Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-21, Kiera- 20, Raeghyn- 20
Ashton-22, Michael- 20, Calum- 21, Luke-20


21. Night Of Engagement-Part 3- It's Getting Hot In Here

Kiera's POV- I put all the stuff back into the bag, cleared off the bed, then I jumped onto Michael,(He was standing up BTW, by the bed), and said, "Awww babe these clothes are so cute, there are so many of them. You didn't have to get me all of these."

Michael's POV- "Well you said you needed more new clothes, so I got some for you. I also got them because I love you Babe!"

Kiera's POV- "I love you more Babe!" I started kissing him, he set me on our bed, and he took off my shirt, then unbuckled my bra. I took of his shirt, his pants, and his boxers. He then took off my pants and underwear. We started kissing again, and he layed me down and got on top of me, we were kissing and he started to thrust his dick in me really fast, "Babe..." I moaned.

Michael's POV- "Sorry."

Kiera's POV- "Don't it feels good! Go faster."

Michael's POV- I started to go faster. I did this for 1 more minute, I could feel Kiera almost starting to cum.

Kiera's POV- "Babe, I am gonna cum." He went faster, then he took his dick out of me and licked down my chest, then my belly, then licked around my fagaga, then licked up the cum. "Babe you must have a good gag reflex."

Michael's POV- "I guess I do sexy." I started to kiss her again. She grabbed my dick and was rubbing it, and squeezing it, she did this for about 2 minutes. "Babe, I'm gonna cum."

Kiera's POV- He cummed and it got all over us, I stopped kissing him, and licked his dick and around it. Then I kissed him and we kissed for 10 minutes, then he just layed behind me and we fell asleep.


A.N.- Hope you all liked this! Did they use protection?

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