My Story, My Life

This is a story about me, and what's going in my life. You will know how crazy my life is, once you read. This book might go on for years, so buckle up and get ready.


4. I Just Need To Calm Down

I just need to calm down.

A lot of things have been happening to me, I just didn't have enough time to write my story anymore. I really don't like my used-to-be friend, Hope. She looked at me in the locker room and made me feel very uncomfortable. She also kept on making caps whenever she was mad at me. She would say, "I'M NOT FRIENDS WITH YOU ANYMORE(HappyGal)!" whenever I wasn't answering. I would consider her as a spammer. She would text over and over, until someone would answer her on the group chats. We would tell her over and over to stop spamming, but she would never stop. I'm so glad that I stopped being friends with her a long time ago. I don't think I ever wanted to be friends with her!!


Okay, back to calming down...The first day we stopped being friends, she said that she would never talk to me again. But sometimes, she would bud in when I'm not talking to her, and answers my question or agree with her. Like we're ever going to be friends again. She was always being so dramatic.

After we stopped being friends she said, "So, if I killed myself, would yo be okay with it!?"

And I said, "See, you're being overdramatic!!" Then I stopped talking to her after that. I never want to talk to her again. Unless she's going to kill herself, I'll try and talk her into not doing it...She almost killed herself with a knife, but her mom stopped her by slapping her...It's sad...

I don't like Pepperoni anymore, I wonder why I ever let my mind think that I do. My other friend, I thought that she was going to tell him that I liked him. But I knew that I didn't, which is why I didn't want her to tell him: so that he won't think that I do. This happened during science. I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, to avoid embarrassment. When I came back, I saw a couple of people staring at me, of course they didn't know. They would be staring at anyone who would've walked in that door, because they're nosey. I sat at my seat slowly, and my friend was just staring at me smiling brightly.

She asked him, "(Pepperoni) didn't I tell you something?" with a wide grin on her face. At the time, I thought it was just ruining my life!!

"Yeah, you did tell me something," Pepperoni said, and I'm sure he made a quick wink. I thought something was up, really soon. I thought she had ruined my life!! Apparently he "found out" but she didn't tell him.

The next day in first period math, I asked her, "How did he 'find out?'"

"He saw the way you were acting and knew that you liked him." I looked at her in a confused way, because I knew that I didn't like him. "He said, 'Ew,'" she said with a wide grin growing on her face. I knew that he was a jerk, but I didn't know that he was that big of a jerk. Even though I don't like him like that, it doesn't mean that that won't offend me!!

I told her in a very serious voice, "Remember when you asked me if I had a new crush, and I was acting shy about it? I was only doing that because I didn't want you to guess who it is. I bet you'll never guess." I knew that she would never guess right, though.

"Who is he?"

"It starts with an 'n.'"

"Is it (Ferrit)?"


"Is it Weird?"

I made a disgusted face at him and said, "Ew!! No!! Never!!" Then he looked at me with wide eyes.

"Mr. Chip?"

"That's a TEACHER!! That's so messed up!! It's NOBODY. I knew you would never guess it." It's not a code name, I literally have a "crush" on no one. I just really hoped she told him that I don't have a crush on him, because me telling him, it'd be weird. Like picture saying that to someone you really like. Except the fact that I don't like him like that.

I'm having some confidence issues on the way that I look on the outside. I know that I'm beautiful, but I think that other people don't think so. I wish I could stop caring about what other people say or think about me, but I do.

This guy, Eggs, is being a jerk to everybody, lying to people, and saying, "Fight me," just to get attention. Which is probably why people are very rude to him. He tries to seem tough. I think that he used to like me, until I asked my counselor to tell him to stop following me around. She said that she would say it to him in the kindest way, so that he doesn't get hurt or something. He's on my bus.

One day while I was on the bus, he was basically saying to me, "Just because you're speaking up for yourself, that's exactly why you don't have a boyfriend."

"No, it's because I don't want one."

"You're dumb."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"I'm WAY smarter than you think."

"No, you're not," he said that with so much confidence and a straight face. He actually said it to my friend, Banana, too before me, but I stuck up for her. I muttered to myself, "I know what I am, and you can't change that." I felt like he was trying to hurt me, based on the way he felt. Believe me, I forgive so easily, like in the snap of a finger. Literally, in the snap of a finger, the minute someone asks me to. But that only works for some people, not Eggs. His older sister is so nice, I can't even believe that he's related to her!!

Well, back on track. The next day, I was talking to this guy that I sit next to in S.S.

"Sometimes I just want to throw my pencil right down his ear, and then he dies. I know it's rude but-" he says, but then I stop him.

"Me too. Well, except not the dying part," he gave out a little chuckle.

"You think of the too?"

I gave out a similar, but shy, chuckle, "Yeah...he's such a jerk. Yesterday, on the bus, he called(Banana) and I, dumb."

He shouted across the classroom, but surprisingly didn't get shouted at by the teacher, "Hey!! Did you call(Banana) and (HappyGal) dumb?"

"I never said that," Eggs lied, as he was walking towards us.

"Yeah, you did," Eggs was already on our side of the classroom by this time, "(HappyGal) told me." I felt really embarrassed by this time. It was obvious everyone was listening to the conversation. He's actually a very popular guy, not all popular people are rude guys. "While you guys were on the bus. At least she's smarter than you."

"Yeah, you did say that!" Banana said on the other side of the classroom having our backs. I feel so bad that she has to sit right next to him. 

"Oh, yeah, that," Eggs must've felt embarrassed at that point, "I'm sorry."

I made a scoff and rolled my eyes, "You really think I'm going to forgive you that easily?"

That guy who sits next to me, he's just so nice. He let me borrow his pencil when he saw that I had a really short one. I tried to give it back to him, but he said, "No, you can keep it."

Since my b-day is coming soon, I'm going to have to pull myself together and calm down.

*Guys please send me comments on how you like the story so far. As I grow up, I think that there are going to be even more interesting topics. Keep in note that usually when I'm typing the chapters, I make it random sometimes, because I'm just writing as I go. These events in every chapter has all happened to me in real life. I might not used the exact quotes of what they said, but it's almost exactly what they said. Thank you so much for ready my "crazy life!!" I can't believe how many views I've gotten. You guys mean so much to me. I wrote as soon as I could so that you guys won't think that I just stopped writing. Bye for now!!!! :D

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