs lined the corridors as she made her way past several unused rooms, each decorated with custom made furniture, rare objets d'art, and other unmistakable signs of wealth, which reminded Kixi of whom she really was – the daughter of Hajkon Rajki, noble bloodline to her family lineage and politically powerful House of Rajki of the Sajnen Confederate. She paced slowly, almost taking her a full minute to traverse the length from where her quarters were located at, to the opposite side where her own private dojo and meditation chambers were situated at.

Barefoot and naked from the waist up, save for the bra she was wearing, she shivered and glanced around at the abstract oriental terra-sol design, its original place of origin now light years behind her, the wooden floorboards illuminated in the light of the blurred bright light from the hyperspace tunnel visible from the long rectangular window opposite the ingress point.

Goose bumps crawled across her flesh, but she ignored the chill as she ignited her lightsabre and began to practice the aggressive forms of Djem So or Form V of lightsabre combat. Very much the same forms of lightsabre combat were known to the Züncålazin of her galaxy as in this one by the Jedi, thanks to the original exploits from the descendants of Nomi Sunrider, who had ventured into hers millennia long since past. Her muscles groaned in protest, her joints clicking and grinding as she moved carefully through a variety of sequences. Slash. Feint. Thrust. The soles of her feet slapped softly against the surface of the dojo's wooden flooring, a sporadic rhythm marking the progress of every advance and retreat against her imaginary opponent. The last vestiges of sleep and fatigue clung stubbornly to her body, spurring the tiny voice inside that urged her to abandon her training and return to the comfort of her bed. Kixi drowned it out by silently reciting the second line of the Züncålazin Code: There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. Thinking of nothing more than the Orb of Passage, and the one being she cared for most, even more than herself, that currently lay dormant in her alcove elsewhere on board the MXS Morihei Ueshiba.

Having completed her morning routine training and freshened up, the captain found herself staring at the viewpoint on her starship's bridge. Like a child having experienced her first ever hyperspace journey, she found the blurring of stars, the distortion of the space around her, that of the hyperspace tunnel an intriguing fascination.

The Trandoshan who she had forced to have come onboard after her not so memorable altercation in which she had come out the victor, had hardly spoken any words during the days that he had reluctantly been made to come aboard. As a result, the Trandoshan had instead decided to take refuge in the far lower levels of the ship, wanting to have neither little nor anything to do with Kixi or her kind. He had no idea regarding the quest in which the arrogant so called Jedi that he now had been forced to pledge a life debt to had have him embark on, nor did he really care at this stage, nonetheless he was more the less eager to go knowing that they were heading for Coruscant, the very centre of galactic trade, commerce and culture. Figuring that whatever she had had in mind, surely had to be worth the while, given his many known and trusted contacts at the galactic capital.

Yet as much as he hated the young female Jedi, that now in his books had turned him from slaver to slave, she seemed a far cry from the average Jedi. There was some immediate wariness about her, even upon his first sighting of her ship. That had a bizarre feel about it alone, the design most certainly unfamiliar, both on the outside and inside, and then the language he had heard her speaking with that female servant she was with, the cyborg, totally unheard of before, yet he couldn't quite put two and two together.

Vinskk was then left further mystified at the young Jedi's hospitality towards him. Intriguing as it was, the young Jedi had wanted to kill him, had had the opportunity to do so, yet had spared him, knowing all to well how much he hated her, and would have done no such thing had the situation been reversed. She had since treated him with the uttermost respect, sincere, warm towards him and very much the opposite of how one would treat a slave, well at least in Vinskk's books anyway. Kixi on the other hand wanted to actually be his friend, or at least she had come across that way, something that he had found virtually impossible to fathom.

By the time the pending arrival on Coruscant had become imminent, Kixi had decided that it was once again time to go visit Vinskk. Although she had been down to her ship's lower levels on various occasions during their voyage from Dubrillion en-route to Coruscant to visit him already, now however that they were almost at their intended destination, Coruscant undoubtedly being alien to not only Kixi, but also to her entire crew, a briefing was indeed on her agenda with the hope in bringing her up to scratch. Although setting foot on an alien world would not be her primary cause of concern, but rather to brief the alien lizard like creature regarding his tasks moving forward, and what she expected out of him more the likely reason she had decided to pay him a visit.

She found Vinskk sitting at a table, cleaning the barrel of his rifle. "Hello Vinsk," Kixi announced herself to the total annoyance of the Trandoshan. His absolute hatred for her ran deep inside of him, and Kixi could feel it as he growled at her, before eventually and reluctantly composing himself. "We will be arriving at Coruscant shortly," she began to say twitching her neck just a fraction and adjusting her collar. "However first I wish to speak to you regarding some personal matters. I sense your hate in me is strong, because I am of a species that you deem to be inferior to that of your own, and also because I am Jedi. " Kixi paused taking a moment to allow the words to sink in to Vinskk while taking a deep breath in herself. "I am very different from the other Jedi that perhaps you have grown accustomed to over the years. I have also travelled from far to come here, from a place in which its location you cannot even imagine to fathom. I only hope that in time you will understand my sincerity, and that deep down in my heart I wish only to be your friend, your ally and not your enemy." Kixi spoke with emotion and dignity not giving away any signs of deception as truthfully she had no intention of any such non honourable acts. Although one thing had most certainly been apparent about the young female Jedi, even to the emotionless likes such as Vinskk who even until now, had unmistakably not ever seen her smile once.

“What is it with you human Jeedai, not once have I ever seen a smile on your human face. Or is it only in my presence that Jeedai does not smile because of Vinskk?”

“It is not because of you Vinskk." Kixi lowered her head as she began speaking, her neutral facial features quickly fading into one of sadness, as she opened herself up revealing her more compassionate side of her persona. "Since they conspired against me and tried to kill her, my only true love. No longer do I wake up next to her warmth by my bedside, but total emptiness." Kixi closed her eyes for a split second and took a quick breath in and out sighing. "Now instead of normal sleep, she must recharge her electronic robotic parts in her alcove. I no longer have any real reason to ever be happy, and if I may happen to seem it, it would be a total lie. ”

"Unmistakably Vinskk could see the human aspect of the female Jedi who had spared his life. "Humans, a powerful warrior you are, weakness of compassion Vinskk also sees. The silent woman with you at the cantina where our fates met, is this the one you speak of?" The Trandoshan asked more out of curiosity rather than actually really caring.

"Yes, it is her." Kixi answered sobering.

“Ah well my first impression of that mute was that she was merely nothing more than your servant, after all she—”

"She's not my servant, I don't have any servants!" Kixi suddenly became enraged as she didn't allow for Vinskk to finish off what he had been about to say. "Mako is my lover, and she wasn't always a cyborg. However I intend to change that fact and restore her back to her original self." Kixi continued, snorting in anger while at the same time taking deep and heavy breaths.

"You don't have any servants?" Vinskk asked confused. "Oh and Jeedai should calm herself down before she drowns herself in her own misery." Vinskk said mockingly and taking the opportunity to take a cheap shot at the woman he so much despised.

