This Story is about a girl moving to another state and being the new girl at her school. She finds love but she also finds a friend that is in love with her. And her friend is a girl. Now the main character is torn between two people to be with.


3. Lovey dovey


Are furniture came and helped us put things together and in its place. I decorated my room in purple because it's my favorite color. Then it was dinner time and we all sat at the table with pizza to eat.





"Soooo how dose the family like the new house?" My dad said holding his fist like he had a microphone in his hand. "It is wonderful." Nia said in a British accent. Then my dad put the microphone to me. "What about you?" He asked. "Well umm it's pretty cool here, it's hot boys, nice rooms, bigger homes, and yeah so it's great here." I said.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that first part, now to the mama in the houuuse" he said. We all laughed. "And now to the mama of the house. Hello ma'am, how do you like the new house?" "It's great my dear." My mom said smiling back to my dad. Then they lead in to each other. "STOP! Not here not now!" I yelled. "Ok honey were sorry." My mom apologized. They dropped their food and went in the room. Ewwwww I don't wanna think about that. Nia was so disgusted that she ran to the bathroom. Wow. Lol. Later on that day I took a shower and went to bed. I stayed up in my bed just laying there. I was wondering about the new school I would experience. Will it have mean girls? Will Chase be there? Is Chase even my age? I have no answer to any of the questions in my head. I don't know what time I fell asleep but my alarm went off at 6:15am. I got out of bed moaning not wanting to get up. I went in my bathroom and look at myself. "Ewww! I can't recognize myself!" I said thinking out loud. I didn't even bother to fix myself before Breakfast. I went down stairs and my mom and dad were all up on each other. "GOOD MORNING!" I yelled. "Oh! Good morn-- OH honey no stop" my mom said giggling. "Ewww, appetite. Lost." I said walking out of the kitchen. I start to walk upstairs to my room and Nia comes downstairs dressed and stuff. "Hey neenee, had sleep last night?" I asked laughing. "No, and it's not funny! Anyway are they--" "yea. They are." "Ughhhh ok see you at home later on." She said walking down stairs. "No wait! You Catching the bus?" I asked. "Yea." "But you don't know the bus number." I said. "Yea I do. I did the research last night since I couldn't sleep." She said back. "Oh we'll talk to ya later sis." I said walking to my room. She left and I got dressed and fixed my hair. I went downstairs after I was done and saw another bus and started to walk on board. "Hey, umm dose this bus go to Cleveland high?" I asked the bus driver. "Yea. Get on." I sat down on the bus and now I was on my way to my new school Cleveland high.

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