This Story is about a girl moving to another state and being the new girl at her school. She finds love but she also finds a friend that is in love with her. And her friend is a girl. Now the main character is torn between two people to be with.


5. Guess who's in my class!!!

My classes went by slowly. It was fun in class with Emmi but my other two classes were boring. Finally it was lunch. I got a sub for lunch and sat with Emmi. She was by herself but I didn't know why. So I sat beside her. "Oh hey!" Emmi said. "Hey." "You enjoy you other classes?" She asked. "No. Not at all, the people in my classes are boring!" I replied. She laughed. "So seen any boys yet?" She asked. "Umm, yes and no because the boy I like has a girlfriend." "Oh..." "so umm why do you sit alone?" "I had a friend but she moved away this summer." "Oh." We talked a little and then we had free time before are next class so we were just walking around in the hallways. "I have to pee! Coming?" Emmi asked. "Sure, i have to fix my hair anyway." We walked to the bathroom and went in. "This is literally the only bathroom that is mostly empty." Emmi said walking in a stall. She was using the bathroom and I did my hair with the comb from my pocket. I dropped my comb on the floor not seeing anyone behind me. Standing back up someone turns me around and kisses me. I pulled away quickly, trying to look at who kissed me. "EMMI!" I yelled. "I'm sorry I'm sorry, I just--" Emmi tried to say something but I cut her off. "just what!" I yelled again. "Look I'm sorry I just thought that you liked me back." "Wait what, you didn't tell me you were a lesbian." I said being so confused. "It's ok you don't have to be confused." Emmi said with a smile. Then she kissed me again but I didn't move away, I didn't want to move away. The kiss ended and the bell rung, Emmi looked at me and walked out the bathroom to go to class. I stood there biting my lip. Then went to class. I sat down and people started to come into the classroom. Then the late bell rung. "Ok class has anyone seen Chase today?" The teacher asked. Someone spoke up. "Yea." "Ok, class lets begin." The teacher added. OMG Chase is in my class! I raised my hand. I really had to go use the restroom. "Yes?" "Can I use the restroom." I asked. "Go ahead." He said writing on the smart bored. I walked out the classroom and walk towards the bathroom when I herd yelling. So I peeked by the corner and listened. It was Chase and his girlfriend arguing. "No! Chase! It's not me, it's you!" "Oh! So it's me now I'm always makeing you mess up huh!" "Yes! You were sapose to buy me a coffe yesterday and today!" "WHAT THE FUCK!" "Did just curse at ME?!" "You know what Violet......We are DONE." "What?! No no no....no I'm done. I'm braking up with YOU! Violet said walking firmly towards me. I ran to the bathroom in the other direction so they wouldn't see me. 3 minutes later I walked to class thinking to myself. Dang they broke up just like that, but now he's single!...........but now what about Emmi........ oh no.




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