"Well except you since you owe me a life debit, and the Force calls upon me in my ultimate objective suggesting that you can find me just the right type of slicer that I need for the initial part of my mission." Kixi cut in dryly and directly to the point, choosing at the same time to ignore Vinskk's scornful behaviour towards her.

"With that part, Vinskk has name in mind that can help human, but can Vinskk know exactly what human Jeedai's plan is," Vinskk asked intuitively.

"You will be told exactly closer to the time." Kixi said brushing off the Trandoshan and to his utter annoyance.

The Trandoshan continued to gaze at Kixi with pure disdain. She may have spared his life, but that didn't stop him from disliking her on principle. She was still a human, to put it cut and dry, and a vile viscous spiteful one too. Of course, he would lay his life down for her and serve her anyway he could. He had to. But did he have to enjoy it he thought to himself, with the immediate answer to his own question being a no.

Vinskk stood up and stretched his legs a bit, putting his rifle down on the table. "Vinskk is ever Human's servant," he said with bitter emphasis on the word servant. He made it fairly clear on what their relationship was –slavery. How ironic Vinskk thought. All those years of being the slaver and now he was the slave. Deep down, however, he knew she deserved more than that, a better answer than the one provided. He sensed the sincerity in her voice, the way that Kixi longed to have some sort of relationship with the cold Trandoshan. The least he could do was not spit at her with hate. He scratched the back of his scaly head with a talon and added, "Vinskk...knows Kixi is true with what she says." This was the first time that the lizard had referred to Kixi as herself, instead of 'Human' or 'Jeedai'. Before he drowned what was in his mind with anger or pride or shame, Vinskk quickly added, "Trandoshan will try to change the way he views Kixi." He then quickly got to his feet, turned around and walked away to the opposite section of the ship's lower levels, needing some time alone to sort out his emotions.

Kixi stood there for a moment. Not really thinking of much initially, she then gathered her thoughts, frowned to herself as she headed back to her own captain's quarters. She needed to wear other clothes. Once at Coruscant, she, along with the Trandoshan, intended to venture deep into dangerous territory where crime would be prevalent, and as far as law enforcement would be concerned, there would be little or none. She didn't want to be seen as a Jedi, given such so called law abiding citizens would undoubtedly be given an unwelcoming greeting. That was something she clearly didn't want to experience, despite being in the presence of the strong and powerful Trandoshan who would be by her side at all times.

Although it provided virtually no protection, she put on a thin sleeveless minidress. The elegant white piece of attire with black lines and features that went well with its design, came down to her knee height. As well as the dress, she wore a pair of high heeled shiny close to knee height boots. Her choice of clothing would most certainly allow her to not look anywhere near the part of a warrior to the unsuspecting onlooker, yet still provide her for easy quick and swift movement, and on the same token, allow her to conceal her most important weapon, her lightsabre. Following that she attached her utility belt and holstered a blaster pistol similar to that used by the common bounty hunter or smuggler. In her utility belt she stored several devices, mainly equipment that could be used to create a dampening field, and lastly she holstered a rather large sword on her back known as a Katana back on one of the worlds in the Trident Cluster of her galaxies of her origin. Primitive no doubt to the people of this world, perfect if needed were a dampening field were ever deployed. Lastly she put on her head brace. She stared herself in the mirror admiring her own elegance and beauty. She couldn't help but smile as she felt excitement and adrenaline rush through her, as if she were suddenly hit by an unexpected gust of wind.

She had drifted off into her own little world as she continued to admire her own looks, almost forgetting where she was or was about to go to, until she abruptly snapped out of it as her small comm unit squelched. The familiar voice of her first officer Mako from the ship's bridge now flooded into her head, with traces of her previous thoughts completely faded away. "We will be dropping out of hyperspace in about 5 minutes," said the soft sweet voice of the first officer. "We should be able to gain clearance to land. Our ID should display that our original place of origin is from the Seswenna System." As always, Kixi loved hearing Mako's voice, and very much regardless of the situation, her presence was always warm and welcoming.

"Good", Kixi replied affirmatively, "We don't want any unwanted attention, as a ship of extra-galactic origin could otherwise easily do just that. As you will not be accompanying both our new guest Vinskk and myself once we disembark, that as per usual puts you in command Mako. Please make all the necessary arrangements and so forth, as I'll be wanting to get underway with the Trandoshan once we have landed with minimal delay." There was a brief pause, the first officer, Kixi's girlfriend clearly uncomfortable with Kixi going alone in a strange alien city with an alien lizard creature in which she did not trust fully. However she thought the better to argue given it wouldn't change the situation nor Kixi's mind in the end.

"Affirmative,"Mako acknowledged, her voice hinting a small sign of uneasiness which she tried ever so hard to shrug off. "It will not be a problem at all, we will see you at the ship's starboard hangar bay to see you both off once we have landed.

The azure mists of the hyperspace tunnel collapsed beyond the viewpoint and stars streaked into visibility, fixed into place by tall real matter and real gravity. In the centre of the stellar vista was a planet like none other ever seen before by the bridge crew of the MXS Morihei Ueshiba. Not even the Sajnen capital, Hedstaden Sajna which covered one third of the planet it was situated on, Terra Prime, could compare to the view that lay before their very eyes. Even before the inter-galactic travellers were close enough to understand why, they could tell that Coruscant was different from any other planet that they had ever seen or heard of. Amazed at how strange the planet looked from space, casting not the softer blue and white shades of planets still verdant and unspoiled, but an odd silvery glow that suggested the reflection of sunlight off metal, it immediately caused Mako's jaw to drop. "Wow!" Her instant expression was enough to suggest how remarkably grand the planet that hung largely in her viewpoint was. The impression was not misleading either. The days in which Coruscant could be viewed in any sort of natural state were dead and gone. The capital city had expanded over the centuries, building by building, until it wrapped the entire planet. Forests, mountains, bodies of water, and natural formations had been covered over. The atmosphere was filtered through oxygen regulators and purified by scrubbers, and water was gathered and stored in massive artificial aquifers. Native animals, birds, plants, and fish could be found in the museums or the climate controlled indoor preserves.

Already been cleared for landing, Vinskk's ship the Black Talon, which had been slaved to the Ueshiba, had been released, allowing for the Trandoshan to remotely land it at a usual spaceport hangar that he used during his regular visits to the galactic capital. Along with the entire bridge crew, Commander Mako Jhasmin Zaneca could clearly see from the viewport of the slowly descending MXS Morihei Ueshiba starship, that Coruscant had become a planet of skyscrapers, their gleaming metal towers stretching skyward in a forest of spear points, an army of frozen giants blanketing the horizon in every direction. The cyborg woman stared at the city planet in awe, searching for a break in the endless forest of buildings, unable to find one. She glanced at Ālrai Tānien in the pilot's seat, who smiled.

"Coruscant it appears to be, an entire planet evolved into one city. It makes the Sajnen capital look tiny in perspective. Perhaps it too will evolve into something like this in a thousand years from now." He winked totally amazed himself. 

