Percy and Nico Undercover at Hogwarts

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The gods have Percy and Nico help the world that is unknown to demigods. The Wizarding World. Percy is changed into his fifteen year old self so he can fit in, and him and Nico are sent to help stop the war against Voldemort before it even starts.

(This takes place after the Giant War and during Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. You really shouldn't read this if you don't like Percico.)

(Also, I do not own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, this is my only disclaimer)

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49. Chapter Forty Nine

Hermione's POV


Thirty minutes after Nico disappeared, Apollo walked into the middle of the crowds attention.

"There have been some...change of events. Things have gone a little haywire and when the winners appear, I need you to all stay in your seat."

"Did you say winners?" Someone called out.

"I did. I might as well tell you now. Both Percy and Harry grabbed the Wizard Tournament cup at the same time-."

"Does that mean they split the prize?"

"Stop interrupting me!" Apollo yelled, starting to get angry. "They were taken away to a graveyard where the Dark Lord Voldemort rose and-"


Faster than light, Apollo pulled his wand out and pointed it at the boy, shouting something like, 'Shut the fuck up!'

Light flashed out of his wand and the boy was suddenly tied up in ropes with duct tape over his mouth.

"As I was saying!" he snapped, yelling. "Percy, Harry and Nico-."


Apollo moved faster than I thought possible, bending down, grabbing a rock, and chucking it at the boy who spoke, hitting his straight in the neck.

"Shut up! I am speaking and this is important!" He yelled. He seemed less like a teacher and more like an angry teen. He started to glow, before taking a few breaths to calm himself.

"As I was saying!" he repeated, the crowd now silent, "Percy, Harry and Nico, and yes, Nico di Angelo, all grabbed the cup at the same time. They were taken to a graveyard where they are currently at. They are watching Voldemort rise, only to fall very soon. He-."

"And how do you know this?" a girl called out, stopping whatever the professor was going to say next.

The wand in Apollo's hand was snapped in two, causing everyone to gasp. A wizard just broke his own wand.

"I swear to my father the next person who speaks will get stabbed." Everyone was silent once again. "So, when they appear, you will all say in the stands and listen to their explanation. They will be tired and bloody and will want nothing more than to just go to bed. They-."

"Why should be believe you?"

Apollo threw one half of his wand and it ended up stuck into the boy's shoulder. When he opened his mouth to scream in pain, nothing came out.

"I'm sick of you wizards. We shouldn't have sent anyone to help you. You all should've just died."

I raised my hand tentatively, as to not get stabbed with half of a wand.

"Yes Hermione."

"What are you talking about?" I asked and Apollo sighed, running a hand through his golden hair.

"Percy and Nico were sent here to help you guys. The Elemental Wizards chose the elite of the elite and sent Percy and Nico to stop the war against Voldemort before he could rise and go on a murder spree. They are both Elemental Wizards. They were the ones dressed in blue and black when I had the wizards visit.

"They have been here helping, learning and gaining your trust so that when this happened, you would believe them. Percy and Nico have been preparing for this and have been ready to do anything that was nec-."

"They knew this was going to happen? How!"

"Because Elemental Wizards are far better than you losers!"

"Are you an Elemental Wizard?" Someone called out and Apollo started shaking.

"Yes you dumbasses!" He yelled.

"What do your powers have to do with?"

The clouds moved from in front of the sun and the boy who spoke was suddenly in a ray of light, screaming as his skin turned red.

"Light, now, back to the subject you're your pending doom!" The professor yelled, "It has currently been delayed to something that doesn't have to do with the Dark Lord who has risen and is being killed right about," he looked at his watch, "now."

Everyone looked confused and worried about what Professor Apollo was talking about.

"So, Percy, Harry and Nico will be appearing soon and you will all stay where you are. You will not speak as they inform you of what has happened. Or, at least, what they want to tell you about the events that happened. Do you understand?"

There was quite 'yes's' and nodded. No one wanted to speak up because no one wanted yelled at, stabbed or get a killer sunburn.

Everyone sat in silence for the next few minutes. The clouds once again covered the sun and the arena grew darker.

Out of the shadows appeared a traumatized Harry, a tired looking Nico, a blood-covered Percy who had someone thrown over his shoulder, and a pile of dead bodies. Everyone gasped when they saw who was on top.

Even though most of the people here had no idea what the Dark Lord looked like, we all knew that it was him.

Percy threw the person over his shoulder to the ground and Draco ran to his father once we all saw who it was.

"Voldemort's dead. He will no longer be a worry," Percy said, his voice slightly deeper and more like a commander than usual. "Most of his followers are dead too," he added, gesturing to the pile of dead bodies.

"We will not say exactly what took place in the cemetery, but we will tell you that the Voldemort threat is over," Nico stated. "We would also like to clear the name of Sirius Black," he said, shocking everyone including, it seems, Harry.

"He was not the one to give up James and Lily Potter," Percy said and walked over to the pile of bodies, picking up a round object. When I realized it was a head, I swallowed down the bile that rose in my throat. Some other people actually ran off and puked.

"It's was Peter Pettigrew," Nico informed everyone who hadn't recognized the lifeless face of the head in Percy's hands. Percy seemed like he was holding something other than a head. He looked casual, like he'd been through something bloody like this before.

"We expect the name of Sirius Black to be cleared by tonight. If not, we'll come for you and make you clear it," Percy threatened, looking at the Minister of Magic who was standing in utter shock. I hadn't even noticed him until this moment.

I saw Mr. Malfoy wake up, and with the help of his son, he tried to get away. Nico noticed too and took his wand out of his back pocket and chucked it at the older blonde, stabbing him through the shoulder. He high-fived Percy.

"Told you I could stab someone with my wand," he said and Percy chuckled. Nico walked over to his victim, scaring Draco away.

"And I told you that could be taken more than one way," Percy called.

Nico pulled his wand out of Lucius' shoulder, making his howl in pain, and kicked him to the ground.

"This man is to be arrested, tried and convicted for being a Death Eater."

"Your war is over, now I'm going to go shower," Percy said and tossed the head back into the pile, shooting it like it was a basketball.

"When we show up for school tomorrow, we expect no questions," Nico informed everyone and grabbed his boyfriend's hand. "Now, good night."

He and Percy disappeared into a cloud of shadows.

Harry stood there with everyone staring at him. He had a little blood on his clothes, but not even close to the amount that Percy had. Percy had been drenched; Harry was splattered.

Apollo walked over to my friend and put an arm around him, whispering in his ear. Harry nodded and the professor directed him away from the center of attention, only to return there himself.

"Those boys are to be left alone," he announced. "You can find out anything you want to know through me."

Let the questions begin.

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