Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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4. Chapter Four

Nico's POV


I woke up to the sound of someone walking down the stairs.

"Hello?" I said as I sat up and I saw Ginny.

"Oh, hey," she said awkwardly with a small wave of her hand. "Mum sent me down here to wake you guys up. Breakfast is almost ready."

"Okay, but I should probably wake Percy up. He's normally very violent if you wake him wrong," I told her and her eyes widened.


"Yeah, watch," I said as I got out of bed and stretched. I walked over to Percy and started shaking him. "Wake up. Come on Perce, wakey wakey! Wake up, Percy. Wak-." My air supply was cut off by Percy's hand and he sat up and glared at me. "Perce!" I said as I grabbed his arm. "Percy, don't kill me!" After a moment of two, Percy just grunted and let go of my neck and laid back down, instantly asleep.

I looked at Ginny who looked frightened. "Yeah," I said as I rubbed my neck, "It's painful waking him up."

"Oh my god, that was horrifying," Ginny said and I chuckled.

"Yeah, let's go eat. He'll be up in about ten minutes," I told her and we headed upstairs.

Seeing everyone and talking to them was really awkward for me since I'm not the most social person in the world and it didn't help that I barely know these people. Ever since the war ended, more of the kids at camp would talk to me and Percy would make me respond, but it was still awkward.

Percy walked in right as everyone was sitting down, and he and I were spread out along the table.

As we were eating and talking, Percy stretched and Ron noticed the bruise I gave Percy last night when I slammed the hilt of my sword onto his chest.

"Percy, what's on your chest?" he asked.

"What?" Percy said and looked down. "Oh, that. Yeah, Nico almost broke my collarbone last night."

"What?" They all said and looked at me. I just shrugged.

"All that matters is that, for the first time in my life, I beat Percy Jackson," I said with a triumphant smile.

"Yeah, and it's going to be the last time too," he told me and I chuckled.

"Percy, we both know that's not true."




Harry's POV


Nico and Percy had been over for a week now, and no one really know anything about them.

Dumbledore had told us not to pry into their lives because they'll open up to us once they fully trust us.

The only thing we do know is that they knew nothing about Hogwarts.

We had to explain everything to them. And I mean everything. It was like they were cut off from the wizarding world, because they knew nothing about anything.

"You've never ridden a broom?" Ron asked in shock and they shook their heads. "Okay, you guys stay there, I'll be right back," he said and ran off to the shed where they keep the brooms and was back within a minute. "Just put your hand over them and say up," he said and they did as they were told.

To everyone's shock, the brooms flew up into their hands on their first try.

"Okay, now get onto the broom and push up," Ron said and him and I demonstrated.

"You mean we're going to fly?" Percy asked and I nodded.


"Like up in the air?" Nico questioned and Ron and I nodded.

"Yeah, that's not going to happen," Percy said and put the broom down, and Nico copied his move.

"Why not?"

"I'm scared of heights," Nico said.

"Same here," Percy added.

"Come on, it's not that bad," Ron said, trying to convince them but they just kept shaking their heads.

"I'm accident prone. If I go into the air I'm probably either going to get struck by a random thing of lightning or fall off. I'm not risking it." With that, they both walked back into the house.

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