Time's Arrow

At a standoff at the Kustetiera System, the young Kixi Rajki is unwittingly caught in a vicious confrontation between herself & the military leader of that system. With the weight of having to make a hard decision resting on her shoulders, she finds herself with little choice but to fire a lethal biological weapon upon an enemy that is now all but defeated. That, or watch her soulmate who is taken hostage by that very same leader be murdered. Little is she aware, that matters are by far more complex than she can possibly imagine, & that treachery runs deeper than she could even possibly begin to foresee. Unknowingly, her choice ultimately making no difference to the destiny of her beloved girlfriend, her life as she knows it is about to dramatically change forever. Soon after, an unprecedented chain of events is triggered, as she departs on a perilous mission in an attempt to change the events at that one pivotal moment of deception at Kustetiera, to save her one & only true love.


8. Chapter 2


7 months later............


Kira Derith looked out from the northern tower of ExGal-4, a solitary outpost on the Outer Rim planet of Belkadan in the Dalonbian sector. Kira often came there, at that time of day, late in the afternoon. She enjoyed watching the Belkadan sunset filtering through the thirty metre dalloralla trees, sunsets that were spectacular, with tinges of orange and green edging the typical pinks and crimsons.

Several minutes later, she was back in the control room, to find Samka Regg and a very unsteady E-3PO droid huddled about Pod 3, with Kira working to reposition Pod 4 to the same alignment.

"Did you guys just catch that," Kira called to the others. "Come here, quickly. I'm picking up a rather strange reading!"

"Sorry did we miss something?" Samka echoed.

"A faint signal!" Kira explained breathlessly.

"Static," Samka Regg offered, running to her side.

And there it was, on the screen and through the audio lead, the clear signal of something - a small distortion - an anomaly - something very small - possibly of no significance - crossing through the galactic rim, and into the galaxy.

"Extragalactic," Kixi said seriously.

Samka Regg bent low over the instruments, studying the data, calculating the vector. She looked up at Kira solemnly and nodded, and then began angling the pod viewers, computer enhancing the signals, running comparisons of this signal to all the millions of others in their data banks, trying to gain as many perspectives as possible on whatever had just streaked into their galaxy.

Then the debate began. The debate centred on the composition of the incoming asteroid - or what initially was thought to be an asteroid. However an asteroid of any sort would transmit no apparent technological signals, and in such cases would give little argument for it being a vessel. An asteroid somehow finding its way through the great emptiness between galaxies, somehow penetrating the turbulence that some scientists theorised existed beyond the small band of empty space surrounding perhaps from crossing too near a tremendous gravity field - in the process. That belief, that this was merely an extragalactic lump of rock, perhaps even a lump of rock from their own galaxy that had somehow escaped and then got pulled back in, did have one major significant flaw in it. It was transmitting a very faint undetectable signal - almost, and whatever it was not recognisable as standard - thus possibly alien.

Despite the many scientists that still argued that such a breach could not even be accomplished, evidence of rare extragalactic breaches had been witnessed in the Galaxy's long history as a space faring galaxy that ranged in the millennia. Certainly several brave explorers, and at times desperate outlaws being chased by the authorities, had gone into the turbulence of the galactic rim over the long known history of the Galaxy, but none had ever been heard from again.

Thus it was originally thought that hyperspace travel outside the Galaxy was impossible because of a hyperspace disturbance at the edge of the galaxy. Perhaps the biggest attempt to go beyond the realm of the galaxy was that of the the Outbound Flight Project. The goal of the Outbound Flight Project was to use the combined abilities of six Jedi Masters and twelve Jedi Knights to penetrate the disturbance using the Force. However due to many unforeseen setbacks with the Outbound Flight Project, their actual attempt to leave the galaxy never came to fruition.

The Yuuzhan Vong on the other hand found that they were able to bypass it at an area that they called Vector Prime. Vector Prime, was a term used by the Yuuzhan Vong for the path from which they had began their invasion of the Galaxy now many centuries ago. It was located in the outer edges of the Dalonbian sector, near the Helska system. At the time, Vector Prime had been the only place known where the Yuuzhan Vong fleet could penetrate the energy field surrounding the Galaxy, the exact same location in which Kixi and her crew were now limping across in their sole battleship. Any observers such as the small team of scientists stationed on the ExGal-4 outpost, had to take into serious consideration that it may just have originated from the Intergalactic Void, or what was known as the region of space between the known galaxy and other galaxies, such as the Yuuzhan Vong galaxy and in the case of Kixi and her crew, from the Androj'Meden Galaxy trillions of light years away.

And then there was the more recent exploit of Qi-Xian Sunrider only as recent as 2 decades ago. Yet his ship, a tiny Ancestral cross between a fighter and cruiser - tiny compared to Kixi's Defiant class battleship - however far more advanced - and faster, had crossed into the Galaxy totally unnoticed, thus no record of its extragalactic ingress into the Galaxy ever recorded. His ship, the Cālder mit Arkhan Z, a ship that shared nothing more than the same namesake minus the Z as Kixi's own personal starfighter, somewhere in this galaxy it now more than highly likely still resided - and with that possibly the unknown fate of its pilot and explorer Qi-Xian. Although irrelevant to Kixi and her own crew's ingress into the Galaxy as far as her ship being inferior to his was concerned, her Defiant class battleship was still more sophisticated than most ships native to the galaxy she had just entered. However not withstanding that fact, unlike her predecessor Qi-Xian, Kixi did not slip through totally unnoticed.

The MXS Morhei Ueshiba was running on minimum power. Finally after months of being isolated in the cold vacuum of endless space between the Kalium Galaxy and the Galaxy it was entering, using its bare minimum power from its sublight engines, it slowly drifted towards the heavenly body that gleamed in the distance, along with a glorious red glow that radiated from a large red star - a glow that shed its crimson light on the hull of Kixi Rajki's extragalactic battleship.

Kixi stood surrounded by Mako and the rest of her ship's bridge crew before the rectangular windows on her bridge, her slim draped form dwarfed by the vast canopy of stars. She watched the majestic scarlet star that burned in the infinite black sea. Everyone else also faced the heavens before them, each of them gazing at the same crimson star.

“Captain," interrupted the familiar voice of her third officer and also intelligence officer Jhes Je'Kesik. "We have detected a small planetary outpost ma'am. Our sensors detect signals from that outpost pointing on our exact coordinates. Whoever they are, and whatever they are or serve, they may detect us Captain, that is if they haven't already done so. We should continue to keep all power to an absolute minimum.”

