Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-22, Kiera- 21, Raeghyn- 21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael- 22, Calum- 21, Luke-21


4. The Dinner

5 Hours later....

So it was dinner time, and there was lots of food and juices, (no alcohol beverages because of Kiera).

Kiera- Michael and I got home and now it was dinner time, all the food smelt delicious! There was steak and mashed potatoes. "Oh my gosh Annie, this all looks amazing!"

Annie- "Thx! This is not all, save room for dessert! We are having cookies and cheesecake!" I said to everyone. It all did look really good, I am really proud of myself!

Ashton- I walked inside from practicing my drums in the garage and the food smelt amazing! I walked up behind Annie in the kitchen, and she was standing there waiting to take the cookies out. I spun her around and I kissed her, then grabbed the lemonade, and sparkling apple juice ad took it to the table.

Luke, Raeghyn, and Calum got up from the couch and sat at the table. Michael and Ashton sat down too, Kiera and Annie walked in and sat down next to their boyfriends.

Annie- "Let's Pray- God is Good, God is Great, Let us thank him for our food, Amen." After we prayed we dished out the food onto our plates and I said, "So Kiera and Michael what is the gender of your baby? I guess it will be a boy."

Kiera and Michael- After we looed at each other for a few seconds we said together, "The gender of our baby is a boy!" Everyone started to cheer and then Michael asked a funny question.

Michael- "Even though our kids are a month apart, they can date when they get older right?" I laughed after I said that.

Annie- "I am sure the girls will choose which one wants to date your boy. What will be his name?"

Kiera- "We decided on Eli Robert. It is a cute name for him!" After I said that we all finished dinner and sat on the couch and watched TV till 11, then went to bed. Calum and Raeghyn left at 9, and went home. Then at 10 Luke left and went to his apartment.


The next chapter will be pictures of the dinner. Hope you Like this Chapter! So happy, the gender is a boy, and his name is Eli Robert!


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