Darkness brought us together


2. Rebel

"  Rebel are you ready to go we can't be late." Said King Rafael  "Be right there papa" Today's the big day, we are meeting with King of Malicious  Sirius. Hopefully we can come to an agreement so we can end the war and both countries suffering. My father is also letting me handle the whole meeting for the first time. I am just dying of nerves if I mess up the whole kingdom could fall apart.  But there's no time to dwell on it we are off to their castle. ****** 5 hours later******** Finally after that long trip we have made it to the malicious kingdom. You can tell that before the war it was a beautiful place full of happy people. Now it just looks deserted and dark place. Even the castle has a dark presence around it. We are finally able to get out of the carriage and in the castle which is just too gorgeous for words.   

   walked to the meeting room it had a beautiful design but gave off the feeling that your death was near. 

" rebel knock on the door before they think we are late."

" yes father my apologies."

"Knock, knock." " come in" said a deep booming voice that belonged to Sirius. Or so I thought. Walking in I expected to see a older gentleman in the Kings chair . Instead it was a young handsome man around my age. He had the bluest of eyes that felt as if they were trying to figure out how to destroy you.

" Hello my name is Raelynn I am princess of Sephora kingdom this is my father Rafael. It's our pleasure to meet you ."             

" Welcome to Malicious I am prince Ryker my father was unable to make it today. Now let's get down to business king Rafael."

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