"Indeed Jhes, they may already have spotted something unusual - us. However our ship is but one sole vessel - small and insignificant. The Force calls upon me, I can make it so that we slip through undetected. Leave this to me." Kixi said stretching out her hand.

"You know a cloaking device would have been handy for an occasion such as this, where we want to shroud our very existence. Qi-Xian's ship had one." Jhes' pointed out, a tinge of sarcasm evident in her voice.

"It would have been, but we can only make do with what we have Jhes." Kixi said producing a warmth like aura around her. "Faith Jhess. The Force is my ally. I am one with the Force, the Force is with me. It will guide us and allow us to pass through unnoticed. Rest assured that I will make certain that it does." Kixi said as she shut her eyes and began concentrating deeply within the confines of the Force.

The outpost, ExGal-4, through the Force Kixi could feel the scientists there - 2 of them - human female plus 1 droid - and possibly onto something. Only 2 of them she thought to herself as she began to enter her meditative like trance from where she stood. Concentrating thorough the Force, she tapped into the collective minds of the scientists, embedding an illusion of nothing - the very faint signal that they had detected - from Kixi's ship only minutes earlier becoming nothing more than a glitch from the sophisticated equipment on their end. The Züncålazin warrior made quick work of their weak and feeble minds, tricking them with ease, with any sightings of an incoming alien vessel - Kixi's ship, erased and no longer a menacing reality.




Finally arrived at The Galaxy, Kixi's difficult journey there marked only the beginning of the tough challenges that lay ahead. The Androj'Meden Galaxy of origin, now an insignificant galaxy in the endlessness of space amongst the many others, all but a distant memory long left behind her.

Kixi and her crew, native to what was known as the Trident Cluster, a group of 3 neighbouring galaxies, where up until now, was where human civilisation was known to be most prevalent by her kind. Although her starship, a Defiant class battleship, smaller than the average starship was human in design, it had not been the case with all of it's technologies and armaments. In fact the Sajnen ship was mostly a Tauri ship, the Tauri being other humans from the neighbouring Lat-Saena Galaxy, and thus in essence a renamed Daedalus class battleship from the Tauri fleet. The powerful intergalactic hyperdrives used to power the ship through the massive voids of intergalactic space, were of Asgard in origin and design, or Zinglon as they were called by the Sajnens, as were its most powerful weapons. The Asgard were a highly developed humanoid species, now extinct, and had been friends and allies to most human worlds in 2 of the galaxies consisting of the Trident Cluster. However, the intergalactic drives alone, were not enough to take Kixi and her crew beyond the massive void of space from the Androj'Meden Galaxy to The Galaxy. A series of carefully calculated jumps through massive hypergates as they were called by the Sajnens, or stargates by the Tauri, giant man made wormholes that could allow travel over billions of light years in mere minutes, put in place by a now extinct race known as the Ancestrals by Sajnens and Ancients by the Tauri, were a key in the realisation that the The Galaxy could be reached.

The jumps had been carefully calculated, although initially there was no active gate between the Androj'Meden Galaxy of their origin and both the Lat-Saena or the Ensa'El Galaxies, the Sajnen names for the Andromeda, Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies respectively, despite the Lat-Saena and Ensa'El Galaxies having such hypergates between each other. The trip alone to the Lat-Saena Galaxy from the Androj'Meden Galaxy took around 2 weeks on the Ueshiba, and once in the Lat-Saena Galaxy, the use of a huge super hypergate there was used as a means to travel to the faraway Kalium Galaxy, a galaxy on the other side of the known universe from the Trident Cluster.

From this point Kixi herself had resumed partial command of her ship, feeling the need and responsibility as its captain to be present during the extremely dangerous run, pushing her ship through its absolute limits through the great void and emptiness of space, with not a single star system, let alone any rogue chunks of rocks for distances stretching millions of light years. The trek from the Kalium Galaxy to the Galaxy had taken well over 6 months, with the ship travelling through hyperspace for the most part of it, only having had to drop out in the absoulute middle of darkness and nothing on 4 occasions. An absolute scary realisation for the skeleton crew operating the ship and ultimately rectifying the problems on each and every occasion. Most of her crew were placed into hibernation in the Crypto stasis pods for the entire duration of the trip, for obvious reasons of conserving vital resources such as food and air, since there would nowhere to gather such resources once exhausted.

Now with their final destination galaxy reached, the stress on each crew member including Kixi had been taxing and slowly crept in. With fatigue most certainly settling in, it would soon be time to wake up the rest of the crew from hibernation. Although that meant a fresh lot of hands, the ship having been stretched to its utter limits and capacity needed immediate attention and maintenance. No doubt that the long and treacherous journey had had its fair share of problems, ones that were inevitably overcome, but it was most certainly no time for any celebrations, for only a long rocky road ahead is what awaited Kixi and her crew.




Arden Callis, the ship's chief engineer shook his head doubtfully. "We can't go far. The hyperdrive is leaking."

Kixi nodded. "We'll have to land somewhere to make repairs to the ship. What's out there?"

Jhes punched in a star chart, the images of nearby worlds and stars floated on the large holographical image before them allowing for them to study their limited options.

"Here," Kixi said, her sharp eyes picking out the only choice that made any sense. "Dubrillion. It's small, thinly populated, and out of the way. It attracts little attention. The major powers that be, have little or no presence there."

"How can you be sure?" General Braj'tec Qarr asked quickly. Kixi glanced at him. "It's controlled by the Sith." Braj'tec started in alarm. "The Sith, do we even know anything about them?"

"It's risky," Kixi agreed, "but there's no reasonable alternative. Given we can make only one quick hyperspace jump at best before we need to land and make repairs. The world is thinly populated and mostly used for mining. We can stay well away from the mining facilities, but at the same time gather all the resources we need and then get going along our merry way."

Braj'tec was not convinced. "Yes but what of the Sith. Our database lacks any information regarding them. How do we know if they are hostile or not?"

"We don't. I am however detecting a former dark presence there. Definitely some sort of dark Force element, however it is not present there at the moment. I feel it is safe to go there. Whatever the Sith are, if they are related to that dark presence, they currently are not present there. Our ship is in need of urgent repairs, we have little options General." Kixi explained, and although she would prove to be correct regarding the fact that currently no Sith would be present on Dubrillion, her total ignorance regarding who the Sith were would undoubtedly prove dire later on.

