The Room

A disease which is beginning to spread across America must be cured. The cure? Not found yet but immunes are being tested. Kylie is immune and once she's found her abilities keep on evolving. But what will she do when there's hundreds of people looking for her? How will she feel when she meets another immune? What if She's falling for him?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


A click echoed down the empty corridor as the mechanical locks confirmed that the fifteen year old girl, who was to be the first person tested by the government of America for clarodic brain disorder (CBD), was locked in the small room which is an exact replica of her own bedroom. Of course she wouldn't know this is what her bedroom looked like. The CS (council of science) had injected exactly three millimetres of clarod, a chemical used for melting iron, which they believed to have been the infection running through hundreds of peoples veins. She passed the test she had taken in school and had ended herself up here. The scientists had picked her because she was free of this disease. They had also wiped her memory so she couldn't remember anything. As her still body lay on her bed, her finger twitched. The first task the girl had transmitted into her brain was to sit down on her chair. A loud horn sounded and the girl sat up abruptly. She took one glance around the room. The scientists were watching. They had cameras placed carefully around the room. As the excited talks of the control room settled down one of the younger doctors, who had been sitting on the edge of his chair, leaned forward. A fog of water vapour appeared on the monitor screen. As he lifted his sleeve up to wipe the screen clean, the girl moved. She stood up. She looked around again. The doctors eyes widened as the scientists behind him began to awe in amazement. He watched every muscle in the girls body. The girls limp body fell to the floor. She covered her ears, her eyes shut tightly. She began to scream. The transmission was making its way to her brain. The scientists fell so quiet you could hear a pin drop. the screaming stopped. The doctor who was to distracted to notice he was slowly, slipping off his chair. The girl started to remember . She could feel her heart beat so fast she knew that this wasn't a good sign. Her head throbbed, her chest pounded. The pain in her head had become unbearable and it felt as though her lungs were burning up like a stick of dynamite. The only pain that was like this was the numerous panic attacks the girl used to have. Tears streamed from her eyes. Her organs were working too fast for her brain or had her brain slowed down. The scientists knew this was a sign of advanced CBD. They knew she wouldn't survive. As many sighs echoed in the still silent room, the doctor finally fell off his chair. Many of the older scientists scolded him but the younger ones simply let out a chuckle. The Girl let out a final whimper. The doctor sat up again but when he looked at the screen. The girl was lying on her side. Her face pale, blood streaming from her mouth. "Can someone get the doctor in their." The head scientists shouted. The doctor jumped to his feet, he was ready in his protective suit. He grabbed his first-aid bag and ran down the corridor connecting the control room and the test room. He punched in the code to the mechanical lock and used the key he had been holding. The door flew open and he immediately could smell the undistinguishable smell of blood. He ran over to the girl and picked up her wrist with his gloved hand. She had brown hair and she was pale. Her gentle body lying there made the doctor squirm. He knew by her pulse that the girl was dead. He looked up at a camera placed in the corner of the room and shook his head. The head scientist stood up and said "Clearance team get working, I'm sorry to disappoint you all but you should all be here at the usual time in the morning. We'll start working on the next and we'll improve." The man sat down with a disappointed look on his face. They didn't need her. She wasn't immune.              

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