“ no scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful ; my youth is yours, tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls “

in which two sets of friends slowly start to fall in love with each other after revealing their past, rising above the labels that people put on them. why? they are human and they deserve to live in the world that they see fit.


2. Armani's Story

My name is Armani Choi. Weird, isn't it? Growing up, my parents were filthy rich and wanted me to attend a private school that they would back off every year. That was not my decision.

I wanted to go to a regular high school; in order to make friends, getting along with teachers and wanted to live a normal life. My parents were mad that I took that path. I explained to them that I wanted to live a life with friends and hang out. When I explained my reason, they abused me - hitting, whipping me with a belt, you name it - in which I started to take a razor to my pure, clean skin and slowly cut my skin with it. 

Ever since I moved to my new high school, people have been picking on me because I am a nerd, a coward, and a slut. Those things that they said is driving my mind towards me being on my deathbed.

All of a sudden, she came into my life... who is this girl and why is she helping me out?

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