"You do understand that presently we are extremely vulnerable. It would have been best to go to a world with little or no inhabitants, but with the resources we need. I get that our options are limited Captain and that currently Dubrillion is our best and only option. If we are discovered, who we really are, where we are—"

"It would be no different than if we landed on a planet in a system controlled by a known political group," Kixi interrupted," except here, no one is looking for us or even knows we're coming, giving us an advantage in terms of being able to remain stealth."

The head of security started to say something more, then thought better of it. He took a deep breath instead, frustration etched on his rugged, scarred face, and turned away. Kixi tapped Ālrai Tānien, the ship's helmsman on the shoulder. "Set course for Dubrillion."

Dubrillion was not far from their present location. Despite the damage their hyperdrive had sustained during their long flight through the great void between galaxies, they had just enough power for a quick limited hyperspace jump that only needed to last several minutes. The entry into hyperspace was a rough one as a result. Kixi finally ajusted herself to the what would be a short hyperspace jump, lunging forward from the sudden hault.

"Wha!" She was flung forward, a bit, then fell down flat on her butt. "Arf!. . ." She groaned in pain, then went to shake it off as she got back on her feet and noticed the smirks on the faces of the rest of her crew who had wisely taken their seats prior.

"Haha laugh it up at my expense!" Kixi exclaimed. It seemed unusual for the ship's captain to just topple over even on a rough hyperspace entry. It wasn't like she hadn't been in hyperspace before, or even not experienced rough trips before. Regaining herself she looked over to everyone else. "Arf... It's been an exhausting mission. Hopefully we can fix things and recuperate all of our energies at Dubrillion without attracting any unwanted attention upon ourselves." Kixi continued and clearly showing some signs of fatigue just as they hopped out of hyperspace, and a normal view of space returned to the front of the viewpoint where Kixi stood.

It was dawn on their approach side of the planet Dubrillion. As the MXS Morihei Ueshiba began its approach through the planet's atmosphere, it soared past its single moon. The planet itself glowed with the same soft pink hue of dawn that tinted the hull of the powerful alien starship. As the ship neared, it swerved to avoid a billowing canyon of clouds that swirled up around the mostly ocean filled planet.

Then the Ueshiba finally lowered itself through the clouds, allowing for Kixi and her crew to get their first glimpse of the first world in the Galaxy that they would be setting foot upon. As they manoeuvred through the clouds, some noticeable turbulence was felt during the ship's slow descent to the surface, but otherwise it was an uneventful landing in which the ship landed in an uninhabited jungle like area, with tall thick trees and lush vegetation. It would perfectly camouflage their ship from any one who happened to be passing within their vicinity, in that they would have to deliberately be looking down in their direction to spot them.

From this point the entire crew had been awoken from their hibernation, and immediate works carried out on the ship. A safety shielded perimeter had been erected around the ship to keep the various wildlife out, while groups of teams either repaired the ship, or trekked out to gather raw materials, essential supplies and resources needed for the overall success for the ship to once again run to its full operating potential. It had taken weeks to achieve, but the Ueshiba's talented crew did manage to fully repair the ship in the end. It wasn't without any repercussions though. The long countless tiring hours getting the ship to its full potential did wreak havoc to the general state of health and well being of the majority of the crew. Soon after it finally was time to depart the system. Yet as quick as they entered the upper atmosphere of Dubrillion, Kixi ordered her helmsman to set a course that would put the ship into a geosynchronous orbit of the same planet. A hunch, a feeling through the Force. The Züncålazin captain felt an odd sensation, although it would be one of many possible permutations of the sort that she was destined to experience. For now this was the first and she needed to answer the Force's calling to her which pointed towards a thinly populated area on the planet surface. She felt that there was something there that could possibly be her first steps that would lead to the location of the Orb of Passage. Instinctively she understood that she had to go back down to the planet's surface, and to the spot the Force was guiding her to.

After the exploration of Qi-Xian Sunrider of the Galaxy, his journal had described it as unique in the sense that it was well known for its powerful peacekeepers, the Jedi, who were masters of being able to wield the Force to their own will. Although this did exist at his own galaxy of origin, in the form of the Züncålazin such as what he himself had been, never to the grand level of it being at a galactic wide scale did it exist.

"I'm taking my personal fighter the Cālder mit Arkhan down to the surface, the location of where the Force is guiding me to go to." Kixi announced to her crew once their ship was stationed in orbit of the planet. "Mako you will accompany me to the surface." Kixi then added eying her partner directly.

"Captain are you sure that is a good idea, she's only just come out of remission, perhaps I come down with you?" Braj'tec cautiously suggested.

“Thank you for your concerns Braj'tec, but Mako needs to now get some exposure outside of the confines of our ship. I sense no immediate danger, but however, keep a constant monitor over the both of us, for the just in case.”

"We will do Captain." The older man surprisingly replied non reluctantly.




The Cālder mit Arkhan streaked back toward a thinly populated area on the surface of Dubrillion.

Kixi relaxed in the cockpit of her fighter. Her girlfriend, Mako, was sitting quietly in the seat positioned directly behind the pilot. Kixi felt a warm, familiar tightening in her lower body. She cursed under her breath and tried to control herself. But Mako's long black hair and brown eyes kept coming back into her mind, despite her only sitting metres behind her.

"From this point I will identify myself as a Jedi rather than a Züncålazin." Kixi spoke out through her radio comm unit to Mako sitting directly behind her. "Although technically the two are similar, a Jedi belongs to the Jedi Order or an order of Jedi of some sort. I do not. I guess it's all political, something that holds little or no interest to me. In the end if I'm Züncålazin, then I am also Jedi," Kixi confidently declared.

As Kixi spoke, she sat in the cockpit of her fighter, fidgeting inside her black sweaty flight suit that almost resembled that of an Imperial fighter pilot, except that she along with Mako, who wore a similar flight suit had no helmets of any sort on. Kixi wanted a bath and a clean shirt almost as much as she wanted to be able to turn around and feel Mako. Although with the latter, despite holding the same mutual feelings for Kixi, the same couldn't be said about having to accompanying her down to the surface where Mako was making it blatantly clear that she was disinterested.

At last, the ground loomed down ahead. Kixi brought the Cālder mit Arkhan in for a clean landing at a small landing pad that contained various other ships of all different designs and classes. Kixi recognised a few of the ships from her studies from Qi-Xian's chronicles. A Corellian YT300 freighter, a Z-95 Headhunter, a Mandolorian cruiser, and a legendary X-Wing stood amongst the many ships.