"It's so huge!" Mako breathed softly. "I wonder if Captain Kixi Rajki has seen any of this from wherever on the ship she currently is at." Mako also noted as they dropped into a landfall traffic lane and cruised slowly through the maze. They skimmed past the great skyscrapers of Coruscant, weaving in and out of the huge amber structures, artificial stalagmites rising higher and higher over the years, and now obscuring the natural formations of the surface, a very much familiar sight throughout the whole vast cityscape planet. Sunlight reflected off the many mirror like windows of those massive structures, and gleamed brilliantly off the metal of the airborne Ueshiba flying amidst. The starship almost glowed, smooth and flowing with the hum of its huge and powerful engines.

The starship slowed now, edging its way out of the traffic lane, onto a landing dock that floated near a cluster of huge buildings. Mako peered down doubtfully. They were several hundred stories up, hundreds and hundreds of metres in the air. She tore her gaze away, swallowing hard. She had seen similar style floating platforms on the Sajnen capital, however none the size of this that could hold a ship of the proportional size of the Ueshiba. But then again Mako was from the Outer Rim Worlds of the Sajnen Confederate, and had only ever seldom ventured to the Sajnen capital, so could have simply been mistaken due to her own lack of knowledge of the world in question. Although that was of little or no relevance now, as the ship docked with a soft bump on the landing platform, its clamps locking in place.

Commander Mako Jhasmin Zaneca and General Braj'tec Qarr made their way to the ship's starboard hangar bay, where their captain, along with the large Trandoshan figure were waiting near one of the shuttles. They had come to greet them off, and to personally receive further instructions from their captain in the case she were to have any. Captain Kixi Rajki looked stunning, as the blonde haired woman with her bob styled hair and bangs was overshadowed by the brute of the intelligent lizard humanoid that stood by her side. Nonetheless, her warm smile and soft crystal like blue eyes didn't change the fact that she had a backbone of steel. To the unsuspecting, it would seem that the Trandoshan was indeed the more powerful of the two rather than the other way around.

Commander Zaneca, her first officer and girlfriend on the other hand was a study in softer shades. Her straight neat shiny dark hair caught the light, her softly tanned skin warm and welcoming, unlike that of her Züncålazin or Jedi counterpart who often enough came across as pale, cold and arrogant. The occasional flicker of the blue containment field twinkled in the stunning azure eyes of Kixi whom she faced head on. The commander wanted nothing more than to embrace her knowing that everything the captain was doing was for her. Kixi did just that in the the end, the clickity-clanking of her boots domination the silent air as she approached her cyborg girlfriend.

"Please be safe out there Kixi...." Mako whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry love, it's me, you know I can take care of myself." Kixi replied reassuringly.

"Yes I know, and that's what worries me." Mako said still not totally convinced.

Kixi proceeded to then slowly kiss her lover on her lips, now completely accustomed to the touch and feel of her half flesh and artificial face, and to the disgust of Vinskk who silently watched on as he towered the two distasteful female humans before him.

"We're here finally. Thus our mission officially begins as of now." Kixi said with her distinctive, resonant voice, simultaneously letting go of Mako, and taking a step back.

"We're all here for one reason which you all obviously know what that is. You're all the best I've ever known. You're all brilliant, creative and competent. As things progress and I discover new things in relation to my prime and sole objective, I will provide you with further details on your duties, tasks and assignments. Until then, sit tight, monitor the ship and your surroundings, and as I already know you will, keep as much of an eyeful watch over me as possible. That is all for now and may the Force be with us all," said the captain.

Both Kixi and Vinskk then turned to walk out of the ship on the already retracted lowering ramp, the blue haze of the ship's deflector shields long having disappeared, paving the way for the jagged duo's ingress into the diverse urbanism of the Coruscanti cosmopolitan.

She quickly paused and glanced over her shoulder, her eyes narrowing slightly as she regarded her worrisome girlfriend who still kept her gaze on her.

Vinskk now was impatiently waiting in the main exit corridor to the ramp. Kixi could sense the Trandoshan's frustration, but simply couldn't care less about the fact she was making him wait. Eventually she nodded at Vinskk, indicating that he should lead the way. Turning once again, she gave Mako a quick smile waving her a quick kiss goodbye, again to the utter disgust of her Trandoshan companion, and followed close on the heels of the larger Trandoshan as he moved down the lowered loading ramp, and exited into the sunlight of Coruscant.

The young Züncålazin woman spent the first few minutes concentrating on not being overwhelmed, although she couldn't understand why it was becoming the case as from where she stood, her dense urban surroundings looked no different to that of her own home city, the Sajnen capital Hedstaden Sajna. Eventually though, being outside the ship, she gradually began getting used to and accustomed to her new urban jungle surroundings, in which the familiarity with that of her home world now eons away began to sink in.

Now that she felt more at home, excitement had become evident from within Kixi's overall body composure, as she walked in an almost dance like manner. Her sudden unpredictable behaviour snapping the immediate attention of the large Trandoshan by her side. With all things currently considered, it now seemed that she wanted to be on Coruscant, giving the childlike impression of being more excited than a would be child's first time ride on a spaceship. "Time to get going," she hand gestured to the Trandoshan. "Time for you to take me to your slicer contact." She continued saying in an almost melodious like speech.

Vinskk looked at Kixi and shook his head. What he saw was someone that was like a child, clearly excited to be on Coruscant, rather than the warrior that had convincingly defeated him back on Dubrillion. The Trandoshan wondered how happy Kixi would be after seeing some of the Undercity. He clicked out, "What is the plan, Jeedai?" While checking out his surroundings. The landing pad was clear of personnel, so anything said here would be between them, Vinskk thought to himself as Kixi and he continued walking away from the ship.

Kixi continued her dance like walk for a few more seconds, humming to herself almost as if she were trying to sing. Like a child she indeed appeared to look like. Then like a hovering vehicle coming to an abrupt halt, she stopped it, with all seriousness reentering her elegant posture once more.

Then with her serious tone of voice that the Trandoshan first had heard her speak with, she said, "We are going to the Underground City. You know that I fucking need a slicer, the best there is who can get into the most secure places without being traced or caught". She stopped walking and looked at the Trandoshan eye to eye, "So stop fucking me around stalling, or else I might just reconsider your life debt to me and end your pathetic life here and there like I should have done so on Dubrillion. Are you actually up to the fucking task Vinskk, or are you not?" She angrily said, her warrior instinct like personality all and truly had come back alive, the viciousness and unforgiving Kixi that Vinskk had come to know returning.

"Do I have a choice?" He said casually, choosing to not get intimidated by Kixi's nasty and vicious threats. As real as they were, he knew that she needed his services, thus cautiously could brush off her malice bluffs. Likewise he thought about his current task. A slicer he questioned. To him it seemed that the Jedi wanted to break into a place. But he wondered for what. Until now she hadn't been at all straight forward with him, speaking of a so called primary objective, yet not sharing any details regarding the matter thus far. He pondered that as they continued walking, about to reach a lift going down.

