Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-22, Kiera- 21, Raeghyn- 21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael- 22, Calum- 21, Luke-21


17. The Answer and Water Park

Kiera- "No I won't marry you, you have been so rude to me."

Michael- "What, no I haven't. I thought you loved me? Was it all just a lie?" I asked sadly.

Kiera- Michael just proposed to me and so my answer is, "Just kidding! Yes Yes Yes! I will let you put that ring on my finger and spend the rest of my life with you! I love you so much!" He put the ring on my finger then picked me up and kissed me. I wrapped my legs around him and then two minutes later I got down and said, "Babe let's go to the other place! Is it Kenwood Water Park in Salina?"

Michael- "Not nice babe! Yes, I was trying to keep it a secret but I couldn't. Let's go!" So now we rode the four wheeler back to the house grabbed her bag and put her ring in a safe case, then we hopped in our car and drove about a hour to the water park.

Kiera- "Love you Babe!"

Michael- "Luv you too!"

Kiera- When we got there we paid then went inside to some chairs, and a fan spotted us and ran over to our seats, she then stopped a few feet away from us, and then said, "Hi Michael and Kiera! My name is Lilly! I have been a fan of yours since Luke and you Michael started singing on You Tube in 2011!"

Michael- When Lilly the fan stopped talking I asked, "How old are you Lilly?"

Lilly- "I am 15, I love to sing! I actually want to get signed to Hi or Hey Records! It would be super cool! I am sad because you guys don't really do concerts here in Kansas."

Michael- "I am sorry, I will make sure we start doing concerts here in Kansas. Where city do you live in?"

Lilly- "I live in Junction City, Kansas! My friend Annibel is also here, when I find her I will bring her to you! Kiera you are really pretty! I wish I could look as pretty as you."

Kiera- "Thx! You are super pretty too. Don't talk bad about yourself, you are perfect just the way you are. You wanna know a secret between just you, Michael, and I?" I asked her.

Lilly- "Yes! Hold on here comes Annibel, I think she spotted you guys." I said as Annibel ran up behind me and hugged me from behind, and we almost fell over because she ran so fast.

Annibel- "Hi, my name is Annibel!" I said to Michael and Kiera, I can't believe they are actually here.

Michael and Kiera- "Hi Annibel! We just meet your friend Lilly here!"

Lilly- "She can't hear you, she is deaf. I can sign what you say to her. She communicates with American Sign Language or ASL." I said then sign to Annibel what they said.

Annibel- "I know you probably have never meet a deaf person before, but I talk fluently because I recently just went deaf when I was 12. It is fine just don't talk to fast or too slow and I can read your lips. Also don't talk at the same time because I can't read both of your lips at the same time."

Kiera- "Ok, I know a little bit of sign language. I was just about to tell Lilly a secret, about Michael and I." I said as Lilly was signing it all to Annibel.

Annibel- "What is it? Can I know too?" I asked.

Kiera- "Of course sweetie! So you two are the first ones to know. Michael just proposed to me, and I said yes, so we are getting married!"

Annibel and Lilly- "OMG Congrats!"

Kiera- "Would you two like to come and be two of my bridesmaids? I would love for you two beauties to come!" I asked as they looked at each other and smiled and had a conversation in Sign Language that I didn't understand. 

Annibel and Lilly- "OMG!! Yes we will!"

Lilly- "Here is my phone number just text me when you want to meet up and we will come meet you wherever." I said calmly, while signing at the same time so Annibel could understand me.

Annibel- "By then I should have my hearing aids which help me to understand people talking all around me. That will be good!"

Kiera- "Okay, I will text you when I have everything planned out. Have fun girls! Michael and I are going to hang out now!" We said our good byes, then Michael and I walked to one of the slides and stood in line, we were at the water park for just a few more hours then went home.


Author's Note-

Hey Everyone, I am sorry for such a long chapter. The next chapter will be even cuter. Guess what happened in the comments!

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