As both she and Mako climbed out of the cockpit and rear seat respectively, Kixi quickly swivelled around and hugged Mako. Despite her now being at least half cyborg, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca's sleek body still thrilled Kixi with how strong she had now become, but still had retained all of her prettiness and gentleness. Kixi kissed her softly on the cheek, ashamed to be caught in her rumpled flight suit.

"Once we're done here, we'll spend some alone time on the ship, just you and I," Kixi whispered.

"Good. I would truly love that," Mako replied, giggling as she slung a leg over her girlfriend's hip. Kixi pulled Mako close to her, feeling her one real boob and then her other artificial one, knowing only by knowledge of the fact in being able to differentiate between the two. They then immediately caught each other's lips in a warm kiss, standing there kissing in the isolated corner of the landing pad, hidden from any unwanted preying eyes of possible onlookers or intruders.

Once they were done briefly making out, the duo then casually made their way down a narrow path off the landing pad area. Looking ahead and into the distance, both Kixi and Mako made detailed observations of their surroundings. The township appeared to be lowly populated and remote from any other major settlement, at least as far as they both could tell.




Several hours earlier.....


Chandelle the barkeep shrugged off her backpack and stuffed it in her locker, dogtags on her necklace jingling with each sufficient motion she made in the process. Her sharp red hair strayed a little from her usually slick lines, but that was because she had just arrived after a quick dart across town. She liked to go fast, just like any speeder bike hot rodder would. Of course, her boss would also tell her she was late as soon as she arrived at the cantina.

"You're late."

"Well, I wasn't even supposed to work today," she muttered, then flashed a bright yet extremely disingenuous smile. "Remember? Jippie's sick." The redhead removed her bomber jacket and shoved it in behind her backpack. Likewise with her pants, unveiling her tank top and short shorts.

"Still could've used ya an hour ago," Tom the burly, balding barkeeper rasped. His breath infested the room with the putrid smell of a cigarra.

"Sorry that ya had to work, boss." Although she wasn't really. He never did much except laugh it up with customers and complain about his wife to his employees. Nice guy to be sure, just incredibly annoying on an average day.

"Have a good supper." Her boss grunted and waved, then made out the rusty back door and probably on to Sabacc Night with his average band of good ol' boys.

Alone. Chandelle had the place to herself, and she was going to make the most of it for soon it would become really busy. She chuckled deviously as she walked out of the locker room and behind the bar counter. Leisurely, the barkeep hopped up onto the counter after grabbing a bottle of liquor- light, unfortunately, but she had a job to keep. Lounging against the wall with her legs extended across the countertop, she flicked on the holofeeds and selected her favorite reality program: Little Jawa, Big Galaxy.




Kixi seemed to have some idea where they were headed. Mako studied the rundown structures and equally unwholesome looking individuals they were passing. They had entered what seemed a very old settlement, and consequently one where the old vices flourished most strongly. Kixi pointed and Mako followed her up in front of what appeared to be one of the original settlement's first block houses. It had been converted into a cantina whose clientele was suggested by the diverse nature of transport parked outside. Some of them the duo recognised from Qi-Xian's detailed chronicles. The cantina itself, Kixi knew from the design of the building, must lie partially underground. As the two headed toward the obviously popular cantina, Kixi tapped on Mako's shoulder motioning her to follow.

"Do you really think we will find anything here even remotely related to the Orb of Passage?" Mako questioned not at all keen in following Kixi inside.

Kixi sensing her girlfriend's reluctance simply ignored it replying, "The Force works in mysterious ways, sadly we don't always have the luxury of picking and choosing where it will take us to. Stay close to me at all times, and can watch yourself, this place looks like it can be rough."

Kixi found herself squinting as they entered the cantina. It was darker inside than she would have liked. Perhaps the regular habitues of this place were unaccustomed to the light of day, or didn't wish to be seen clearly. It didn't occur to Kixi that the dim interior in combination with the brilliantly lit entrance permitted everyone inside to see each newcomer before she could see them. Moving inward, Kixi was astonished at the variety of beings making use of the bar. There were one eyed creatures and thousand eyed, creatures with scales, creatures with fur, and some with skin that seemed to ripple and change consistency according to their feelings of the moment.
Hovering near the bar itself at this point in time, it appeared to be occupied by mostly humans. Conversation was a steady babble of human and alien tongues, however what Kixi understood as Galactic Basic appeared to still be the more dominant language.

Leaning close, Kixi gestured toward the far end of the bar. A small knot of rough looking humans lounged there, drinking, laughing, and trading stories of dubious origin. Something then grabbed Kixi's shoulder and spun her around.


Looking around and almost struggling to regain her composure, she found herself staring up at an enormous, scruffy looking human. Kixi saw by the man's clothing that he must be an important regular of this

"We don't want their kind in here," the glaring form growled.

"What?" Kixi replied dumbly. She still hadn't recovered from her sudden submergence into the cultures of several dozen races. It was rather different from the comfort of being somewhere within her familiar Sajnen Confederate.

"Your companion or whatever she is," the man explained impatiently, gesturing with a thick thumb.

Kixi peered in the indicated direction, to see Mako standing quietly behind her.

"She or it will have to wait outside. Intelligent machines are not welcomed here, only organics," he concluded with an expression of distaste towards Mako. Kixi didn't like the idea of kicking Mako out, nor any distasteful feelings towards her precious soulmate. After all she was innocent, always had been and now not only had she been turned into a half machine outcast, she was being discriminated against. Other than with violence, Kixi didn't really know how else to deal with the problem. The man didn't appear to be the sort who would readily respond to reason either.

Meanwhile, the discussion had attracted the attention of several especially gruesome looking types who happened to be clustered within hearing range. All were regarding Kixi and Mako in a decidedly unfriendly fashion.

"There is no reason why my companion should have to leave, she stays with me at all times and at whatever location that may be. You will leave us alone and carry on with whatever business you have." Kixi said waiving her hand, tapping into the weak mind of the brute individual standing before her.

"Yes, of course, there is no reason why she should leave, I will carry on with my own business now." The man said, not realising that Kixi had just influenced him with the Force and had persuaded him to leave them alone. A temporary relief for Kixi given that she had at this point, had not needed to resort to any violence in a situation that easily could have escalated into such a scenario. However nonetheless, she now found herself the subject of some unwanted attention. She abruptly became aware of her isolation and felt as if at one time or another every eye in the place rested a moment on her, that things human and otherwise were
smirking and making comments about her and Mako for that matter behind their backs.

