The infected: Ground Zero


1. chapter 1: it begins

Written by Jushawn Lawson and Ashley fowler

Part one

Amazing isn't it? How in just 6 hours the world fell. How in just 6 hours my life changed for good. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

It's was October 18, 2053. I remember that day because I had just woken up from a dream about my grandpa. He had been dead for 4 years so I laid in my soft white sheeted bed to take in the surprised of seeing him alive once more.

I turned over to look at my alarm clock. It read 8:56pm. Once again I was late. This was the 4th time this week and I began to wonder if my teacher, Mr. Fin, was tired of it.

Suddenly there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Jonna, honey are you awake? You're late for school again." Said my mom.

"Yes mom I'm awake. I was just about to finish getting ready." I replied.

This wasn't the first time I lied to her especially since I knew she would just go with it.

I sat up in my bed with my long wavy brown hair reaching my neck. I stood up to open my black curtains but when I pulled them open the sun shined on my pale white skin, making it appear to glow.

"Do you have to be so bright?" I asked sarcastically.

I walked over to my dresser to pick out some clothes. I decided to go with the usual black t-shirt with navy blue skinny jeans with 2 cuts on the knees. I put on my jeans, since all I had on was a white bra and white panties. Next I put on my t-shirt and finally I put on some white socks and black sneakers.

I opened the door and ran downstairs to see my mom. When I got to the kitchen, she stood at the back door waiting for me.

"You're late Jonna." She said in an irritated voice.

"Not by much." I replied trying to make her laugh.

"It's 9:24 in the morning. School started at 8 am. What would your teachers say about you being late all of the time?" She asked.

"Easy. Mrs. Johnson, this is the 4th time you are late to school. Stay after class so we can have a talk with your mom." I said trying to imitate Mr. Fin.

"Be serious for once in your life." My mom said.

"Ok. ok. mom. As you wish." I replied reluctantly.

"Look, Jonna, all I'm saying is what would your father say if-"

"Don't ever talk about him again mom! He's dead and that's that. No matter what, he's not coming back! Ever!" I yelled.

"Honey, I didn't mean-"

"No! How dare you even bring him up like that! In case you've forgotten, he died protecting us!" I yelled.

There was a moment of silence as my mom grabbed her car keys. We both walked over to her car and got in then she started driving me to school.

"Jonna, I won't be at home when schools out ok. Do you think you can be at home alone until then?" Asked mom.

"Of course I can," I said in an irritated voice,"you don't have to treat me like a kid. I'm 18 years old. I'm an adult just like you!"

There was a moment of silence before we arrived at school. I got out of the car and ran inside the main building before my mom could say bye.

When I got to my classroom my teacher, Mr.Fin, looked at me.

"Mrs. Johnson, I'm glad you made it to class. Please take your seat." Said Mr.Fin.

I walked to my seat next to my best friend Ashley. She wore an orange t shirt with a red sweat jacket and dark red skinny jeans. Her hair was dark brown and reached the middle of her back.

"Pissing off the teacher again I see." She said to me.

"You know it." I replied in a confident voice.

As the class went on, I began to look out the window into the football field. I noticed a man getting attacked by another man across the street. Suddenly my cell phone rung.

"Miss Johnson! Turn off your phone now!" Yelled Mr.Fin.

I answered it, ignoring him.

"Hello? Mom why are you calling me at school-"

"Honey I'm outside your school. Something terrible has happened to the city. We're leaving town right now so come out." She said in a panic.

"What do you mean mom? What's happened?" I asked.

"There's no time to tell you! Hurry Jonna!" She yelled.

I hung up and grabbed Ashley's arm.

"We have to go. Something's happened." I explained.

"Sure, whatever." She replied.

We ran out to my moms car and got into the car. Me and Ashley decided to sit in the back.

"Mom," I asked," what's happening?"

"I went to work today-"

"You're right, that is frightening." Joked Ashley.

"When I got to work, a coworker of mine walked in. Only thing was, he was covered in blood. We went over to ask him if he was ok but he attacked my friend Kelly and started...eating her alive." My mom finished.

"So. That's one case of cannibalism. Stop the freaking presses." I said sarcastically.

My mom started to drive.

"I know you don't remember but three years ago the same thing happened to the city we used to live in...full moon city. Except then...there were more of them. I think it's happening again."

"What's happening again mom?" I asked.

"The infection that took over full moon City." She answered as she stopped the car at our house.

"We need to hurry and pack up everything." Said mom as she stepped out of the car.

Me and Ashley followed and started putting everything into suitcases.

Part 2

Date: October 18, 2053

Time 5:23pm

After 7 hours of packing and planning we were finally ready to head out. Ashley, my mom, and I had already put the suitcases into the car. All that was left now was to start driving. Oddly enough, I grabbed the tv remote and turned on the tv. The news was on.

"This is Lori Bernard with gt news. There is still no explanation for the mass of killings happening in the city. There is only chaos and destruction left. We advise everyone to either stay indoors or leave the city at once! Wait...we just received news...this attack is happening all over the world. This will probably be my last broadcast so careful."

After that the signal cut off and there was nothing but static on the tv screen. I turned to look at Ashley.

"What do you think is happening?" I asked desperate for a reasonable answer.

"I don't know." She replied in a low tone that resembled sadness.

My mom grabbed our hands and walked us to the car.

"I won't let anything happen you either of you." She said.

She let us go once we reached the car. We all got into the car, then my mom started to drive towards downtown at 65mph. I looked out of the window of the car and watched as people with blood all over them walked slowly around with a limp. Suddenly the car came to a sudden stop. Me and Ashley looked at my mom.

"Were...out of gas...we have to walk from here." She said.

We all got out of the car as the walking people came closer and closer to us. Suddenly I heard my mom scream. Me and Ashley quickly turned to her only to see one of the strange walking people biting into her neck from behind. Her blood started to squirt out of her neck. As she screamed, more and more of those things started to come towards her and bite her. I froze in place from seeing my mom being eaten.

"Jonna!" Yelled Ashley from across the street,"come on! We have to go!"

It took everything I had to run past those things and to Ashley. When I got to her we both started running down the blood-filled streets until we saw two people waving at us from inside of a building. We both ran to that building door and ran inside. We closed the door and sat on the ground.

"We made it." Said Ashley.

I remained silent from the shock of what just happened.

"Jonna," she said as she turned to look at me,"I know you're traumatized from what happened but you have to be strong...if not for you then do it for her."

"She...she's...dead..." I stuttered.

Suddenly we saw two people come downstairs with guns pointed at us.

"Who are you?" Ashley asked.

"That's for us to know." Said the man as he shot the pistol in his hands.

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