This Story is about a girl moving to another state and being the new girl at her school. She finds love but she also finds a friend that is in love with her. And her friend is a girl. Now the main character is torn between two people to be with.


6. Problems

I hurry back to class so that the teacher won't think that I was trying to skip. I walk in quitely trying not to interrupt. Then I see Chase sitting in the seat beside me! So I sit down in my seat and he looks at me and smiles. "Hey, didn't know you were in this class." He said. "Oh really? Same here." I said knowing I was lien. "I just broke up with my girlfriend." ".....wow....umm.." "sorry, that's none of your business I shouldn't of told you that." "No it's fine, really." I said trying to fill sorry for him. "Yea...I guess." He said signing. "I'm sorry." I said. "No. Don't be, she was a bitch anyway." He laughed. I laughed along with him. "Be Quite!" The teacher fussed. So we stayed quite and did our work. Then the bell rung. Walking outside the class room he started to talk to me. "Ya know your not bad to hang out with." He said. "Wow I'm shocked." I said laughing sarcastically. "No really, we should hang out more." He smiled. "Yea, we should." I smiled back looking into his eyes. "Let me drive you home." He said willingly. "Ummm...........yea sure, but I have to talk to someone first." I said. I caught Emmi in the hallway getting her books out the locker. "Hey!" I said excitedly. "Wow your a happy pup, what's going on." Emmi said laughing. "Chase is driving me home!!!" I shouted. Then I looked and around. A lot of people were looking at me. lol. "I mean Chase is driving me home." I whispered this time. "Oh..." Emmi said. "what's wrong aren't you happy for me?" I asked. "Yea." Emmi slammed her locker and walked off quickly and a small note dropped out of her pocket. I picked it up and opened it, it said (hey Mia you are my sun and and I want to be your moon. I wanna get to know each other more. My cell 803-411-2345). Now that I look at this note I realized what I just said to her. Damnit I'm such an dumb ass. 







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