Random pics and one shots

Soooo, I love to make up small stories to humor my favorite pics and I guess I decided to just post it up.


1. Pic 1: Ghostly Comfort

a/n: sooo.... I decided to humor my favorite fandom pics. Enjoy!


Foxy watched out his curtain as the rest of the gang stood onstage being showered with praise. How he envied them. It wasn't his fault that he bit the kid, it was an accident. He tried to hug the lad, not bite him. Now he was stuck back here, rotting away. "Foxy?" He heard a voice beside him. He turned away for his resentment to look at the ghost of the child that haunts his suit. "You know, today is our birthday." The little boy sighed. Foxy's face softened a bit. No one will even notice. He thought to himself. "Do you think they remember us?" Tears slowly made their way down the child's face. Foxy felt his mechanical heart break for the child. He could care less about his birthday, but this was just a child, he deserved a birthday. He deserves to still be alive, but Vincent - how he hated him - killed the kids. Now here sat the one whom was shoved into his suit, crying. "It's unfair. I hate being alone." The boy cries. Foxy knew just how he felt. The other animatronics celebrated their birthdays every year during hours, but Foxy, he had to sneak into the kitchen just to get some left over cake that some kid spit in.

"I know kiddo. I know...." Foxy replied. The curtains made a small noise as he walked over to the kid and hugged him. Hopefully you can be released soon enough. Foxy thought as the kid buried his transparent head into his shoulder. He knew that it would be the end of him being able to walk, talk, shift, anything. He would go back to being a rotted animatronic that no one loved. He hated the notion but this kid overruled his feelings and all he wanted was for him to be set free.

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