Seated not afar from where Kixi and Mako were standing Cora Passek managed a shake of her head, relaxing her hand against her thigh, away from her weapon now. "That could have escalated rather quickly, in fact that thought is an understatement." She mumbled to herself in an almost unrecognisable speech.

"It's alright." Cora said to the 2 strange women. "You get pricks like that who think they own the place. Took me a while to get used to my leg being like that." She said with a wave of her hand to her prosethic. Truth be told she still hated the prosthetic but it wasn't like she had much option at this point. Although I can see your friend there has more than just a prosthetic leg. Her eyes had wondered to the 2 new girls that had walked into the cantina. It couldn't be missed that one of them, Kixi or the blonde bobbed hair girl with the bangs was force sensitive, which was something that always made Cora twitchy. She still wasn't all that comfortable with her own powers being Force sensitive herself, but that was something she just was going to have to deal with it. 

From what Cora could tell, The Force sensitive girl may have thwarted the initial sign of trouble for the moment, but there was a small group of men on their way to that very bar, who were very much looking for the kind of trouble that Cora wanted to avoid. Alas, Cora still had far too many demons from her past that seemed to come about to haunt her. Tonight would be no different. Cora picked her glass and downed the rest of it quickly. About that time, a familiar face walked in. "Hey Cora .... Just who I was looking for." The blonde didn't even need to turn to know who this was. Call it an old friend from her Syndicate days. 

"Crap." Was about the only word Cora could think of as she spun around on her stool, to face the small grouping of men.

Her hand moved to her holster on her hip. "Ah, I should feel privileged, you needed what? Four others to come after me? And to think I thought you were a big boy." That was probably not the smartest thing she could have said, as the man she was talking to pulled a blaster and aimed for her. Cora only had a fraction of a second to duck and dive for cover. So much for a quiet drink, she thought to herself.

Naamah Aesham, the other brunette haired girl who had to be Cora's friend and had been sitting with her drinking only wanted a few quiet hours away from her usual choirs. As far as she was concerned, at least for a change it wasn't people who were coming after her. That would have been awkward for a number of reasons. Not the least the fact that she did not have much in terms of space magic also known as the Force to call up on. Or the fact that she would have probably deserved to get killed given her own personal past jagged acquaintances. Although she saw no point in starting to jump into the ocean of self loathing again.

Common survival instinct took over. Naamah already knew quite a bit about Cora's colourful past. It didn't take a genius to figure out that apparently the thuggish characters who had confronted her were more spectres of the past haunting the blonde. It wasn't really Naamah's fight, but they had interrupted her drink and were shooting at her drinking partner. Blaster bolts were shooting towards Cora and her, and like Cora she quickly ducked in the nick of time, pulling out her blaster while she was at it.

Without waiting for a second, she fired off several live rounds into the fray, hitting one but not doing enough to take him down. She then hurled her knife across the room to one of the men shooting, and slammed him in the knee with it, resulting in a satisfying scream. Her hand was moving towards her lightsabre, which was not that easy to reach due to where it had been concealed.

Hell had broken loose before the very eyes of both Kixi and Mako. A bar shootout, this wasn't what she'd come here for. The 2 other female patrons at the bar had apparently attracted some unwanted company, who were now bearing down on them with blasters raised and snarls contorting their adrenaline stricken faces. Kixi sprung into action just after the defending patrons began to return fire. Collateral damage and bloodshed wasn't something she wanted, now certainly wasn't the time. 

"Hold your fire!" Kixi shouted, who motioned for Mako to surge from her seat at the bar towards the attacker closest to her. A single reeled knee to the head was all it took after she grabbed his head pushing it in towards her knee. Mechanical prosthetic no doubt shattering numerous teeth and sending him flying into one of his partners. One of the men was struck in the leg by a flying blade, and the last one reeled back in shock at how quickly his comrades had fallen.

Kixi produced a lightsabre from her belt, pointing it at the last man standing. "I said hold your fire. Get out and go!" She didn't wait for an answer, "Now!" The men all got back onto their feet and wisely complied as Mako once again reluctantly took up her seat beside Kixi. She did not mutter so much as a word, not hiding the fact of her complete disliking in having to be present in such a distasteful place, but only there to please none other than her unrelenting and single minded girlfriend.

Kixi could sense Mako's repulsiveness regarding her surroundings. Only then did the suggestion of a sigh escape from Kixi, and only then did her body appear to relax. Bringing the lightsabre down, she flipped it carefully upward in a reflex saluting motion which ended with the deactivated weapon resting innocuously on her hip. That final movement broke the total quiet which had enshrouded the room. Conversation resumed, as did the movement of bodies in chairs, the scraping of mugs and pitchers and other drinking devices on tabletops. To all appearances the cantina had returned to its former state, with one small exception. Kixi Rajki and Mako Jhasmin Zaneca were given a respectful amount of space at the bar.

"So, you got any plans for later?" Naamah casually asked Cora Passek after taking another sip from her bottle as if nothing ever happened, and to the total disbelief of even the tyrannical likes of Kixi.

Cora only lifted a brow as she glanced between Naamah, Kixi, Mako and Chandelle the barkeep, who had just gotten back onto her feet. Taking a heavy drag on the cigarrette she then sighed. It was always one step from disaster in cantinas such as the one they were in. The woman gave a nod of her head in appreciation of thanks, to the Jedi woman and what had to be some sort of cyborg companion. Initially she had thought them as being Imperials, after all their black flight suits that they had been wearing most certainly did look the part. Although as far as she was concerned, she didn't care as that wasn't her problem, although she had been relieved somewhat when she discovered that they were not in actual fact Imperials. "Eh, not really. I just wanted a good drink. Though I imagine the trip home may get 'interesting'." She said, making air quotes with her fingers on the last word to emphasise her point. "Got those pissed off guys that left earlier that I imagine are still hanging around out there for me." She said with a shrug. "Such is my life, I guess. "What about you?" She then asked her friend. At this point Kixi just phased herself away from their conversation, realising no one really cared for anyone else in a cantina full of the lowest of low lives that she had the unfortunate privilege to be at.

All this messing about, none of it related to her actual reason for having have come to that cantina in the first place. However Kixi was more than confident, that whatever it was that was vital to her quest for the Orb of Passage, would be found in that very same vile cantina she found herself in.

