Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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33. Thirty Three

Harry's POV


I woke up to Ron shaking me.

"Harry, wake up! Today's the day!" he shouted. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked around the room and saw the curtains of Percy and Nico's beds still drawn.

"Why are you waking me up?" I asked, annoyed. Today was an important day and I needed as much sleep as I could get.

"So we can go get breakfast and eat in peace," he told me and pulled me so I was standing up. "You can get dressed later," he said and we walked out of the room, hopefully not waking Percy or Nico up in the process.

There were only ten other people in the Great Hall eating, one of which was Cedric. We nodded at each other, basically saying 'Good luck.' I hadn't told him about this challenge, but I've seen him practicing during Professor Apollo's fighting club, so I know that he knows what the task is and if he knows, he would've told Cho who would've told Penelope and Hannah, so at least three fourth's of the champions would know what we would be doing. The only one's that I wasn't sure if they knew were the Slytherins, but knowing Malfoy, his dad would've figured out and told him.

"How have your practices with Percy been going?" Ron asked as we sat down at the empty Gryffindor table.

"It's been going pretty good, actually. He told me that if I go up against him, he'll try not to hurt me, but he won't take any pity on me and let me win."

"I wouldn't expect him too," Ron said as he filled up his plate and I did the same.

"Do you think I have a shot at second place?" I asked and Ron sat in thought for a moment.

"I don't know about second, but I know you won't get last."

"That's not very encouraging," I said and he chuckled.

"Just being honest."




Ron's POV


At about nine, McGonagall came and collect Harry and Percy so they could get ready for the task.

At eleven, the school was pushing their way to the front of the school where the stands were. They had to be rebuilt since two of the dragons had gotten into a fight and had broken it a few months ago.

My idiot brothers were going around taking bets and Hermione, Nico, Neville, and myself were in the front row.

The arena wasn't rocky like it was with the dragons. It was flat, mostly grass but some patches of dirt. I saw a rack full of weapons like what Apollo had at the club, but there was a larger verity here.

At eleven thirty, Dumbledore walked to the middle of the arena and put his wand to his throat.

"Hello everyone! Today is February 14th, the day of the third task of the Wizard Tournament!" Everyone cheered. "There will be weapon-to-weapon first and then hand-to-hand combat second. I hope the champions have been participating in Professor Apollo's club, otherwise we might see some bloodshed." We cheered again. I was fine with seeing bloodshed, as long as it wasn't Harry. Percy could heal with his awesome water powers, so he would be fine. Probably.

"Fighting with weapons will take place first. There is only one rule and that's to not kill one another. If someone does die, the person they were fighting will take last place in this task! The fights will be in this order! Penelope Clearwater verses Hannah Abbott. Theodore Nott verses Harry Potter. Cho Chang verses Draco Malfoy. Cedric Diggory verses Percy Jackson." People cheered and whooped as the person from their house was called.

Not long after, the fights started.



Nico's POV


To be honest, I didn't really pay attention. The fights at Camp Half-Blood and the War Games at Camp Jupiter were way more entertaining and violent. Here, everyone would gasp every time a weapon would hit a person, even though they were wearing armor. Seeing the wizards in armor was really funny because they all walked weird, except for Percy.

I wasn't worried about this task because I knew that Percy could handle himself against a bunch of amateurs. It's not like he was fighting a dragon.

I knew that everyone was worried about fighting Percy because they had seen what he did to Winston a few weeks ago and the fight between Percy and I at the beginning of the year.

When the second round began, I started paying attention. The first fight was Harry verses Penelope and surprisingly Penelope won. The second fight was Percy against Draco and unsurprisingly, Percy won.

The finals were pretty interesting and ending with Percy flipping Penelope over his shoulder and announcing her death as he pointed his sword at her face.

I could tell that Percy was enjoying the one rule of 'don't kill anyone' because he wasn't holding back. He wasn't fighting dirty, but he wasn't going easy.

The hand-to-hand fighting took place next and Professor Dumbledore once again came into the middle of the arena to announce the fights.

"In one hour, we will continue with this task!" he said with his wand to his throat and everyone groaned, not wanting to have to wait. "The fighters need to be healed and get some rest before they can continue! Anyways, onto more important matters. The next fights will be hand-to-hand. The rules are the same. No killing otherwise you will get last place for this task! The fights will be Penelope Clearwater verses Theodore Nott. Cho Chang verses Cedric Diggory. Percy Jackson verses Hannah Abbot and lastly, Harry Potter verses Draco Malfoy! Now entertain yourself for one hour!"

"Well what are we supposed to do?" Neville asked and we shrugged.

"I'm going to go see Percy," I said and I got up and left. Hermione, Ron and Neville were following me, probably heading to see Harry.

Five minutes later, I was in the tent full of wizards getting healed.

I walked over to my cousin as the people following me walked over to see Harry who had a gash on his arm from Penelope, but the nurse was healing him, so he'll be fine by the time of the next fight.

"Yo," I said when I saw Percy who had his back to me. He turned around and when he saw me he smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"Hey Neeks!" he said and I tried to push his away.

"Get off me, you're all sweaty," I said but he just hugged me harder. I sighed and hugged him back, enjoying it a lot.

"Did you like my fight?" he asked as he let go of me.

"Yeah, but it didn't seem like it was that challenging," I said and he chuckled and shook his head.

