This Story is about a girl moving to another state and being the new girl at her school. She finds love but she also finds a friend that is in love with her. And her friend is a girl. Now the main character is torn between two people to be with.


2. Lip biting

It took 4 days worth of driving distance. We should of took the plane but dad said to stay rich we have to do poor things. He failed at trying to make quote but I get what he means.



    We arrived in Jacksonville Florida. I really miss my friends but now their long gone. We get out the car and we all look at the two story house. "Wooowww" Nia says with bright eyes. "Ok everyone im gonna unlock the door and their is 5 bed rooms not counting your mom and i room, that room is locked so you know it's are's" dad said unlocking the front door. He unlocked the front door and Nia went running in trying to find the stairs, I found them before her and ran up. I scan through one room and the others. "I CALL THIS ONE!" We both said at the same time in the last room. Are mom and dad came in the room. "Ok flip a coin." Are mom said. "Ughhh" I said looking around rolling my eyes, then I saw a room by the room we are in. "Wait, is that you and dads room?" I said. "Yep." Dad said before mom. "Never. Mind. She can have this room." I said smiling fakely. "Are you sure Mia." Nia said looking sorry for me. "Yea yea it's all yours." I said walking away. I am not having a room by them so that they can check on my every 2 seconds and also so I don't hear them at night if you know what I mean. I found another room and look around In it and I really like this room, how did I miss this! It has its own bathroom, it's far away from my parents room, this is better than the other room! My dad walks in. "Like this one?" He's says "yea, why?" I said concerning. "Just askin, well anyway go get your things. The new furniture will be here in a hour." "Ok dad. He walks out and I followed. I went outside, got my stuff out the car and on my way to the front door I slipped on something. falling down on my butt I dropped my box. "Oooouuuuuchhhh!" I yelled. I stand back and look down on what I slipped on. It was my sisters teddy bear, her favorite teddy bear. It would be a shame if teddy didn't find its way to its owner, I thought to myself. "Are you ok" i herd someone yell. I look up and see this boy. He was pretty far away so I couldn't really see him. But I could still tell he was a boy. "Yeah I'm fine." I yelled back looking over the horizon. As he got closer he got cuter and cuter. Then he stopped on the side walk. "I don't wanna step on your lawn." He said. OMG his voice is so sexy!!! I thought. "Oh no your fine, really." I said smiling. Even tho I meant that in the other way. "I don't think your dad would say the same." He said pointing behind me. I turned around. "Ooohhhh dad, hey" I said trying to give him signs to go back inside. "Man you still playing!" I herd someone yell. I turned back towards the boy. "Well that's my call. Gotta go." He said walking away then he turned back around. "I didn't catch your name." "It's Mia"  i said smiling again. "Cool I'm Chase." "Cool." "Well uh see you around." He ran off. "Ok" I said turning back towards my dad and biting my lip. "Umm, what is the biting you lip for?!" My dad asked. "Oh nothing." I said picking up my stuff and walking in the house leaving my dad standing there looking at me.



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