My Story, My Life

This is a story about me, and what's going in my life. You will know how crazy my life is, once you read. This book might go on for years, so buckle up and get ready.


3. Do I Like Pepperoni/A Couple Of Things You Should Know...

Honestly, I don't think that I like anybody yet. I can't decide, which is why I'm not telling any of my friends if I have a "new crush." It took me a lot of time to figure out who I like. And I've just decided not to like anyone for right now, but it might be hard.

I feel like I just realized that my feelings are fake. Like I've been lied myself. Like I just liked the outside of a person. I feel like I have a crush on someone named Wander. But I'm afraid that my feelings will lie to me again. Let's get off track for a little bit.

Why do people have to be so rude online? Why do they have to be so judgmental. I have forgot that I was once bullied in fourth grade, because it happened a while ago, now that I'm in seventh grade. I just forgot what it was like to be bullied, until I watched the movie, "Cyberbully." I was just watching it, because I wanted to have some kind of experience with how the characters feel and also people in real life.

We can't really block everyone who sends rude comments or messages to you, especially if it's anonymous. People, in particular, grown ups, say that you have to print out the evidence and don't give out your personal information. People online that you may think are your friends, can turn on you once they find the real you. I'm not saying that all of them will, but just be careful. People can EASILY make fake profile names and RUIN your life.

This Thursday, In almost every period, I watched a movie. Each of the movies were different. You may think that this schedule is messed up, but this is the way they set up the schedule. So here it is:
1st Period-Math-Christmas Movie
2nd Period-I had to stay in Math class
3rd Period-Language Arts-A Christmas Carol(2009 Disney version)
4th Period-Had to stay in Language Arts
8th Period-Still Had to stay in Language Arts-Finished the movie
5th Period-Lunch/Recess(it's weird to have recess in junior high)
6th Period-Santa Clause(Yes, with an "e")
7th Period-Science-Hotel Transylvania 2/Assembly
9th Period-FACS-Finding Nemo(while everyone was watching the movie, I asked my teacher if I could just go on the laptop and went on it)

Jeez, guys! I'm so sorry for getting off track a lot even though I said that I would only get off track for a little bit. I'm also sorry about taking forever to post another chapter. Like I've once said before, "There was just a lot of stuff going on..."

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