My Story, My Life

This is a story about me, and what's going in my life. You will know how crazy my life is, once you read. This book might go on for years, so buckle up and get ready.


1. My People+Me

You guys can call me HappyGal. My "crush" is older than me but shorter than me: that doesn't really bother me though. If you follow me, or have seen my mumbles, you should know that his fake name is Pepperoni.

My best friend from my old school is Pecan, and my best friend from my new school is Smooth Apple. My other friends are Banana, Monkey, Cookie, Bacon, and Weird(Weird and Bacon are boys). I used to be friends with Hope, but she asked me out, and I felt uncomfortable to be her friend anymore. Then she lied and said that she actually wanted to be best friends and that's what she meant. I know that she lied, just so we could be friends again. We aren't friends, she just doesn't know it yet. I'll tell her tomorrow. Now I don't feel comfortable if she pokes or tases me. Because it makes me very uncomfortable. She's trying to make me forget what she said, because she knows that I delete my messages. But I know what she said. I'm getting even more uncomfortable, now let's move on.

Smooth Apple's crush is Cheese and he's younger than me, but older than her. Cheese is taller than me and I love that. Not that I have a crush on him. He writes songs and plays the guitar. Smooth Apple told me that she heard him sing and described it as deep, beautiful, and calm. Ever since she told me how he sounded, I have been pretty desperate to know how he sounds like. Speaking of him, Monkey, Banana, Smooth Apple,and I were playing "Silent" Library(she forgot about the silent part, but before she noticed that we were supposed to be silent, she gave me a dare). 

"You have to walk up to Cheese and say, 'Sing!'" Smooth Apple was full of enthusiasm. She knew that I was dying to hear him sing. So this all happened in the lunch room on the stage, when the janitor was cleaning the tables. All of the seventh graders had to wait on the stage until the janitor was done. At least we were able to sit by most of our friends. When the teacher said we could go to our tables, he said afterwards that we could stay on the stage. Okay, so back on track(I do that a lot).

Two periods after lunch, I was in science and it was still passing period. But only, like, a minute and thirty seconds left. I saw Cheese and he had a straight face on. Smooth Apple was in the same class as me for Science, Math(math is so easy to me), Social Studies, and Language Arts. I looked at Cheese going to a his friends' table with a straight face on. I couldn't do it.

I looked over to Smooth Apple and she said, "You have to do it!"

"But I can't!" I pleaded. "I looked at his straight face and couldn't do it!" And by that time, I was walking over to the table that my crush was at, which was where Banana was at. So I had an excuse to go over there: my friend was at the table and I was trying to talk to her. It was still a minute left and Cheese was flipping the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes that was on the counter in the Science room. I was cheering them on when the bell rang. We had homework in that class, and it was to read one of the activities in the Science Book. The homework was easy, because I finished the reading in class. Usually in that class I would just stare at Pepperoni, and he would stare at me. But of course I listen to my teacher. Let's call her Ms. Avalanche.

Then I went to my next class, which is Social Studies. I had to do a presentation about a country(not telling!). My heart beats really fast whenever and before I have to do any kind of speech. Sometimes when Pepperoni gives speeches, I try not to smile. But today, I actually managed not to smile. Sometimes I catch him staring at me, but sometimes it's because he's daydreaming. Sometimes I would look stare at him, because I'm daydreaming and not even notice it. Sometimes we would just stare at each other for more than five seconds. Luckily, he's in six of my classes: Math, Gym, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and FACS, but we're sewing pillows right now(we have more staring to do ;D).

I went to ninth period, which is I'm sewing a pillow and the best class EVER in the whole day. Although the people in the class can be very disrespectful, they're pretty funny. I always smile in that class no matter how bad my day was. I just love those people. Others might think that's weird, but I never said that in front of them(they'll never know ;D). But after I got out of the classroom, Hope came up to me and talked to me about something that I didn't pay enough attention to remember it. I wasn't smiling at all when she was talking to me, because she acted as if we were actually friends.

But, of course, she didn't know that I didn't want to be friends with her. I feel bad for her because she is slowing loosing her friends. I know that she needs someone to talk too, but it's uncomfortable to be around and talk to her so...But I also know that it's her fault for loosing friends, because she's so dramatic, gets mad easily, and says a lot of things she doesn't mean. She should change her actions if she wants more friends. Then again, she's being teased by this guy named Sharzod(I got this name from the cartoon "Home" on Netflix). 

Guys, this first chapter might have been boring, but I had to let you guys get to know these people and get a better understanding of what is going on in my life and Hope's. I really wanted to tell you guys more, but I wanted to save that for the next chapter. Chapter two should come out tomorrow, if not, maybe the next day!

P.S. Cheese is either 5'5", 5'4", or my height.

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