Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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30. Chapter Thirty

Percy's POV


It was our first day since Winter Break had ended and school started back up tomorrow. We were all at breakfast and Dumbledore said that there was going to be an announcement at lunch later today, so naturally, everyone was trying to guess what it was going to be about.

The most popular theory was that he was going to announce what the next task was going to be in the Wizard Tournament, and being one of the champions, I was listening to every rumor.

By the time lunch came around, the whole school was anxiously awaiting to hear the announcement.

"Everyone!" Dumbledore called, getting his students attention. "Please give Professor Apollo your undivided attention." Apollo stood up from his seat at the Head Table and took Dumbledore's place at the podium. This can't be good.

"After lunch, we will have a few guests coming to visit. They will only be staying for an hour or so and I expect you all to be on your best behavior."

Hermione raised her hand to ask a question and Apollo called on her. "Who's coming to visit?"

"Some friends of mine who are going to help explain the curriculum that I will be teaching in Defense Against the Dark Arts this semester."

"And what's that?" Hermione asked.

"You will find out later. Now, eat!" With that, food covered the table.

"Who do you think it is coming to visit?" Hermione asked and Harry, Ron, Nico and I shrugged.

A friend of Apollo's? Was it some demigods? Was it some gods? Gods I hope not. I couldn't handle seeing Aphrodite again after the condoms incident and the fact that I kissed Nico. She would try and force us to be together and fall in love and I wasn't ready for any of that yet. I didn't even know how I felt about Nico.

"It's probably going to be some people to demonstrate sword fighting," Hermione continued, not letting us answer her first question. "Remember when you two sword fought the other day?" She asked, gesturing to Nico and myself. "He said that we would be focusing on hand-to-hand and weapon-to-weapon combat."

Hermione kept talking and talking and I just tuned her out, focusing on my chicken instead. Then a voice started talking in my head.

"I need you and Nico to meet me in my classroom after lunch." I replied in my head, telling the voice that I was assuming was Apollo that I wouldn't miss it for the world and he called me a sarcastic little bitch. I chuckled and Nico gave me a weird look.

"What's so funny?"

"My really amazing inner monologue," I said and he just rolled his eyes.

Once lunch was over, I held Nico back as the others went outside where we were going to meet the visitors.

"What is it?" He asked and I just pulled him away from the crowd and towards our cousin's classroom.

"Apollo wanted to talk to us," I said once we couldn't be overheard.

When we walked into the classroom, Nico and I were immediately tackled to the floor.

"This is where you guys have been on your quest?" Leo yelled as he hugged us. "This place is so beautiful!"

Nico shoved Leo off of us and Thalia grabbed my hand to pulled me up as Piper did the same with Nico.

"Thalia!" I called, pulling her into a hug and she hugged me back. Yes, I was a boy but I was also her cousin so I didn't really count.

Before I could ask her how she's been, Apollo started talking.

"You guys can talk and reunite later, but right now I need to explain what's going on. I'm teaching the wizards about Elemental Magic, which is basically what you guys can do. You are going to wear these," he waved his hands and my robes changed into a blue cloak with a hood that cast a shadow onto my face. I looked at my friends and saw that each of them were wearing a different color. "I will call you guys by your colors so the wizards don't figure out that Percy and Nico are up here. You're hoods won't fall down so don't be afraid to over exaggerate your hand movements.

"When we go out there, just go with the flow, but try to act professional. Each of you are going to show off your powers and feel free to go above and beyond. I'm with you so you guys won't get tired to pass out from over using your gifts. We are going to try to scare them, so when I give you your cue, I'll talk in your heads and tell you want to do. Do not say each other's name. Do you guys understand what's going on?" We nodded. "Okay, follow me."




Hermione's POV


The whole school was outside. Dumbledore had cast a spell that melted all the snow and unfroze the lake that had once again frozen over since Professor Apollo melted it a few days ago. We were all huddled together because it was still slightly chilly.

After a few minutes, the castle doors opened and Professor Apollo walked out with five people in colorful cloaks following behind him. There was a blue one, black one, pink one, silver one and an orange one.

Since Percy and Nico weren't with us, I assumed that they were some of the cloaked figures.

