Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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2. Chapter Two

Harry's POV


As we appeared outside the Burrow, Fred, George and Ginny ran inside to get their mum.

The uninjured boy ran off and threw up. "What the fuck was that?" he yelled as he walked back over and muttered something about that being a terrible way to travel and then ran to the other boy.

"Percy," the he said as he tapped the injured boy's face sort of hard. "Hey, stay awake. You're going to be okay."

"No, I don't want to," the boy named Percy muttered.

"Oh my goodness!" Mrs. Weasley yelled as she ran out of the house with the rest of the Weasley's following. "Bring him inside. We'll fix him up there."

The boy whose name I don't know picked Percy up into his arms and followed Mrs. Weasley inside, which was impressive because Percy looked much too big to be carried in the smaller boy's arms with such ease.

"Put him on the couch dear," Mrs. Weasley told him and the boy did as she said and then he crouched down by his head.

"Water," Percy muttered and the boy whispered something in his ear and Percy groaned.

"Someone get the boy water," Mr. Weasley said as Mrs. Weasley pulled out her wand.

"Take off his shirt," she said and as the boy tried to take it off, Percy grabbed his hand and told him no.

"Percy, stop being a pain," the boy said.

"No. I'm fine. I just need some rest."

When he said that, I was seriously confused. His once orange shirt was now torn and soaked in red.

Then, the boy slapped him across the face, and he didn't do so softly.

"Stop being an idiot, Percy!" he yelled.

"Nico, I'm older than you. Leave me alone."

"Actually, Perce, I'm older than you. Now, get your head out of your ass. You know you're going to bleed out unless you do what they say, and I'm pretty sure these nice people don't want their couch soaked in blood."

Percy muttered something about hotels not counting, but I'm pretty sure he was just muttering incoherently because of the blood loss, then he agreed.

Nico helped Percy sit up and as he pulled of his shirt, everyone let out a small gasp.

His body was covered in dark red scars and his chest and arms were soaked in blood, so if there were more scars there, we couldn't see them. There was also a gaping slash across the top half of Percy's chest that didn't seem like it would stop bleeding any time soon. The boy that he came with Percy seemed bothered by the scars, but he seemed to ignore it.

"Everyone back away," Mrs. Weasley said as she raised her wand and muttered something and Percy squealed in pain, but nothing happened. His wound didn't heal and it didn't stop bleeding.

"Mum, what happened?" Ron asked and his mother looked bewildered.

"I don't know," she said, shocked and she tried it again, but Percy just whined in pain again.

"Let me try," Mr. Weasley said and the outcome was the exact same. All of a sudden, there was a small 'pop' and Dumbledore appeared in the room.

"It's not going to work," he said, looking at the boy. "Go down the hill and do what you normally do."

Nico lifted Percy into his arms. "We'll be right back," the he said and Nico ran out of the house with Percy.




Ron's POV


"Who are those people?" I asked and Dumbledore sighed and looked at Mum and Dad.

"Would it be okay if they stayed here?" he asked and Mum looked shocked.

"Of course, but why?"

"They will be going to Hogwarts when the school year begins. You need to befriend them. They will be powerful allies in the war against Voldemort."

"But who are they?" Harry asked.

"They are the most power people you will ever meet," he said and everyone was shocked.

"What about you?" Ginny asked and Dumbledore laughed.

"They are the two most powerful people that have gone, or will ever go to, Hogwarts. They are more powerful than me. They are most powerful than Harry. They are even more powerful than Voldemort himself."

"How?" Mrs. Weasley asked and Dumbledore shook his head.

"I'm forbidden to tell you, and don't push them when it comes to their pasts, they will not like it."

"Why are they so powerful?" Hermione asked.

"It's their parents. That's all I can tell you about that. But you need to know this. No magic that comes from a wand will work on them. If you threaten one of them, or hurt one of them, they will come at you not with magic. They will come at you with something much more, and no matter what you do, you will not be able to stop them."

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