"Choice you always have, but if you choose not to help me, then me is left helpless," Kixi said in quite a rhythmic manner once more. "You do want to help me do you not?" Kixi's tone appeared to change like the wind – switching from nasty all menacing – to a childish dance like rhythm, plundering the Trandoshan into a further confused state.

"Of...of course. Vinskk is honoured to serve." He responded with what the Jedi wanted to hear, despite him really just wanted to finish the job and drown himself in liquor. However he wisely kept those thoughts to himself. Vinskk shrugged and kept moving, thinking of the people he would hopefully get to kill later on.

For a brief moment where Kixi caught Vinskk off his guard, she stared long and hard at him scanning his thoughts. "Who do you want to kill?" She said folding her arms and lifting a brow in a non approving manner. Before he could answer she continued, "Ahem, you will do no such thing in my presence unless absolutely necessary is that understood?" She finished off now sounding irritated. Although what did she really have come to expect she thought to herself. The fact she had forced him to serve her wasn't by all means going to change him. She knew that she would be kidding herself if she even believed for a split second that that were the case.

Vinskk laughed, a dry, clicking noise, before addressing the human again. "What should Vinskk do with scum of Under City then? Cuddle scum?" Vinskk's outburst had made some people walking next to them uncomfortable, but he didn't care. Let them hear, he thought to himself uncaring.

Kixi then decided to step in real close to the Trandoshan putting a fist onto his chest. Not that she had any real intention in trying to actually hit him knowing that all he would have had to do was give her a backhand to the head. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," she mumbled at him in sheer frustration. Anyone watching would have thought the young blonde haired woman as totally being out of her mind, oblivious to the unlikely circumstances that had brought together the two very diverse individuals.

“Well sorrrrrrrrry for boring you so much," she said in a bad attempt at sarcasm, taking a step back at the same time and recomposing herself. "Please just get me a good reliable slicer." She said with a more than an obvious sigh. "I promise you that things will get a lot more interesting from then on in." Twitching her neck a little, she then whispered something close to his ear. "Before all this is over, you might have no choice but to kill anyway." Kixi then stepped back another half step and smiled with her trademark mischievous grin that the Trandoshan had by now grown used to seeing. Clearing her throat, she then added while waiving both her arms and hands in the air, "If you can as to kindly lead the way, we can get along on our merry way.”

The Trandoshan shook his head in an almost 'whatever' sort of gesture, then wordlessly dragged Kixi onto the lift going down. The lift closed as it reached full capacity and started to descend, the beautiful architecture of the surface beginning to give way to graffiti stained walls and shoddy, run down buildings. After about 5 minutes, the lift touched down and opened to a scene of a Gran and Rodian fighting over a pile of credits on a table, while a sly pickpocket reached over and took them. Dealers, prostitutes, and toughs all looked over the newcomers, eyeing the huge Trandoshan and the smaller girl it seemed like he was protecting. A dirty, unkempt human dealer walked up to the pair departing the lift and opened his trench coat, showing what looked like packets of spice and death sticks.

“You wanna buy anything, hmm, hmmm?”

Vinskk shoved the man away, only for him to get into a fight with a rival dealer that he bumped in to, as the smell of the place reached Kixi the only way broken sewer lines and the stench of unwashed bodies could, and she covered her mouth and nose with her hand. The Trandoshan saw this and laughed, then whispered in her ear,"Welcome to hell, Jeedai..." as someone, perhaps an enforcer of whatever crime boss this block was under, gunned down the two dealers, sending people walking faster in various directions...

It was scum and villainy in all its glory. Kixi felt sick in the stomach just in seeing the 2 dealers drop dead to the ground. She felt so sickened by it in that it gave her the shivers, exposing goosebumps that could be seen all over her exposed arms. It was although, ironic in the sense that she was the same cold hearted person that had been the leading scientist in the creation of a deadly biological weapon used to eradicate the Vistesh invaders of Kustetiera, and it was her that had given the final command to annihilate every single last living soul of the lizard like beings in the end. However cold blooded murders and senseless killings simply weren't her style, nor was it the Jedi way. A very questionable ideal as far as it went in relation to Kixi Rajki. In truth, one did beg to differ between either act, and in effect, the crimes committed by the so called young Jedi woman, were unquestionably considerably far more horrific.

"Ok Vinskk, your turn to laugh it up at my expense," Kixi humbly conceded to the surprise of the Trandoshan. However it didn't take long for another 2 rough looking slave dealers to approach them soon after.

"How much you want for the girl," one of the unshaven dirty human male slave dealers asked the Trandoshan, clearly assuming that Kixi was his slave and to her complete and utter disgust.

"You have no business whatsoever here, you will continue on your way". Kixi calmly said raising her hand and waiving it, in an attempt to influence the narrow mind of the rough looking smelly man who's stench almost made her vomit.

"We have no business here," he replied immediately falling victim to Kixi's mind trick, then gestured for his partner to leave, in which the 2 then promptly turned away and left.

Turning over to face Vinskk again, Kixi produced a cocky half smile, proud that she had seen off the 2 dealers without a single shred of violence. "I think we should get going to where we should be going as quickly as we can if it isn't too hard with you." Kixi then quickly suggested, now having had more than enough of her fair share of the dirty rotten foulness that existed in Coruscant's Under City.

Vinskk roared in laughter at Kixi's expense, a rare burst of emotion. He quickly composed himself and said,"Vinskk should have sold Kixi off, the credits would have been well appreciated." The Trandoshan then pointed to a decrepit cantina just around the corner called the Gizka. "Vinskk may know slicer Gran in there. Very resourceful. Very expensive." Without another word, he stormed off, shoving through the crowd of scum and riffraff around him.

"Hey, wait up!" Kixi cried out in a childlike girlie voice, quickly following the Trandoshan, doing her best to also shove and push through the busy crowd, despite it being a lot harder for the much smaller build and fragile woman. Despite not being anywhere near as quick as what he was, it didn't matter, as there was only one place that she could see that he was heading for, the nearby cantina that he had only moments ago pointed out to. Kixi who had to battle past the crowd, and almost getting swept aside herself by a large Wookie who growled at her menacingly in the process, eventually made it to the Gizka, and even if it were for just a quick moment, took in a deep breath relieved to be inside and away from the unruly lawless crowd. Inevitably though, she would soon come realise that the situation inside the cantina would not be any more pleasant.

Kixi entered the cantina. It didn't seem all that busy. It smelt of ozone and it was clear some kind of blaster fight had recently broken out. She ordered her drink at the bar and then sat down in a quiet corner slowly sipping on her drink, doing a good job at that stage to not to attract any unwanted attention upon herself. Or so she thought.

