Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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36. Chapter Thirty Six

Ron's POV


The five of us were sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room later that night. It was around ten and we had out waited even the Seventh Years so we could be alone. Why we didn't just go up to our dormitory? I had no idea, but I didn't feel like arguing with Hermione.

"You know what I'm going to ask," Hermione said to Percy and Nico and they sat up straighter on the couch that the two of them were hogging.

"Yeah, but instead of just explaining thing and possibly missing things, how about you just ask anyways," Percy said and ran a hand through his hair. "Like you're always doing," he added quietly under his breath, but we all heard him.

I knew that Hermione had been dying to ask Percy and Nico about their boggarts, and I'll admit, I was quite curious too. Nothing about those two boys was simple.

"Why were you one of your own fears?" Hermione asked and Perce sort of shrugged, not really sure how to answer.

"I guess that was me being a traitor. I'm a very loyal person and the thought of being the reason that my friends have died is terrifying to me."

"That asked more questions than it answered," Hermione mumbled but we heard her.

"Why do you mean?" I asked and she just looked at Percy.

"You're friends have died. How? In the war?" Hermione asked and Harry and I glared at her.

"Hermione!" Harry yelled, sounding angry. "Professor Apollo told us not to mention that!"

Percy froze, his eyes wide. Nico was the one to talk. "If you're going to talk about the war, don't ask Percy. Ask me."

"Okay," Hermione said, not as bothered as Harry and I about Percy's reaction to this topic. I knew that we should change it, but if Nico was willing to answer, she might as well ask her questions now.

"What friends?"

"Almost all of them," Nico answered with a blank expression. "I've never had as many friends as Percy so it wasn't as bad as I watched people die."

"Apollo told Harry that you two have killed someone before," Hermione said and Nico gave her a dumbfounded expression.

"We were in war," he said slowly. "What do you think we did? Arm wrestle?" Hermione looked slightly offended at Nico's response.

"He also said that you guys would kill someone to protect me," Harry said, trying to get the attention off of Hermione.

"We would."


"Because you're our friend."

Harry looked oddly touched at that, and of course, Hermione ruined the moment and started to ask questions relentlessly.

"Apollo said the Percy lead the war with six others, like the prophecy from Divination said."

"He did, and only three of them are still alive," Nico answered simply. He looked at Percy and I followed his gaze.

Percy seemed to be coming out of his trance that he was before. He no longer looked scared. He just looked sad now.

"What about the civil war that you stopped?"

"I returned something that had been missing that caused the feud in the first place."

"Apollo said a weird poem thing that Harry can't remember." We looked at Harry who just shrugged. "It was something about you becoming shadows. What did it mean?"

"I overused my gifts and I started to become a shadow myself. Do you have any more questions about the war?" Nico said, daring Hermione to ask another war-related question.

She dared.

"Just one. What was the war about? Who were you fighting? What were you fighting for?" Technically that was three questions but I wasn't going to be the one to point it out.

"We were fighting to live," he said, not going into more detail and only answering one of the questions. "Now, if you're going to ask questions, don't have them relate to the war."

Hermione changed back to the topic of the boggarts. Percy was expecting to be asked the questions, but Hermione still directed everything at Nico.

"Why was yours a voice?" He stayed silent and didn't answer, neither did Percy. "What about the man with the wings?" Neither boy said anything but I saw Nico tense up. "What about when the voice mentioned 'the twins' and a jar?" As soon as she said 'the twins,' Nico stood up and walked away, shaking slightly.

He must really not want to talk about that. If he can talk about a war and be fine, then he must really be afraid of that voice.

Hermione turned to Percy and kept asking her questions, not stopping as Nico left.

"Why was one of his fears you dying? You didn't blame him or anything, it was just you dying."

"I honestly don't know. I thought it was going to be his father yelling at him or one of his sisters," Percy said, speaking for the first time since the war questions started.

"Nico has sisters?"

"Had. He had two sisters, but their both dead now."

"How did they die?" Hermione asked, speaking in a softer voice. The harshness of her tone when she was asking questions earlier had left.

"His full sister sacrificed herself for me and a few others and his half-sister was one of the ones who lead the war with me and didn't make it."

"What were their names?"

"Bianca di Angelo and Hazel Levesque."

I cleared my throat, signaling that it was time for a change of topic because Percy started looking uncomfortable, probably because he was talking about Nico's personal life.

