Story Ideas

One shot and story idea's


2. Person A and Person B



~AU where Person A is on a date at a café and their date is so boring. When they tell their date a joke, the date doesn't laugh, but the person (Person B) sitting alone at the table next to them does, drink coming out of their nose. Person A finds it adorable and, even though their date goes home alone, Person B doesn't.


~Half your OTP waiting at the airport for the other while holding a huge, bedazzled poster emblazoned with the word 'NERD'.


~Person A and Person walk down the aisle together at their mutual friend's wedding. Right before they head down the aisle, Person A is like 'this is practice for our own marriage' and Person B is like 'the fuck' by they can't freak out because they're already walking. Person A catches the bouquet, and winks at Person B.


~Person A and B have never meant each other but somehow get locked in the closet together in a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.


~Person A finally, for the very first time, after an obscenely-excruciatingly- long wait, takes Person B's hand tightly, kisses them sweetly, and confesses their love to the lifeless body of Person B.


~College AU where Person A is afraid of spiders and it's always their roommates job to kill them, but their roommate is out of town and Person A see's a spider so they grab a random passerby (Person B) to help them.


~Person A and B on opposite sides of a hockey match, and getting into a fight. The refs break it up after a minute or two, sending Person A and B into the penalty box, where they continue screaming at each other, the sexual tension building.


~AU where Person A is a vet at an animal hospital and one day, Person B brings in their golden retriever and their super flustered because she’s hurt herself and ‘Oh God This Is It’ and Person A’s endeared and amused and their like ‘lol and it’s just a small cut we’ll bandage it up she’ll be fine’ and Person B is like ‘She’s Going To Die, My Dog, Death Is Coming For Her’ while the dog just happily drools away in their arms


~AU where person A is a Russian Spy and person B is the FBI agent chasing him across Europe


~AU where person A is a prince/princess and is forced to meet a bunch of suitors to find one to marry but gets bored and flees to the kitchen where they find person B, the sassy kitchen worker, and they start hanging out and fall in love


~Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a love song with person A quietly singing the words in person B’s ear. Imagine that this is happening during the apocalypse and they both know that they are going to die soon. Imagine that they are singing ‘You are my Sunshine,’ and they never get to finish the song.


~Imagine your OTP as neighbors. Person A tends to sing at night and normally person B would complain but their voice is really nice and they often find themselves comforted by it. One day, person A’s songs start to become more and more depressing and something they’d stop because they were crying. Person B get’s worried and starts talking to person A to cheer them up/find out what’s wrong. Turn’s out person A’s partner cheated on them/family member died/whatever and they started feeling a little depressed. Person A and person B become close friends and after a while, person A starts singing love songs at night.



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