Ravik had been watching from afar, from the shadows the young Sith kept both the young Force sensitive woman and what seemed like her bodyguard within his sights. He waited patiently, his intent, at least initially to befriend the woman, yet avoid her Trandoshan bodyguard at all costs. Unlike many Sith, Ravik had no boney growths on his face or chin, nor any golden piercings of the sort that his race of Sith were known for. Although he stood at a standard height and a medium build, Ravik was a tank in combat that could take a hell of a beating and return just or more of the same punishment to any of his would be opponents. Yet he had no desire to waste his valuable and precious time in a head to head confrontation with the large lizard creature. Subtlety he followed them both into the cantina, silently observing and watching, a huge smile immediately dominated his facial features upon realising that the young woman now sat alone in a dark corner of the establishment, with her lizard bodyguard nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly Kixi felt a strange sensation tickling down her body causing her to inadvertently shiver. Another Jedi here in this cantina, the thought passed through her head, yet she soon realised that whatever it was had an odd feeling. Darkness, the dark side of the Force was ever so presently strong. Having absolutely no knowledge of the Sith, yet understanding the existence of dark Jedi, she made the assumption that the presence in which she felt was in fact exactly that.

"Who is it out there? I can sense your presence, reveal yourself to me?" Kixi demanded sternly.

Knowing he was no longer shrouded from her presence, Ravik decided that now was the time to reveal himself and his intentions. Walking out of the darkness, he approached the woman, a small smile pasted across his smooth reddish face. " Knew you would detect me sooner or later." The dark hooded man said removing his hood. To the Sith, the girl or young woman was most certainly striking in terms of her looks. If looks could kill, he would no doubt be vaporised by it he thought, barely getting his words out as he looked her in the eyes, and consequently her eyes priced down into his own. "Um.. I'm not here to.......fight. I just thought I'd set out to make some friends."

Kixi froze, locking into his gaze. The stranger did not appear hostile, yet there was something menacing about him. Kixi could sense it, the dark side of the Force. In fact she had sensed that presence ever so prevalent across the whole planet and had deliberately shut off her own Force abilities fearing that whatever it was wouldn't be equally as welcoming towards her. However this man, this stranger had found her because of her Force abilities. Thinking to herself she then realised where she must've slipped up. Those 2 dealers. She had used the Force to persuade them to go away, in a feeble attempt to impress the Trandoshan that she was travelling with, that not all matters had to be dealt with with violence, and now had consequently attracted the attention of the dark Force user that stood before her.

"May I join you?" He politely asked pointing to the chair opposite to her.

Kixi Rajki, for all that she was as a formidable warrior, Force sensitive and an adapt Züncålazin from her galaxy of origin, had never been faced with encountering a dark side user face to face, despite her former Lord Xiz'Jhan being one such user. That, or perhaps there was something strikingly different about the man in which she then simply reluctantly nodded her head, and indicated for him to go ahead and take his seat.

“Thank you." He said, his voice still soft with no trace of deception present. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ravik. What is your name?”

"Ki.... Kixi. My name is Kixi." Kixi responded gulping.

"Kixi hey? Well Kixi we don't have to make this experience painful. You're a Jedi and you knew before coming to Coruscant that this world is controlled by the Sith. You've done well to shroud your presence from the others, other Sith far more powerful than me, however I have now found you now." His smile became even larger, as Kixi got the impression that although he didn't appear to want to harm her, that he would if she refused to give him whatever it was that he had come to her for.

"Sith? I don't know what that is. I know of the dark side of the Force and dark Jedi. Isn't that what you are?" Kixi asked innocently.

Ravik let out a wicked laugh, taking Kixi aback even further, before cutting straight to the chase. "Kixi, I do not have time for your games. Being a Jedi you obviously know who the Sith are and that you're dangerously trespassing on Sith territory. Yet I sense your great potential. I am in need of an acolyte, or an apprentice. Come with me and join me and I will show you the true power and might of the dark side and greatness of the Sith Empire."

"The Sith Empire? Join you? Listen I don't know what you're on about. I've come here on business and thus have work to do." She paused a moment once again looking into his eyes as Ravik was prepared to hear her out. 
"You want to train me?" Kixi tried not laugh, suddenly becoming comfortable being in his presence, with traces of her earlier signs of fear gone. "Train me in what, how to use the Force to brush my hair or something," she said sarcastically now bursting into a laughter herself.

Despite the woman's deliberate insult on him, Ravik remained calm. He was prepared to remain patient, knowing all too well in his eyes at least, that the end result would be rewarding no matter the outcome. The Jedi woman would either submit to him and become his apprentice, or die by his blade in defiance.

Vinskk approached the table with a Gran in tow. "Vinskk brought friend. Good slicer."

The Gran immediately coughed and spoke up, saying, "My name is Free-Eyes, and anonymity is my middle name, for a price."

Vinskk couldn't help but immediately sense the obvious. The stranger that had taken his seat opposite to that of the human woman. Undoubtedly he was Sith, which usually meant an enemy of a Jedi. Kixi appeared to be in some level of distress, despite her subtleties in kidding herself that she wasn't.

"Is this sentient giving Kixi problems?" Vinskk grunted out. His huge reptilian frame stood tall, appearing to hover above the 2 beings seated at the table as he spoke and kept a firm eye on the newcomer.

Kixi who had kept Ravik in her peripheral vision at both the arrival of the Trandoshan and the Gran, then turned back to fully face him again.

"He isn't going to trouble me any further." Kixi spoke sternly, first answering the Trandoshan's question despite having her gaze locked into that of the Sith. "I have business which takes precedence over your matters Ravik – Sith – or whatever you damn call yourself. Our conversation is hereby terminated." Kixi said standing up from her chair.

The Sith let out a brief chuckle which quickly changed into an evil like laughter, his mood quickly changing from calm to an evil menacing smirk. "Where do you think you're going? Your business is now with me Jedi woman. Your priorities have changed. You serve the Sith now and me above all others. Pledge your allegiance to me by kneeling before me, and then rid those 2 pathetic creatures from their pitiful existence. "

“What! Who the fuck do you think you're talking to wise guy. I may seem just a little lady but you have fucking no idea on who —”

Vinskk sighed clenching his claws, abruptly cutting Kixi off mid sentence. "The hour is late, Kixi. Let us leave the redskin and go about our business." The Trandoshan was beginning to get irritated by the intrusive stranger, and didn't particularly care for the fact that he had a lightsabre. He knew he could kill the Sith before he was struck down, or at least buy enough time for his human Jedi to escape from the Sith scum. Vinskk hissed at the Sith and grabbed Kixi and the Gran, the latter yelping lightly. "Let's go! No time to waste." He marched to the exit of the cantina, with his two companions in tow.

Ravik surprisingly did not follow, choosing the wiser to stay put for the time being. He wanted the Jedi alive, yet if she challenged him allied with her formidable Trandoshan companion, he knew that he might be forced into a position to have to kill them both. He quickly vanished once more, cloaked by his dark hood and clothing, back into the shadows of darkness from which he had originally appeared from. He kept his potential apprentice within his grasp, keeping himself at the ready in seizing the opportunity to take her once and for all should the opportunity arise once again. Patiently he waited.

The three left the cantina uneventfully. Kixi could sense Ravik not too faraway, but at the same time relieved that he was not giving chase – for now. Vinskk seemed to know this part of the Under City well, leading them slowly and cautiously back to the turbolifts that would eventually lead them back to the upper levels of Coruscant.

