Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-22, Kiera- 21, Raeghyn- 21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael- 22, Calum- 21, Luke-21


3. The Doctor Visit

Kiera- We got to the doctor at 10:45 and we waited for 15 minutes till 11:00. At 10:50 Annie, Ash, and their babies walked out of their room and we said hi to each other then they went home.

Michael- We got called back at 11:00 to one of the rooms. After 5 minutes Dr. Raeghyn came in and her and Kiera hugged, and her and I hugged too.

Raeghyn- "Hey guys! How are you?"

Kiera and Michael- "We are good how about you?"

Raeghyn- "I am pretty good! My favorite patients one right after the other! So let's check up on the baby now." After I said that I put the stuff on Kiera's stomach for the Ultrasound. The baby was doing perfect!

Kiera- "Can you please tell us the gender of the baby, we want to tell everyone at dinner tonight!"

Raeghyn- "The gender is......"


Find out in the next chapter "The Dinner"!

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