Losing Hope


1. Chapter 1

With tears in her eyes, she is running. Running as far away as she can. She can’t keep track of all the turns that she makes. She is too scared to look behind her, so she just looks forward and keeps running. Finally, when her lungs are burning, she stops. With her heaving breathes in her ears she looks around the dark street to see if she is alone. Upon finding a familiar building, she unlocks the door and slips inside. Walking carefully to a spot in the back of the building she finds her niche. Once safely hidden away, she reaches out and takes the only object the will bring her comfort in times like this.

Almost an hour later, Amelia silently walks into the room. Carefully looking around she starts walking towards the back of the building. When she rounds a corner, she just barely spots the woman with long red hair tucked away into a small alcove. If Amelia had not known the alcove was there, she would have completely missed it in the dim lighting. The long-haired woman is completely oblivious to anything going on around her. Quietly Amelia whispers, “Lindsey.” In hopes that she will not frighten her.

But, Lindsey gave no indication that she heard. A little bit louder this time Amelia said, “Lindsey.” This time the woman jumps and drops the object that she is holding. Very slowly Lindsey turns her head until she can see Amelia.

“What are you doing here?” Lindsey hisses.

“What do you think I’m doing here Lindsey. I know what happened, and I knew where you would go.”

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