"I had sensed the odd dark feeling through the Force during our arrival at Coruscant, and thus up until that brief moment for when I mistakenly used the Force to persuade those 2 dealers away, have shut off so to speak my Force sensitive abilities. Yet I was under the impression that the dark presence here were that of dark Jedi. Ravik, the man who was wanting to recruit me for his cause, he said he was Sith, and that on this planet there are a great many deal of them. What or who are the Sith?" Kixi innocently asked.

“Human Jedi, a funny sense of sarcasm you have. Vinskk advises that now is not the time or place for sarcasm." Vinskk couldn't help but burst out into a sudden unexpected laughter. "An unpredictable woman Vinskk says you definitely are, hard to predict human's mood between the lines of serious and humour.”

In the short time of their shady acquaintance, Vinskk had come to learn that Kixi's childlike attempts at playing the innocent unsuspecting victim was at times preposterous. This one regarding the knowledge of the Sith most certainly being a perfect example. She claimed to be a Jedi, and like all Jedi carried a lightsabre and had the ability to call upon the Force at will should she need to. All Jedi recognised the Sith as their mortal sworn enemies, so either the young woman was playing him, or was exceptionally naive, the latter something the Trandoshan found hard to digest if it indeed it were really the truth. Surely she couldn't really be that naive given the matter at hand he mentally questioned himself. Although something didn't quite add up regarding her, a tiny voice was echoing in the back of his head, a voice that had never failed him until now.

"Sorry, I don't get what you mean Vinskk. I wasn't trying to be sarcastic, that was a legitimate question." Kixi responded bamboozled.

"What do you mean? You say you're a Jedi, yet all Jedi know who the Sith are. But it now seems questionable that you really are one? Human has lots of explaining to dubious Trandoshan Vinskk thinks?" Vinskk finally was prompted to ask as he now realised that the Jedi wannabe was indeed not playing him, triggering warning alarm bells through his head. His suspicions confirmed, there was something not quite about the young human woman.

At that moment, Kixi's facial expression changed to one of total sadness and despair. Suddenly she felt fear and alone as a tear drop became evidently noticeable. "I'm not sure on how I can explain this............ I have travelled here from afar." Her words began to stutter nervously. The Trandoshan like he had already began to suspect knew she had been hiding something. He felt a sudden urge to want to grab her by the throat and pin her onto the vandalised metal wall behind her. Yet the harsh images of the lesson he had been dealt with at Dubrillion by the very same hand of the human he despised so much quickly flooded into his mind. He had to hand it to her, she knew how to play the role of the innocent victimised child well, however he had become extremely weary of her, steadily understanding the nature of her twisted games. There was definitely more than meets the eye with her, and whatever it was, he was almost certain that some dark sickening secret lurked within her, that almost certainly he would eventually be destined to learn – if he didn't end up killing her first. Wisely he held back his temptation to strike at her. For now he would hear her out and continue to play as her servant, while patiently waiting for the opportunity he so much urned for. Whenever it were to come, he would stop at absolutely nothing to rid her filth from existence in a manner in which he would see most brutal, making it a personal vendetta and dissolving his burden of the ridiculous life debt to her.

"I might be human, but in this galaxy, I am a true alien." She continued in a very soft childlike voice, the comment causing both Vinskk and the Gran to look at Kixi somewhat dumbfounded.

"You probably will find it impossible to fathom but I speak to you the truth. I, along with my crew are from another galaxy very far away from here. Humans exist throughout the entire cosmos it would seem." She then stopped walking. Instinctively both Vinskk and Free-Eyes also came to an immediate halt, more to the shocking revelation of her words.

"Did human just say she was from place outside of the known galaxy?" Vinskk skeptically asked.

Kixi was hesitant at what she was about to tell and show the two aliens, but felt it was totally necessary as Vinskk, despite his ruthless nature, did deserve an explanation. "I'll make this as brief as possible so please be patient." Kixi said softly as she retrieved a small alien disc like object from her belt that lit up to life as she turned it on. A holo image of the Galaxy appeared. Then it became smaller and moved across to the right floating there on its own. Then another galaxy appeared near it, and then several others in the middle. Finally three smaller galaxies apeared on the left side of the holo projection.

"There." Kixi pointed to one of the three smaller galaxies floating on the right of the projection. "The Androj'Meden Galaxy. That is where I came from, along with my ship and entire crew." She then pointed to another of the small galaxies next it.

"That there is the Lat'Saena Galaxy. A system known as the Kustetiera System is somewhere there. A tragic event occurred there which triggered my desire to trek into this galaxy. "My beloved companion, the cyborg Mako Jhasmin Zaneca you have seen with me, she was critically wounded there. I was forced to unleash a biological weapon wiping out millions of innocent lives. However I was lied to by the one who forced my hand in a conspiracy that ran deeper then what I care to discuss. In summary Mako was not a cyborg prior, but became one, barely surviving the atrocities of her ordeal. Soon after I learnt of a device or object, or something of the sort that could alter time. Someone else, decades before me known as Qi­ Xian Sunrider, a descendant of the Jedi Nomi Sunrider who was originally from this galaxy, had completed the incredible journey from the Androj'Meden Galaxy to here, thus why I believed in being able to get here. In studying his detailed chronicles, I thereby learnt and became obsessed with the artefact in question in that it existed in this Galaxy somewhere. Thus the obvious long eventual perilous trek bringing me here." Kixi paused a moment as her audience of 2 listened attentively, placed the disc on the ground so that the floating holo Images could remain there, and then continued speaking as she slowly paced up and down.

"Where I have come from I am of an elite warrior class known as the Züncålazin. A Züncålazin is at the best of my knowledge the equivalent of a Jedi in this galaxy. Given you nor anyone else from around here could possibly know what a Züncålazin is, I conveniently referred myself to as a Jedi. Ultimately what I seek is in this galaxy, the Orb of Passage or time travelling object is the only way to save Mako from the tragedy that occurred, and by simply not allowing for it to have ever happened." Kixi then stopped speaking and gulped. "That is my story I guess, I'm sure you here many of your own, so I won't bother you any further with my problems. All I want and care for is Mako, the woman of my dreams, the love of my life." Kixi passionately declared.

Vinskk and Free-Eyes turned their heads to face one another in astonishment. Kixi's story was most certainly a fascinating one, and although tales of intergalactic visitors were rare or mostly unheard of, for reasons neither could explain, they both found Kixi's claim credible enough. Vinskk though being the wiser of the 2, was still convinced however, that the young woman was hiding something of an extremely disturbing nature, yet he felt now would not be the time to uncover the mystery surrounding the intergalactic woman.

"A most rather remarkable journey, and it explains the gaps in your knowledge of the great many things that comprise of this diverse and at many a time harsh galaxy." Vinskk decided to reply discreetly, not giving away any hints that he suspected her of possibly committing other atrocities or devious criminal acts.

