This Life


1. Day 1

If you don't know me I'm Octavia. Octavia Rose to be exact. I want to be famous writer, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off. I was told it helps to write in a journal. So here goes. Today was the worst. I hate high school so much! A kid in my class had to go to the hospital because of some kind of broken arm or something! The teachers don't really tell us the details. We had to stay in the cafeteria for extra time because we had to give the person privacy! I mean it's not like their naked! Ugh! School rules are so stupid! I came home and saw Lilac out of the pasture eating grass. Lilac is my 16.2 hh horse that always gets in trouble. Btw if you didn't know hh means hands high, and it's how you measure horses. I caught her and tied her up to brush her down. I had to fix the fence before I turned her back out. I fed Bacon (the family pig) before I went inside. I turned on the light to my room and closed the door. I was going to text someone but I didn't bother because I wanted to write. I wrote a quick short story and then took a warm shower. I thought about the drama at school and how boys can be so stupid and mean. I know girls can be too, don't get me wrong they are not like me. Only my friends understand me. Zoey mostly. She has been there for me for forever meaning since 2nd grade. Nichole is also my very best friend. I met her through 4-H and now we are best friends! Even though they are both very different, I love them both. Zoey is different than any other person I have ever met and she is so much much smaller than me even though we are in the same grade. Nichole is more get in the mud and get your boots dirty! So far I have to write a story for school. Thank God my teacher is letting loose! We already had to write three essays and its just the start of the year. They were about the Greek Gods. My friend that sits next to me in ELA Joe helped me by writing a sample essay for me. I didn't copy it I used it as a example. Now I'm free writing that story kind of that the teacher assigned.

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