This Life


2. Day 2

I'm in school right now. Its the most boring thing ever. I'm so happy that its Friday. Maybe Zoey or Nichole can come over. Its almost my birthday! December 16th! 7 days in counting. We have GAP right now in school. We have to read for 20 minutes and then do homework or whatever. I hope this counts as homework. Next class I have ELA. I love ELA its my favorite, even though I get a lot of homework for that class. As I said yesterday, we are writing a short story based on Greek Gods. I am so bored. I probably should do my homework. Yesterday Zoey was scared because of the kid that got hurt. She felt bad for them. So did I.

A little later this day...

I sat next to Joe in ELA. The people that sit near me are trying to set me up with him! I can't believe them! They are so stupid! We are young! If you didn't know I'm in 7th grade. People these days! Joe makes me laugh. I don't laugh a lot in school because I'm bored. They just think that I laugh with him that he's suddenly my boyfriend. My Social Studies teacher got mad at me for drawing. I was still paying attention. Just not all the way.

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