This Story is about a girl moving to another state and being the new girl at her school. She finds love but she also finds a friend that is in love with her. And her friend is a girl. Now the main character is torn between two people to be with.


1. Moving

I'm Mia. I'm 17 years old, I just turned 17 in October. Me and my family are moving to Florida. We are currently in NewYork so we have a long way to go. Now to the Story.


"Mom!!!" "What Mia" She signs walking upstairs in my room. "I can't find my phone! And we can't leave without it!" "Hun we will buy you a new one." "But!" "Come on, we are out in 30." My mom says walking out my room. "No no no no noooooo ughhhh!!!" "Haha Mia can't find her phone." My little sister teases. "Shut up Nia!" "I'm telling!" She said crying. Nia is such a crybaby sometimes but she's only 7 so, I guess that's normal. "Time to roll!" My dad shouted

form down stairs. My mom walks upstairs in my room again. "Did you make Nia cry?!" "....no?" My mom look at me firmly. "Well maybe, but that's because she--" she cut me off. "It's time to go Mia. Just get in the car with your luggage." She walked out. Ugh my mom is always getting on me lately. But I still want my phone! All my friends numbers are on there. I began to tear up. The car horn blew. "I'm coming!" I shouted. I walk out my room slowly and looked back. "I'm gonna miss this place." I quietly said. I walked down stairs. Went out the front door and locked it shut. I got in the car and we drove off. I sat beside Nia because the third  row of seats were coved with all are luggage of clothes and rememberable things. We didn't take any furniture because we were buying everything new and fresh. We got about 10 minutes in the drive and Nia said something to me. "Oh shoot I forgot to give you your phone back." She said with a devilish smile. "Niiiiaaa" "what it's just on my "old" bed." "YOU BITCH!" I said unbuckling my self form the seat. I jumped on top of her and punched her on the face. "STOP GIRLS SETTLE DOWN!" My mom shouted trying to control us. Nia threw some slaps and punches back, now we were fighting real. Then my dad pulled the car over. "What Is wrong with you two?!" My dad said in a puzzled way. Me and Nia stopped.  "She hid my phone on purpose!" I said shouting. "Not uh." Nia said. "Mia you are 16 years old and your fighting with a 7 year old over something stupid." My mom said thinking that she was right about everything. "Mom, I'm 17 one, and two it's not stupid, it's my phonnnne and it has alllll my friends contacts in that phone!" I yelled. "Ok whatever it is, if y'all fight again you two will share a room at are new house!" She yelled back. My dad started to drive again and we started to get on the road to Florida.




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