And then she felt it, a surge in the Force, an odd feeling as large lizard like intelligent being lumbered into the cantina bar. Whatever it was, it centred upon him, certain of that she was, perhaps to help lead her somewhere else she wisely surmised to herself. Although out of all beings why did it have to be him she thought to herself, as the word Trandoshan, the name of his species sprung to mind. It hadn't been all that long since she had fought a war with a similar intelligent like lizard race, the Vistesh, back closer to home. Kixi's immediate impression of the Trandoshan was simply one that he was nothing more than a despicable and repulsive being. Him and his entire species for that matter.

Vinskk Revamp was the name of the Trandoshan who Kixi had spotted lumbering into the cantina bar, his large frame, even by Trandoshan standards, paving a way through the people standing in the way. He took a seat by the main bar and hissed at the barkeep, "Juma. Hoth it." Almost immediately, a juma on ice was next to him and he sipped on it, eyeing the patrons around him. There had been a scuffle recently. Vinskk could taste and smell the adrenaline in the air. The patrons to his right were in it. The amount of heat they were giving off was comparable to someone who fought, or almost did. He searched their bodies with their eyes, spying the concealed blasters and lightsabres on their bodies by the way those parts didn't glow like the rest of their bodies from the Trandoshan's infrared vision. He silently cursed to himself. Slavers are not popular amongst Jedi, and he had just finished shipping off a large amount of humans and Twileks to some crime lord or another. Nevertheless, he tried to remain cool, trying to let the drink bring down his natural aggression.

"Vinskk wonders how many credits Jeedai go for in Exchange..." He mumbled to himself, his mind still turned to the thought of credits, however much he tried to not think about it. Oh well, he thought. If a fight happened, he would end up on top. He always did, although Kixi who discreetly could get the gist of what he was thinking thought otherwise.

Kixi however, despite this particular Trandoshan having some possible significance to her mission objectives, she felt a natural discomfort by his sudden presence. Although Jedi usually weren't intimated, Vinskk on the other hand was doing just that to her. She tried to hide that fact as best she could, futilely, not sure if he could tell given he was only sitting metres away from her. She really wanted to avoid a fight at all cost. However she knew that that would not be possible. Her thoughts within her echoed, the calling through the Force. She needed the Trandoshan, the brute of a creature that he was, to bow to her, in that he could serve her in some underlying way, in order to help her complete quest. It was blatantly clear that asking the Trandoshan to do just that, even for a fee would never come to fruition, thus not just a fight, but a fight to the death was inevitable. Although he was a lot bigger than her – stronger too, but Kixi was a Jedi, and she had the Force – making her confident enough that she could best him in the looming scuffle. At worst though she was fully aware that if she were to get into real serious trouble, her starship and crew were in the vicinity of the planet's orbit to bail both her and Mako out.

The Trandoshan clicked audibly at the human Jedi growing stiffer as he continued to study her. "A Jeedai trophy? Exotic." The words crossed Vinskk's mind. He also knew a few people who would pay a shiny credit for a live specimen. Taking her out though, Vinskk knew, through conventional means, that a slaver was no match for a trained Jedi. But he recalled some tips a former Sith assassin once told him about fight users of the Force. Poison. Sound weapons. Gunning for the civilians first, then moving on to the Jedi. And if he or she was a master, kill the apprentice first. However, he did not have the equipment necessary to take the young woman on, and he also took into account her companion friend next to her, Mako who seemed different, although he couldn't quite put 2 and 2 together what it was that seemed different about her. Hissing, Vinskk gave the woman a lingering stare and turned back to his drink. If he could not take her, Vinskk could at least create some entertainment he thought to himself.

Kixi in turn, again glanced at the Trandoshan. Tension began building inside of her, her facial expression clearly showing that it was indeed so. Kixi felt a sense of humility when being intimated. She did not like it and consequently used it as an excuse to finally break her silence. Getting up, her eyes darted straight across to where the Trandoshan was seated.

"Why do you give me death stares, I am of no threat to you, I am of peace," Kixi said sternly. Then using what she liked to call reverse psychology she continued. "However if you do not like my type, I'm happy to leave, although I would really like to know what you see so repulsive in me". Kixi then stood there waiting for the Trandoshan's reaction, knowing all to well that he would highly likely retaliate giving Kixi the perfect seed to start a fight with him.

Vinskk clicked and stared at the human female, his reptilian gaze focusing on her face. "Vinskk sees lightsabre on Jeedai's body. Only thing keeping human Jeedai's tongue in her mouth." He downed the rest of his drink and ordered another one, all while keeping his eyes on the human who, perhaps as far as he could tell, unintentionally, challenged him. Vinskk's natural aggression ramped up, and he could feel his muscles beginning to draw on energy absorbed by the sun earlier, his cold blooded nature capable of delivering swift movements from his body despite his large size. The Trandoshan discreetly adjusted his carbine with one spaded hand, all the while staring into the very soul of the Jedi, awaiting Kixi's next move.

Kixi kept looking at Vinskk straight in the eye for at least another 30 seconds. She made no attempt to speak to him, nor any attempts to reach out for her X-Plasma Blade – what commonly was known as a lightsabre in this Galaxy. Instead she deeply focused herself in the living Force. "I am of peace," she said once again. "I wish not challenge you, nor anyone else for that matter." She said clearly lying. "I carry the weapon of a Jedi, the Force my ally is, but I pledge no alligence to the Jedi Order, the one I assume you like not." Her Basic came across broken at times as she was actually speaking in her natural tongue, Züncålidiom, whilst her universal translator was doing all, or what appeared to be an almost seeminglyless translation. "Therefore not am I your enemy, nor do I wish to be it," she continued. She continued to look at Vinskk, not breaking eye contact with him once. If and when he decided to attack her, she had no intention to go straight for her lightsabre as the Trandoshan would expect her to. Instead she intended to use the Force to push and hurl him back.

Vinskk saw many things at that moment. He saw the Jedi's heat signature go down, almost as if she was going to sleep and her body was shutting down for the night. Not good, Vinskk thought to himself. Jedi usually calm themselves when about to use the Force. He also noted the way most of the bar silently stared at the scene going on. The Trandoshan pondered his options. On one claw, he wanted to beat that woman until she was unrecognisable, then sell her to the highest bidder. But, on the other claw, the Jedi would not go down without a large fight, and he was not equipped to do that right now, carrying only his carbine and a pair of stun cuffs. Plus, he had no idea of what her weird friend could do if she got involved in as well, which more then likely she would, meaning it may not turn out well for him in the end. So instead of foolhardily charging in a battle he had no chance of winning, the Trandoshan swallowed most of his aggression and spat on the floor, then turned back to his drink, a third glass of Juma. After a swig he turned back to the woman and said, in his native tongue of Dosha.

