THIS WILL HAVE SWEARING IN IT!!!! POSSIBLE TRIGGERS???? It's going to be confusing. Yes, I'm weird, and probably crazy. Enjoy, and for those that might be in it that I'm ranting about; I WON'T mention your name, but I may make up a name or may not. I don't know.


6. 3-15-17

You messaged me or at least was on yesterday. Only got it today, because I decided to check my emails. You said you had to explain things, and that I deserve an explanation. Uhm, you're like, 5 months late on that. O.o And the last message you sent was, "Your not my woman." First off, it's you're, and why do you think that you should just come back now??? What, did you wife tell you to apologize? She told me not to contact you, or at least to not tell you about me talking and asking about you. Soo...I don't know why you're suddenly having I guess what you'd call, a revelation? Great, now I'm angry, and there's bad memories of sadness and major sadness coming back. Why, thank you!! :))) MF. -.- 


Questions runnning through my head:

1) Am I ready to even hear this explanation, or should I call it an "excuse" ?

2) Do I even want to?

3) Should I even?

4) You said that you want to talk to me?? Do you actually, or are you trying to make up for the neglect, sadness, and cheating, lying??? Just to 'clear' your mind.

5) WHY NOW?!?!

Now that I've reread it again, I feel like all you're doing is paying your dues. Which leads me back to thinking you had some "revelation" and trying to make up for it. 

Actually no. You're probably trying to just make your own guilt go away. To "clear your mind". I don't 'hate'  you anymore. You just became another one of my demons that won't go away. 

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