"It wasn't, but it was pretty fun. I'm excited to show off my hand-to-hand skills."

"Everyone's already seen them during the fighting club. I'm sure Hannah's about to piss herself since she has to fight you."

Percy and I turned to look for the brown haired girl and found her in the opposite corner, staring at Percy in fear. He lifted up his hand and nicely waved at her, which made her eyes grow wider.

"You're going to kick her ass, aren't you?" I asked as we turned away from the poor girl. Percy chuckled again.

"Yeah, but I'm going to do it gently."

"Like the gentleman you are."




Harry's POV 


After Ron, Hermione and Neville had left, I went over to Percy who had gotten done talking to Nico. Penelope and Theodore's fight had just started and I was getting worried, again.

"You know, if I beat Malfoy, I'm going to have to fight you," I told him and he nodded.

"Yeah, and I'm not going to let you win," he said and I chuckled.

"I wouldn't expect you too. I'm just hoping that you don't bruise me to much." Percy smiled and shook his head.

"I wouldn't dream of it. You're my friend Harry. I don't hurt my friends."

"You hurt Nico," I said and he shook his head again.

"That's different. I've known his for years and he can take care of himself in a fight."

"Cedric! Cho! You're up!" someone shouted, interrupting our conversation. We saw Penelope walk back into the tent, victorious.

"Man, she's tough," Percy said and I nodded.

"She's in Ravenclaw. She probably memorized fighting strategies and studied everyone's fighting skills during Apollo's club," I said and I swear that I saw Percy look upset for a moment. "Are you okay?" I asked and he shrugged.

"Yeah, it's just I had a girlfriend who used to do that," he said and changed the topic. "Do you remember what I taught you?" he asked and I nodded. "Good, because you're just about up."


I had ended up hurting Draco's wrist and winning the fight, much to his displeasure. Percy had beaten Hannah in what was probably the nicest way possible. Cedric had fought Penelope and won, which means that he'll be fighting whoever won the fight between Percy and I.

Who was I kidding? Percy was going to win and there was no question about it. He had been training one-on-one with me for the past six weeks, but I was still a novice.

Percy and I were talking up until we walked out of the tent. He kept reassuring me that he wasn't going to hurt me, but I wasn't so sure. I was there when Percy broke Winston's arm and he had promised him that he wasn't going to hurt him.

By the time the fight started, I was about to piss myself.

Percy ended up keeping his promise and I ended up with nothing more than a few scraps from falling, and some bruised knuckles from when Percy gave me an opening and told me to punch him in the face.

He took the punch like a man, and after about three minutes, he dead legged me, got on top of me and I surrendered with his fist above my face.

As soon as I said the words, he smiled, got up off of me and helped me to my feet.

The referee had us shake hands before we both headed back to the tent where we were to get healed.

Professor Apollo walked up to Percy and gave him some sort of drink and a pat on the back before sending him back to the arena to fight Cedric in the finals.

"How are you, Harry?" Apollo asked and I laid down in a cot, waiting for Madame Pomfrey to heal me.

"I'm better than I would've been if Percy hadn't taken it easy on me," I said and he chuckled.

"Of course he did. He could never hurt one of his friends."

"You said something like that when the Elemental Wizards came to visit," I said, remembering that day. "You said something along the lines of, 'They won't hurt you if you don't hurt them or their friends.'"

"And that's true," Apollo said, nodding. "If someone tried to hurt you, Percy would attack them. He would kill them if necessary." That shocked me.

"Kill?" he nodded again.

"Percy will do anything to protect his friends. Nico is the same." I thought about that, and one question kept coming to mind.

"Have Percy and Nico killed someone before?"

Apollo chose his next words carefully. "Only when they had to. I told you about how Salem had a war last year, right?" He asked and I nodded for him to continue. "Percy and six others lead the war. They did what was necessary to win."

"What about Nico? Was he one of the six others?" I asked and the professor shook his head.

"No, he had another task. He helped stop a civil war from happening at Salem. He almost died in the process."


"How did he stop the war or how did he almost die?" Apollo asked as he raised an eyebrow. I shrugged.

"Both, I guess."

"He helped return something that stopped the war, but in doing so, he almost died. He overused his powers and almost started coming apart at a molecular level."

"What?" I asked. Coming apart at a molecular level? That didn't sound possible.

"Actually, I can answer that in the form of a haiku," he said before he cleared his throat.


"He lost to the dark

He became how he traveled

He became shadows."


That didn't help my confusion at all. It just made it worse.

As Apollo was done talking, there was intense cheering, which meant that the match was done. As Cedric and Percy walked into the tent, Apollo looked at me. "For their sanity, do not question Percy and Nico about the war unless it's absolutely, one hundred percent necessary."

Percy walked up to Apollo with a bloody smile on his face and a busted lip.

"A little help," he said as he moved his hand from his shoulder and I almost threw up.

"Come over here, dumbass," Apollo said and I was shocked. A teacher just called a student a dumbass. That's not supposed to happen.

"What happened?" I asked. Percy's shoulder was freaky looking and I didn't understand how he was staying so calm.

"Nothing, he just dislocated his shoulder," Apollo said and he had Percy stand in front of a wall and put his hand on his shoulder. With a strong push, it popped into place. Percy flinched but that was it.

"You should probably go help Cedric," Percy told the teacher. "I think I knocked one of his teeth out."

Apollo nodded and went to help the Hufflepuff.

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