Kiera's Experience

It is the second book of Annie's Experience, make sure you read that one before this one so you understand everything.
Annie-22, Kiera- 21, Raeghyn- 21, Dove-21
Ashton-23, Michael- 22, Calum- 21, Luke-21


22. Day After

Annie's POV- "I hope Kiera said yes to Michael yesterday, if she didn't, I would be so disappointed in her, majorly!" I said as Raeghyn and I laughed. Right now Raeghyn and I are at Russell's Restaurant for breakfast, while Calum and Ashton are at the house watching the three kids.

Raeghyn's POV- "I know right, she would be crazy to say no."

Kiera's POV- I just woke up and it is around 10 am. Michael and I finally went to sleep at 2 last night. It was the best day ever! I am now taking the morning after pill, and then I will get ready, my baby Eli has a check-up today at 12, and then after Annie, Rae, and Dove want to take Eli, Sofia, Emmeline, and I somewhere.

Michael's POV- I woke up and got into the shower, then got dressed, so I can go pick up everyone to move stuff into the house I bought for Kiera. The boys and I are going to hopefully move a lot into the house before the girls and Eli gets home. Annie, Raeghyn, and Dove are going to take Kiera, Eli, Sofia, and Emmeline to the park for a bit after Kiera takes Eli to the doctor.

Kiera's POV- I went into the room to get ready and Michael just got out of the shower, "Morning Babe," I said before I kissed him.

Michael's POV- "Morning Babe. What are you up to?" I said as I went to sit on the bed.

Kiera's POV- "I am just getting ready for the day. When do you want to start moving our stuff into the house?"

Michael's POV- "I am getting my shoes on then I am going to pick up the boys and we are going to move it in while you are gone, you don't have to move anything at all."

Kiera's POV- "Gosh Babe, I love you, you are the best!" I said as I kissed him then he left, and I got into the shower. After I showered I put lotion on, then I got my make-up on, then I got dressed in outfit #4 that he gave me.(Look at chapter 19 for the outfit).
Annie's POV- "Hey Kiera!"

Kiera's POV- "Hey! When do you want to leave?" I got back from my doctor's appointment at around 1:30, and now we are supposed to go somewhere, I really want to know where!

Annie's POV- "We can leave now, we will meet Raeghyn and Dove there."

Kiera's POV- "Where are we going?"

Annie's POV- "We are going to the park to hangout, walk around, and play with the kids!" We are also going to dinner too, but that one is a surprise.

Kiera's POV- "Okay, sounds fun!" I actually was going to take Eli to the park later today, so turns out we will just go now. We got to the park, stayed there till 2:30 because the kids were tired, and they needed their naps. We went and dropped them off, and while we were at the house, Annie told me to change into Outfit #3 that Michael got me. We then went to dinner at Martinelli's Little Italy. It was really good. Then we went home and the boys and the kids were already asleep, so we figured we would have a glass of wine each.

Raeghyn's POV- I am just going to stay the night tonight. I guess the boys stayed over here at Annie's and Ashton's tonight, because Kiera went downstairs and Michael was sleeping on a guest bed that they went and bought today. Luke slept in the 2nd guest room on the main floor, Calum was sleeping in the other one. All us girls fell asleep finally at midnight or around midnight because we were all exhausted. 

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