"Humansss...there is no honour in killing them, even if the human is a Jeedai. Only sport and pleasure in the kill. That is why Vinskk does not tear you to shreds with bare claws. Vinskk has had his fill of death for one evening. Pray to the Force that Vinskk does not change his mind." With that last sentence Vinskk spat again, this time the wad flying a good distance to it's target, hitting the woman's shoe, a mess of mucous and some half eaten grubs he regurgitated. Vinskk clicked and hissed at Kixi's expression before turning back to his drink, still keeping an eye on her and her friend in case they did try something.

Kixi momentarily looked at the mucous on her shoe, courtesy of the Trandoshan. She looked up, stared long and hard into his lizard eyes. She could attack him now and end him here and there, she didn't like the lizard type anyway, however she needed him for his services.

Vinskk hissed at Kixi's hesitancy and indecisiveness before draining his drink again, slamming his claw down on the bar for another refill. His mind was quickly turning to it's naturally belligerent state as he nearly skewered the barkeep's shaking hand reaching for his drink, drawing a large yelp and blood. Vinskk raised his glass up, but then thought twice of it and instead licked the drops of blood off of his middle claw of his right hand, then downing half of his juma. "Human tastes like bantha poodoo, like all in human's species." The barkeep grew pale and stumbled away, nearly falling on her back. Vinskk shook his head and cackled. "Let's see how the Jeedai responds to this." He growled turning to face Kixi again.

"Damn lizard creatures, I've had enough run ins with their type already", Kixi muttered to herself. Turning to the barkeep, asking her, "You okay there. Want me to take a look at that hand? I have medical stuff aboard my ship if it needs attention." The barkeep declined Kixi's offer of assistance though, choosing the better to mend her own injuries herself rather than to go with a stranger that although Jedi, came across as arrogant, hot headed and dangerous. Kixi could now sense the Trandoshan's eagerness to fight her, but Kixi kept playing her charade of not wanting to engage him in combat.

Vinskk blinked curiously at the Kixi, disgusted and intrigued at the same time. Her unwillingness to fight, almost nonexistent in the aggressive Trandoshan culture, was weakness, but at the same time was strength. She had the will and the weakness to hold herself back. Intriguing. Vinskk would never truly understand non Trandoshans and their peculiar ways. It was almost as if....... Then he paused. There was someone else in his head. It was the Jedi, attempting to read his mind. Vinskk used all of his willpower to fight the probing his mind was recieving while snarling, "Get out of Vinskk's head, Jeedai!" He yelled in protest as he slammed his fist on the bar.

His reaction of sheer frustration and anger prompted Kixi to smirk. Accessing the situation and finally concluding that now she was influencing him, her smirking changed into laughter, and from there even more laughter. Suddenly she felt the funny side to the potentially dangerous situation she had gotten herself into.

Noting her laughter, Vinskk's immediate thought was that of Kixi being totally insane. To provoke a Trandoshan, a race known to be able to stand toe to toe with bruisers like Wookiees, was suicide for nearly every species.

"The time spent in books and playing with ceremonial toys has damaged your brain, Jeedai. Only a fool would challenge a Trandoshan to a Trandoshan's own game." He eased up externally, and started playing pazaak in his mind, an old trick taught to him by his father to evade his true thoughts coming to surface. Subconsciously, however, Vinskk was thinking about sneaking a shot at her while she was unprepared, laughing about the whole ordeal and expecting him to do nothing. Or should he rush her? He was capable of lightening fast movements thanks to his cold blooded nature. What to do, he thought as he sipped his juma, clicking with the Kixi's laughter as well, all the more to confuse her. He waited to read her next actions as he drained his 4th drink, calmly ordering another one, while subconsciously boiling, nearly ready to explode with anger held under a nearly flawless facade.

Vinskk's anger was turning to boiling point, the rage building up, the will to attack his enemy now more than obvious. He wanted to fight Kixi now and was over stalling. Vinskk then casually reached over the bar and grabbed the barkeep by the throat, pulling her towards his leather jumpsuit.

Chandelle sputtered for breath and breathed out. "What...whaaaatryadoin?"

While Vinskk with one claw held the barkeep, and with the other readied his gun and said, "Vinskk has lost something here today. Lost chance of honorable fight, of another point for the Scorekeeper. Vinskk will make up for difference now. You Jeedai will fight me now or she comes with Trandoshan."

Finally he had taken her bait, well almost it had panned out as she imagined it would. Save for the taking of Chandelle as hostage part, but that wasn't anything that Kixi couldn't handle given she now had some experience in such matters as the unmemorable events at Kustetiera entered her thoughts. Igniting her lightsabre and readying herself for battle, she demanded yelling. "Let go of her now you venomous scumbag!" Rage slowly building up inside of her. The Trandoshan however showed no intention of doing any such thing. He only growled in anger, eager to fight and kill his human hostage if need be. "Now!" Kixi further demanded. She was on the edge of tapping into the dark side of the Force, a prospect she considered given the nature of her overall objectives. Thinking of the Vistesh, it fuelled her hate for the Trandoshan further. Then extending out with her mind, and over to where Vinskk stood with Chandelle, she wrapped an invisible hand across his thick scaled throat and began to squeeze which resulted in the Trandoshan beginning to gurgle. Kixi successfully tapped into the dark side, unleashing a Force choke grip on Vinskk's neck, and although it lasted only a few seconds, it was adequate enough to temporarily release his grip over his hostage. Vinskk choked for breath. He felt his grip slacken on the hostage, and then ceased to feel any grip at all as she flew towards Kixi,allowing for Kixi to then use the Force, which in the process, pulled her free from the Trandoshan and away to safety. Kixi then simply glared at Vinskk, her eyes demonstrating nothing more than pure hatred towards him.

Suddenly, Kixi released her grip and Vinskk was on his knees, gasping for breath. He looked up at the prey turned predator, humiliated at the way things had turned so quickly. He noted the rage in Kixi's eyes and her voice, not understanding. Jedi were not supposed to get angry. "Human is no Jeedai...," he hissed out lightly, throat still throbbing from the grip he received. The Trandoshan then pulled his body up from the dirty floor of the cantina and clicked weakly at the woman in front of him. There was no way he was going to escape this now. He was certain that Kixi would most likely demand satisfaction of some sort, being in either his arrest or death. Vinskk stood there, trying to anticipate Kixi's next move.