“As for the Sith, they're an ancient order of Force wielders devoted to the dark side. They're a villainous organisation of preternaturally gifted warriors. It is an ancient interstellar quasi-religious kraterocratic institution with an agenda of galactic domination. Sith are characterised by their desire to seize power through physical or metaphysical force, social manoeuvring and political cunning. The Sith practice hate, deception, and greed. Notable for their red bladed lightsabres, black dress, and use of their aggressive feelings, the Sith look to amass power at all costs. They are the primary wielders of the dark side of the Force, and are thus usually considered antithetical to the Jedi. Sith members, known as Sith Lords or Dark Lords of the Sith, traditionally use the title Darth prefix before their Sith name. The Sith that introduced himself to you as Ravik would have eventually referred himself as Darth Ravik. In fact Vinskk is surprised Sith intruder hasn't done so already. Lastly, although the Sith are intimately linked to the dark side, not every dark side user is a Sith, nor is every light side user a Jedi.”

Alarmingly, Kixi's eyes widened and almost seemed as if they would bulge out of her own eye sockets, as she learnt of the shocking revelation of who the Sith were. "Not all dark side users are Sith, such as dark Jedi, and not all light side users are Jedi such as Züncålazin. Although it sounds like this is all a technicality, based on religious type sects or orders, organisations etc. The power through the dark side of the Force that can be amassed by a Sith or dark Jedi would be equally alike, and same would be retrospective of the Jedi and Züncålazin as far as the light side is concerned. However as a group or disciplined organisation the Sith would seem a lot more dangerous and powerful than dark Jedi?" Why didn't you warn me about the Sith here on Coruscant and how dangerous they are before we arrived?"

"I didn't warn you because as you now know I thought you knew about the Sith. As for them being more powerful than a dark Jedi, perhaps as an individual no, given they both harness the dark side of the Force equally the same. However the Sith are more like a religious organisation or cult. In groups of more than one Sith, they are indeed the most dangerous and deadliest forces in the Galaxy, and never to be taken lightly. Vinskk responded urging for Kixi to once again continue moving as although they were alone for now, being in a dark alleyway on Coruscant's Under City for too long a period was never a safe prospect for anyone, as more likely then never, if they stuck around for long enough, they were likely to get waylaid by enemies.

Kixi had work to do. She nodded to the Trandoshan acknowledging what he had said regarding the Sith, sensing the Sith Ravik in the nearby vicinity. "Some people just don't give up do they?" Kixi said sounding very annoyed. "It's time I take measures to cover ourselves for the just in case him, or others like him were to unexpectedly show up."

The 3 resumed walking again as Kixi signalling her wrist comm. "Kixi to Ueshiba, can anyone there hear me? " After a moment of static, the first officer Mako responded, a definite welcomingly delight, despite her voice coming through very static. 

"All alright down there," she said sounding concerned for her girlfriend.

"For the most part, we're good. However I need you to take the Cālder mit Arkhan, cloak the ship so you can evade air traffic controllers, and then have the Ueshiba's transporter sensors extended to your location which will be above our location." Kixi said while she quickly sent her the co-ordinates of their position. "Keep circling our location at all times whilst remaining cloaked. There is an extremely dangerous dark Force wielder interested in my talents. Sadly for him, I do not share in his sentiments. I'll need you to be ready to lock onto his position if he shows up, and then beam him out as far away from us as you possibly can." Kixi spoke to Mako over the comm channel with her translator momentarily turned off. Just in case other Sith or allies of theirs were in the vicinity listening. Her native tongue of Züncålidiom would be utter meaningless garble to them, as it was the case with the 2 companions who discreetly lead the way back to the city's upper levels.

Switching her translator back on she faced the slicer Gran as they walked and spoke firmly with intent. "I'll cut straight to the chase, I need you to slice into the Jedi Temple and give me the names of all Jedi on long service leave, that is full details of their physiques, height etc you name it. Name me the price and you'll have it," she paused briefly, "Within reason of course." Oh and the Jedi temple is here on Coruscant is it not?"

The Trandoshan looked shocked at the specific request Kixi just made. "The Jeedai Temple? What in the Scorekeeper's name are you looking for in there?"

Free-Eyes' three eyes widened as he stuttered, "Uh...wow, that's an...an..odd request...hehe...I think about half a mil should do...sorry, but what the fucking hell is wrong with you?"

Vinskk clicked in agreement. "Jeedai will sense Kixi, Trandoshan, and Gran. Plan does not sound like a good idea. And why do you want to hack Jeedai database?" The two aliens looked at Kixi in disbelief as they waited for an answer.

"To very much find the location of the Orb of Passage or a holocron containing the secret on how to create one." Kixi answered without hesitation given she had already declared her primary objective to both the Trandoshan and Gran.

“Coruscant no longer the seat of the Jeedai council it is. Remember the Sith now control urban planet of Coruscant. Vinskk sees more outdated information the human has. The Jeedai temples are now situated on Lothal and Voss respectively.”

“Uh, understood, but as you now are aware of, I am not from here. I need access to archives in the temple's library regarding the Orb of Passage, assuming the records still exist. These are records that only certain Jedi Masters will be allowed to have access to." Kixi paused and stared both the Trandoshan and at the Gran intensively. "Only way I can get in is to masquerade as another Jedi, in which I hold such technology in allowing me to do just that once I have what I need." Then a long pause followed. "And I think you'll get now why I need you to get the information I am asking for." Shamefully bowing her head down and lifting her left shoulder briefly, she sighed and finished by saying, "I'll pay you the half a million in full before you proceed if that's how you prefer it.”

Free-Eyes chuckled and said, "That won't be necessary, not with my friend here backing you up. I will accept payment after the job, in case something goes wrong."

Vinskk nodded and hissed out, "Trandoshan does not like plan...but will go along with it. Just tell Vinskk if Kixi needs anyone killed..." Despite her shady past, it was clear that the cold lizard was beginning to warm up to the human since they've landed. Now it was a matter of whether he would stay like that or not through the entire job.

"Very well," Kixi said lifting her head smiling. She nodded to the Gran. "You may proceed with caution." She turned to face Vinskk, she could feel him indeed warming up to her, something that gave her true sense of pure satisfaction. "The one and only person I want killed is that Sith Ravik if he returns, which I have a strong feeling that he will. When he does, we will face him together. Alone he is powerful, together, you and I are stronger." Kixi finished speaking, her composure now comprising of the confidence he had first seen in her when he had first encountered her on Dubrillion.

Kixi could sense Ravik lurking somewhere in the nearby vicinity, attempting to influence the weaker mind of her Trandoshan companion and even on herself. She came to a halt once again, kneeling on her knees, closing her eyes in full concentration to produce a Force bubble around her. This would shield her body from the Sith's attempted mind control. She then concentrated further and extended the bubble to both Vinnsk and Free-Eyes. The bubble would at least serve as a temporary protective barrier against the Sith's attempted mind influence over them. But she was totally aware that she wasn't going to be able to keep that up forever. "We must hurry and get well away from here as he's nearby." Kixi stressed out with extreme urgency.