"Everyone, make a circle," Professor Apollo told us and everyone made a large circle around him and the others that was about twenty-five feet in diameter. Everyone trying to get a good spot so they could clearly see the guests. The cloaked people were standing in a straight line.

"Please raise your hand if you have ever heard of the show Avatar the Last Airbender?" The hands of most of the Muggle Borns and half bloods went up. "Okay, so some of these guys here have powers like the people on that show. The one dressed in orange can control fire, the one in sliver can control air, the one in black can control earth and the one in blue can control water."

"What about the person in pink?"

"We'll get to her later."

"What they are going to show you is called Elemental Magic. It's a different type of magic than your own. They do not need a wand to do their magic." A mummer broke out. Not needing a wand? That's absurd.

"Silver?" the Professor asked and the person dressed in silver stepped forward, out of the line. Silver's arms lifted and her body started to shake slightly. Oddly, her body lifted off of the ground, causing her to be hovering a several feet in the air.

"Very good, now come back down," Apollo told her and she did as he said. Once she was back on the ground she went back into her place in the line. Silver was in between the black and the blue figures. "Orange?"

Orange stepped out of line and as his arms rose, they caught on fire. Everyone gasped. He started jumping around, doing karate moves as he sent fire everywhere, but it always went out before it hit any students. After a minute or two, he stopped and took a bow before going back into line. We clapped.

"Black?" Black took a step forward before kneeling to the ground. We had no idea what he was doing until there was a slight tremor, causing a rock the shoot out of the ground under who I could only assume was Nico. Apollo told us that he could control rocks, but I had expected it to be pebbles or small things, not ten ton boulders.

Black was about fifteen feet in the air when he jumped off, doing a front flip before he landed back on the ground, sending to rock back to where it was before. Then he stomped, causing the ground to open up. Before anyone could get a good look of what was down there, he stomped again and the fissure closed.

We all clapped because that was really impressive. Sort of scary, but impressive nonetheless.


He took a few steps forward before breaking into a run towards the lake. Everyone who was in his way went to quickly move. Blue, who I assumed was Percy kept running at full speed towards the lake, not even stopping when he got to the edge. He just kept running head on and on top of the water.

I heard someone whisper, "Is he Jesus?" and everyone that heard laughed.

A wave appeared in the still lake, sweeping Blue off his feet, carrying him around the lake. After doing a few impressive tricks, he jumped back onto dry land, jogging back to the center of the circle where he bowed as a people clapped, and then taking his place back in line.

"Now, not all of their powers are as lighthearted and fun as the ones that they just demonstrated. Here are some of them. Silver, hit Blue and Black."

Silver seemed to know what that meant and she raised her arms again. This time she didn't float up. The sky darkened and the wind picked up, causing our hair to fly everywhere, but the hoods of the hooded figures stayed in place. Suddenly there were was a flash and two beams of lightning came down and hit Blue and Black, causing them to go flying. Everyone screamed.

As Percy and Nico picked themselves up and moved back to their places in line, somehow okay but smoking slightly, Apollo continued talking. "They're powers are violent. Dangerous. Black." Apollo pointed to Nico and he pulled a black sword out of nowhere and stabbed it into the ground, causing it to tremor and half clothed bodies rose out of the ground, causing people to scream and gasp.

"Black here can control ghosts, see people's life forces, their auras. He can go into a death trance where he does not eat, sleep or breath, he just is. Also, he can summon what you call Inferius," Apollo said, pointing at the zombie like things who were just standing there.

"Don't worry," Nico said in a monotone voice, "they won't attack unless I tell them to." That wasn't very reassuring. He pulled his sword out of the grass and the Inferius sank back into the ground.

"He's a necromancer," Apollo explained and some of the students had the same reaction as I did when Apollo first told me.

"That's illegal!" Someone shouted but Nico chuckled.

"That's black magic!"

"Hold your comments for later," Professor Apollo said, silencing the crowd. "Orange can set things on fire without even touching it." To prove his point, Orange waved his arm in a circle, causing fire to erupt around the outside of the circle of students. It died down after a moment. We were all terrified.

