Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-22, Kiera- 21, Raeghyn- 21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael- 22, Calum- 21, Luke-21


1. Prologue

Here is the story of a 19 year old girl getting pregnant with Michael Clifford. It is the continuation of my other story Annie's Experience, read that story, and this story will make much more sense to you.

Hope you like my story!

Here is a look back at Annie's Experience-

Annie get's together with Ashton, they have twin girls named Sofia Faith Irwin and Emmeline Faith Irwin.

Kiera and Michael get together and are having a baby too.

Calum and Raeghyn are together too.

Luke is single right now.


Here is a look at Kiera's Experience-

Kiera and Michael have a baby, then get married.

Annie and Ashton get Married.

Calum and Raeghyn get married.

Luke get's a girlfriend.


Hope I didn't spoil anything!

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