She looked down at Vinskk, turned off her lightsabre and holstered it. "We can be civilised Vinskk, we really can be". She paused for a moment as she spoke slowly and the hate in her eyes disappearing. "You have proven your worth to me. Indeed worthy to serve my needs. Indeed a formidable warrior you are. I wish not to kill you. No I will not do that. Instead I will make you an offer. I have an important mission ahead of me, the details of which I cannot disclose at this present moment. I can use someone such as you. I will accomodate you well, and make sure you are treated with the uttermost respect, and of course paid well." She paused and then stretched an arm and hand to him. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kixi Rajki, Züncålazin. Join me," she said half smiling at him, the latter word totally alien to him. Kixi stood tall and firm, appearing ever so menacing, with her companion Mako also towering behind her, she waited for Vinnskk to respond.

Cocking his head ever so slightly, and confused if he had heard what she had said correctly in that she was sparing him. Vinskk's eyes widened in horror at what that implied. Bowing down to the Jedi woman, a human weakling. However she had bested him, and now his life was forfeit to the Scorekeeper, meaning all of his points gone. He could only regain his points and reputation by two ways. Either slay Kixi which as already demonstrated with ease by the Jedi would be highly unlikely, or by pledging a life debt. Vinskk, in accepting his defeat, kneeled before Kixi, looking her dead in the eyes, growling out through clenched teeth, "Vinskk pledges his life to you, human, to give you Trandoshan's life in exhange for sparing Trandoshan. Vinskk will protect you and those you care for until the day Vinskk dies. Vinskk will serve you in all ways possible. Vinskk's life is forfeit to Vinskk, now belonging to merciful Jeedai." His eyes grew sad, almost pitifully so. He remained kneeled in front of Kixi, staring at the dusty floor, letting the meaning of his oath sink in for her, self hate and rage bridling and building against himself.

Kixi nodded her head at the Trandoshan with pure satisfaction. She managed to succeed in making the Trandoshan bow down to her. He had just pledged his life to her for life. Nothing could be more satisfying. She smiled. "Rise my ally". Vinskk did as asked and got on his feet. She looked at him again, eye to eye, the fury in her eyes had vanished, she seemed like another person, calmness had finally come to her. "I Kixi Rajki accept your life in which you give to my service." She paused and the continued. "Now you will come with me as I am in need of your skilful services." Kixi could feel the hate inside of him burning in defeat, however she sensed honour in him. He would never attack her again and would give his life to her, her family and her friends if ever required as promised.

Although Vinskk seethed internally at the way Kixi accepted his oath with such...pride. He wanted to rend her flesh, to feel her skull on his foot as he crushed her head to a grisly pulp. But his honour bound him. The Trandoshan bowed his head in fury and hissed, "Vinskk's life for Jeedai's. Vinskk will go with you." He holstered his carbine and, embarrassed, waited for Kixi's final instructions.

Vinskk clearly hated her. Kixi could sense it. Yet his honour and oath for her were paramount, thus she knew that no harm would come to her. She could feel it through the Force. "Very well then". Kixi handed the Trandoshan a data pad. "Here are the coordinates to my orbiting starship. Meet me there in the next 30 minutes. If you have other things to take care of first, inform me now and we'll wait until you are ready", Kixi said with all traces of aggression gone as Vinskk accepted the data pad.

By this stage the other patrons and workers alike had gone back to their own business, the scuffle between Kixi and Vinskk being nothing out of the ordinary for the everyday operation of the cantina full of low lives.
The Trandoshan burnt inside, a fiery inferno of shame and hate. But he controlled himself. He would be shamed in the eyes of the Scorekeeper if he did anything otherwise. Swallowing his pride he asked, "Where are Trandoshan and Jeedai going?"

"I am in need of the services of a specific type of slicer, and I believe you would know of someone that can help. I wish for you to take me to him or her now." Kixi said rawly. She wasn't prepared to tell him exactly what she needed to slice into, but the Force had lead her to the Trandoshan, as he no doubt was acquainted to the very specific type of slicer she needed, and imperative to gain the information she sought. However the specifics of what she sought would have to wait for as far as the Trandoshan knowing them was concerned. He now served her, and he would do exactly as asked, and not question her instructions and the authority that she now had exerted upon him.

“I have a contact that can help on Coruscant." Vinskk said lightening up a bit on the inside. To him, Coruscant was a familiar haunt. All the cantinas, vices, and credits you could ever want and more. Many nice Trandoshan ladies as well. Quite a number of jobs there too. At least it wasn't somewhere boring like Dantooine or Telos. The Trandoshan, in a slightly better mood, said, "Shall we go there then Jeedai?”

"Indeed we shall," Kixi exclaimed. "You have the coordinates to my starship's whereabouts. Meet me there in half an hour. Once in orbit I will arrange for your ship to be slaved to mine and from there you ride on board my ship all the way down to Coruscant." In saying that, Kixi then turned around, Mako silently following, and left the cantina, rushing off to her personal star fighter, the Cālder mit Arkhan uneventfully and consequently made her way back to the Ueshiba.

Immediately after Kixi and Mako had left the cantina, Vinskk angrly sighed, but resigned at the same time. Exiting the cantina, Vinskk boarded the Broken Talon, passing by the many cages that housed his various cargo before climbing up to the cockpit. He sat down at the pilot's seat and started the engines. Vinskk then took off to the coordinates provided, his head a mix of emotions. He was definitely angry. But at the same time, the Trandoshan was intrigued, and even a bit impressed by the Jedi. She was interesting no doubt, as was the female companion that had accompanied her, who hadn't muttered a single word throughout the entire confrontation. He wondered if she too was her servant, prompting the question once again if Kixi indeed was a real Jedi as she had claimed. His mind then wandered to the job coming up, whatever it was, and the life debt he now had to consider in his everyday actions as his barge soared out into space to rendezvous with Kixi's awaiting starship of a design that caused his jaw to drop. Whatever the ship was, which majestically loomed largely in his view screen, until now he'd never seen or heard of one alike it before. Indeed there would be more than meets the eye to the perhaps rogue Jedi that he'd just met, than he had initially dared to assume.

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