"Blue can control poison and heal." Apollo took the sword the Black was still holding and swung it, causing a gash to appear on Percy's chest. Everyone gasped as Blue fell to his knees. He put his hands to his chest and when he removed them, they were covered in red.

As he fell onto his side, I felt my feet get wet and I looked down to see water was moving towards Blue. The puddle of blood around him was quickly washed away and after a few moments, he stood up, perfectly fine again.

No one said anything. We were all in shock.

"He can summon hurricanes, breath under water, create water out of nothing, cause earthquakes and can not be burned by fire. These types of wizards are incredibly powerful and they should not be taken lightly. Some even have abilities that equal the unforgivable curses. Hermione," the professor said and looked at me. "What is an Unforgivable Curse?"

"The Imperius Curse," I said and he nodded.

"And what does that do?"

"It forces the victim to obey every command of the caster," I said loudly so the school could hear me.

"Well, here's Pink," Professor Apollo said as he gestured to the person clad in pink.

She took a step forward. "Everyone, look at me and listen!" I found myself unable to look away. "Everyone, hold hands with the people next to you." I moved my arms and gripped hands with Ron and some Ravenclaw boy who was probably in his second year, causing him to blush. I didn't even mean to move my hands, I just did.

"Jump up and down." Everyone did as she said. "Stop and release hands." We did. "This is like an extreme game of Simon Says. You will do anything that I tell you do. If I told you to kill yourself or to kill your friends, you would. You would have no choice."

A scared murmur went out across the crowd.

"Neville," Professor Apollo said, pointing at the brown haired boy who was on the other side of the circle from me. "Name another curse and tell everyone what it does."

"The Cruciatus Curse. It puts the victim through excruciating pain."

"You are correct. Black?" Apollo asked, facing the figure. "What are you able to do?"

"I can control your bones, breaking them, moving them, doing as I please." That was terrifying.

"Will you demonstrate?" Professor asked and Black shook his head.

"No, I will not. I will only do it when I have to."

"That's what I thought. Now, Draco," the professor said, looking at the Slytherin boy, "What's the final Unforgivable Curse?"

"The Killing Curse," Malfoy answered back carefully. "It kills the person instantly."

"Correct, Black? What can you do?"

"If need be, I can forcibly turn someone into a ghost and banish their soul. Before you ask, I will not demonstrate."

Professor Apollo nodded, turning away from the hooded figures who stood in a line.

"Elemental wizards are very powerful. They are warriors. They are also masters at defeating things of the from the Dark Arts. Any questions?"

"Isn't Black basically the definition of the Dark Arts? How can he defeat what he is?" A boy from Ravenclaw called.

"Black?" Apollo asked.

"My magic is not what you consider a 'Dark Art.' Dark arts contain Black Magic, and that may be what my magic looks like, but it is not. It is Dark Magic. It's a natural evil."

"Please show us," Apollo said and the figure nodded. As a cloud passed in front of the sun, Nico disappeared.

"Umbraportation!" A voice shouted and everyone turned towards the voice. He was behind the crowd, just standing there. Then he disappeared again and reappeared on the other side of the circle. "It is an inherited ability! I can travel through shadows and control them." As he said that, he appeared in the center of the circle again. Everyone's shadow moved away from him or her, heading towards Nico. "They belong to me." After a moment he waved his hand and our shadows retuned to us.

"Their powers should scare you," Professor Apollo told us, "But the wizards themselves should not. They are not their powers. They are not dark or evil. They are just like you and I. They look no different and they act no different. The Elemental Wizards will not hurt you unless you strike first. They are not a danger to anyone unless their lives or their friends' lives are threatened." Apollo turned towards Nico and nodded. He took a step out of line.

"I have one last power. I can travel through dreams." As Black said that, everyone fell to the ground, himself included.

I saw a hooded figure in my dream. "You wizards have no reason to fear us. We are not here to hurt you. Your professor will be teaching you about us during your schooling this year. He's teaching you how we fight. How we survive. How we kill.

"Each and every one of you will be taught the basics of hand-to-hand combat and things that involve weapons like archery and sword fighting. I suggest that you pay attention in class so you can learn about our lifestyles and how to survive without wands. I wish you good luck."

When we woke up, the hooded figures were gone.

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