The marriage law

Since the final battle there has been tension between purebloods and muggle borns in an attempt to resolve this conflict the ministry forces each pure blood to be married to a muggle born and the newest happy couple Is none other than the Slytherin Prince and the Gryffindor Princess.


2. With this ring

" Mrs. Malfoy do you understand?" The minister asked snapping me out of my trance I looked at him and my future husband " yes but there must be another way I mean-" " save it Granger" Malfoy growled at me the minister looked at me " I think it best that you listen to your husband unless you want to loose all memory of the wizarding world" I shook my head " but I don't love Malfoy he hates me and I hate him this will never work out" I began to babble when Malfoy set silencing charm on me. I glared at him but he ignored me. " continue minister" he said as if he was assigning us a small project. The minister looked at me as he began speaking again. " Mr. Malfoy has already decided that you will be moving into the manor with him" I let out an audible gasp "G-great" I said as I plastered a fake smile on my face. The minister pulled two rings out of an oak drawer. " with this ring you vow to be civil towards each other." I looked at Malfoy who looked even paler than usual he turns and looked at me and as we made eye contact we said the two words that would bind our souls together, " I do"

​An: I hope you enjoyed this I know its like really confusing right now but hopefully it will get better love ya'll - Nikiz

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