"Can we talk about the girl you saw? The one that you yelled at?" Hermione asked, finally deciding the tread carefully.

Percy hesitated before he nodded. "Yeah. What do you want to know?"

"Who was she?"

"She was my girlfriend," he said and I saw tears come to his eyes, but he quickly wiped them away.

"Really?" Hermione asked softly. "What happened?"

Percy answered that question with another question. "Do you remember way back when, when you asked me about how I got my scars?" He asked and we nodded.

"You said 'Now is not the time,' or something like that," I said and this time he nodded.

"Well, now's the time. I got my scars with her. We were held captive by the voice that you heard. Nico was held too, but at a different point in time and he was by himself. I had Annabeth."

"Her name was Annabeth?" Hermione asked and Percy nodded.


"What all happened?"

"When we were held captive and tortured. We were beaten, cut, branded, whipped and whatever else you can think of, it happened to us," Percy said, talking softly. I was shocked. Not only by what happened to them but the fact that he was telling us. He and Nico normally tell us half-truths or change the topic, but not this time. This time he was being completely honest.

"I took as many of her punishments as she would let me," he said and there was a pained look on his face, almost like he was remembering. "But eventually, she couldn't take it anymore. Her body just gave up on her and she fell limp in her chains." The first tear fell down Percy's face. I'd never seen him so sad. The only time I'd ever seen him cry was during his nightmares, which brought up a question.

"Do you have nightmares about what happened?"

He nodded sadly. "Yeah, but they've gotten less frequent as you can probably tell because I wake you up less."

Hermione asked her next question carefully. "Can we see what..." Her question just kind of dropped out, but Percy got what she was saying.

He got up off the couch, took off a few layers of his clothes and then pulled up the back of his undershirt, letting us see what was beneath it.

"We saw some when you first showed up..." Harry started.

"And when the dragon..." I added.

"But we never..." Hermione finished and Percy pulled his shirt back down, covering the whip marks, brands, burns and what looked like claw marks. He was probably feeling self-conscious because we were staring at him in shocked.

"What happened?" Hermione asked, emphasizing the second word.

"I told you, I was tortured."

"I know, are you still alive? How did you escape?"

"I used the water in the air to heal myself as much as I could so I could fight and Annabeth's death filled me with such rage, I was able to kill my captures and escape."

After a minute of silence as we processed that, Hermione spoke again.

"Couldn't you just heal?" She asked. "Like you did when Professor Apollo cut you with that sword?"

Percy shrugged. "If I really wanted to, yeah, I could, but there are some memories you don't get rid of."

"You want to remember getting tortured?"

"I don't want to. I need to."

"Why?" I asked, not knowing why anyone would want to remember that.

"Because it's my last memories of Annabeth," he said and started heading to the stairs, signaling that he was done with this conversation. "Now, if you don't have any more questions, I'm going to bed."

We told him goodnight and he headed up to the dormitory.

The three of us sat in silence for a few minutes.

"So Hermione," Harry said, turning towards her. "Do you have any more questions to bombard them with?"

"Yes, actually, I do."

"Why can't you just leave them alone?" He asked, sounding angry. "We've known them for months and they haven't done anything to make us doubt them!"

Hermione just shrugged and I sunk into my chair, trying to stay out of the argument.

"They didn't tell us that they were Elemental wizards," she said, trying to make a point. "They never told us that the truth potion wouldn't work on them. We don't know what else they're keeping from us!"

"If they're keeping something from us, it's probably for a good reason," Harry countered. "Percy told us about the tasks, they proved that they weren't Death Eaters, they talked about their war which Professor Apollo told us not to mention to them and most of all, Dumbledore trusts them. I mean, if Dumbledore can trust them, why can't you?"

"Because I need to know everything about them!" She said and Harry groaned.

"You don't even know everything about me and Ron, right?" he said,  gesturing to me to answer and side with him.

"Oh no, I'm staying out of this," I said, not wanted to be apart of the argument.

"But you have to agree with one of us," Hermione said. "Do you think we can trust them or do you think they're still hiding things from us?"

I took a deep breath before I answered.

"I think that they're still keeping things from us-."

"Hah!" Hermione said, happy to have won the disagreement.

"But I think we can trust them. Well, at least we can after Easter Break when Sirius and Lupin take their turns with them."

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