Prior to Kixi's erecting of a Force bubble barrier shield, Vinskk was briefly under the influence of the Sith, seeing a vision of his people being slaughtered by lightsabre wielding Sith. However the Trandoshan knew that if such a preposterous event were to even occur, his people would fight back and drive them out. Vinskk grabbed Free-Eyes and yelled, "Let's move! Trandoshan and Gran are heading for safe haven Gran knows of. Follow us there Kixi. Deal with that moron Sith if he shows himself before then!" The Gran unholstered his blaster and nervously ran to with Vinskk, running out to find a lift back to the upper levels. Once Kixi finalised her contract with Free-Eyes, back to the space port they would head for, to board the awaiting Ueshiba, and then go directly to the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

Kixi broke her Force bubble as she used a Force assisted sprint to catch up with both Vinskk and Free-Eyes at the lift. The entire time, all except Kixi were unaware that a cloaked ship, the Cālder mit Arkhan was circling high above them with Mako hot in the pilot's seat. Carefully she scanned the surface below for any signs of trouble, and more specifically the Sith Ravik. The lift closed, sealing the three in it by themselves as it headed towards the upper levels. Free-Eyes holstered his gun and the Trandoshan sniffed around, cautious of any pursuit. They carefully analysed the environment confirming that there was absolutely no sign of any surveillance. 

"Looks like we've lost him for now," Kixi exclaimed short of breath. She then looked and pointed to Free-Eyes. "I'm like a tourist around here, I don't have the slightest idea on where to go. You lead the way and please be discreet". Just as she finished those words, her comm unit squelched to life.

"Kixi can you hear me, come in Kixi, can you hear me?" Echoed Mako's voice from the cloaked ship circling well above them in the busy Coruscant sky.

"Loud and clear," Kixi replied.

"That's a huge relief. I had lost contact with you while you were down there, you must've been very deep down in terms of levels, any transport lock would've been impossible." Mako continued, stressing out for the safety of her girlfriend Kixi.

“Oh!" Kixi said sounding rather surprised herself. She had had no idea of that fact and immediately thought to herself, her plan concerning that Sith and her plan to eradicate him would ultimately have failed miserably. "We don't plan to go down to the Under City anymore, therefore you shouldn't lose us anymore moving forward. Please continue circling within our proximity.”

Vinskk nodded and pointed to a sector of Coruscant, not too far from where their next destination was. He started conversing with Free-Eyes in Gran, and he likewise spoke in the same tongue. After a few sentences and the both of them pointing to various locations in the city, Kixi was forced to place her hand over her ear. The implanted translator unit began causing a deafening squeal in that it momentarily sent pain rippling through her ear and likewise through her head causing her to drop onto one knee, something the other two had not anticipated, nor understood the reason for it suddenly happening. Gran was an unknown language to her, and until now and her implanted unit was unable to decipher the conversation between the Gran and the Trandoshan. Finally the squealing stopped when they finally both turned around and Free-Eyes replied in Basic, "We're gonna go to a location about a klick off from the spaceport. I have some tools in a house that'll we need. Basic stuff." Kixi rose back off her one knee nodding to acknowledge the Gran. "Are you okay?" He finally asked having seen her in some considerable amount of distress.

"I have a small translator unit implanted behind my ear. It's tiny and well hidden by my actual ear and hair. My ability to speak your Galactic Basic would come across in quite a comical manner without it. It didn't recognise the language you spoke just before with Vinskk. It squealed as a result, although I'm going to have to get my unit looked at as it wasn't meant to do that." Kixi explained as the three exited the lift with Vinskk immediately hailing a passing air-cab.

The Trandoshan got into the cab first taking up a seat in the front with its droid pilot, while both Kixi and Free-Eyes comfortably got into the rear of the air-vehicle. Vinskk gave the driver the coordinates to a nearby pad, as the cab took off with the three inside, soaring off into that direction, and disappeared into the busy moving Coruscant sky traffic.

"Look at over city dwellers. Soft." Indeed, the top of Coruscant was very clean and beautiful, and so were the people walking around. Even the seats in the new cab they got on was nearly immaculate. "It's a pity I don't get business up here. I would've moved here a long time ago if it wasn't for that," Free-Eyes said softly. Finally, the cab touched down on a public landing pad, a block away from the safe-house.

"Ready, Jeedai?" Vinskk stepped out first, followed by the Gran and Kixi.

The pad was very clean, surprising seeing the amount of traffic that came in and out. Humans and aliens, beautiful and handsome, looked in disgust at the smelly Trandoshan, scruffy Gran and the odd elegant looking human that was with them. They were clearly not blending in. "Don't worry," Free-Eyes said. "I've got clothes for us at the house. It'll help to get around." He then led the way, the people naturally clearing a path.

Kixi felt more at home now. She could relate to her environment. Finally she could afford to relax a moment as she breathed some fresh air and took in the view that was very reminiscent to her home, the Sajnen capital. However although what she was whitnessing now was indeed strikingly similar, it was to a much grander scale. "Awesome," she softly said to herself chuckling. The 2 aliens she was following were too occupied in getting to the safe-house, to have noticed Kixi's fascination with the city, though they wouldn't have cared a single bit all the same had they noticed.

The two aliens and the human continued, Free-Eyes still leading the way. Their route was a scenic one, mostly avoiding the main walkways and instead cutting through alleys and matienence passageways. "Just a few more minutes," the Gran yelled facing the way he was going.

Vinskk stared at Kixi for a moment, then asked her softly, "What exactly did Sith offer Kixi in cantina, before Vinskk got there?" Did he seem slightly concerned he asked himself. Vinskk wasn't sure if he was warming up to her or just getting soft.

"The Sith, he wanted to befriend me, well he made out that he did initially, but like I said before he wanted me to join him. Our meeting was short lived as you thankfully showed up saving the day." Kixi said, appearing to now and for the first time, be warming up to the Trandoshan herself, and by the sound of her voice, giving the impression that she was even younger than the Trandoshan first anticipated.

"Vinskk, what else can you tell me about the Sith?" Kixi was intrigued and wanted to know more. Unexpectedly and without warning, she felt a strange tingling sensation through the Force. The Orb of Passage she desired, she already knew one needed the dark side of the Force to summon its power, but could it also actually be a Sith artefact, she intuitively questioned herself.

Vinskk shrugged and said, "Trandoshan told you everything Vinskk knows. Sith like evil Jeedai." The Trandoshan clicked out of annoyance. He wasn't her database he muttered in annoyance. Everyone knew who the Jedi and Sith were, even if it was just basic knowledge he continued to think, silently wishing he could just stab the stupid extra galactic woman in the heart and look into her eyes as she died before slitting her throat. Just the chilling thought alone gave him a pure sense of satisfaction – for now, and for until the right time came to slay the deceitful little whore to give her what she truly deserved. A tense silence arrived, with Kixi clearly hearing Vinskk's frustrated tone.

The quiet was broken by Free-Eyes, who called out, "The house is right here! Come on, we don't have all day!" Vinskk, grateful for the interruption, sped up to the Gran, reaching the entrance to a nice looking shed. By the time Kixi reached it, Free-Eyes who stood by the entrance gestured for her to go in, shutting the door securely shut behind him once she promptly joined the Trandoshan inside.

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