Harry Rogers

Steve Rogers and Lily Evans were a couple.


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Lily Evans was a fire cracker, passionate and loud about everything and was quick to temper. She was born January 30th 1921 to Brian and Patricia Evans. She had red hair and startling bright green eyes that shone dazzlingly whenever she smiled. In 1930 her parents separated and she moved with her father to America.

They moved to a small neighbourhood in New York where Lily made fast friends with two boys by the names of Steve Rogers and James Barnes. She had been walking home from school one day and had seen a group of bullies attacking Steve, she knew little about him except that he lived a couple of doors down from her and was rather timid but always stuck up for others despite the consequences. A boy punched Steve in the face while the others laughed and urge the boy to ‘knock Rogers out.’ Lily felt her blood boil and surged forward. She caught the boy’s fist before it could make contact again. The boy’s eyes widened in shock before Lily punched him in the gut. The idiot stumbled backwords, wheezing. His friends let out cries of outrage and started at Lily. She knocked over the first one and dodged the fist of another. That was when James Barnes came running into the fray and together Lily and James sent the group of bullies running. James had thanked her for taking care of Steve despite the blonde’s protests that he had had everything under control. James and Lily laughed and from that point they had become near inseparable.

When Lily turned eleven she received her Hogwarts letter and had left to go to school there. She missed her friends terribly but couldn’t give up the chance to learn magic. It was against the law to tell muggles about magic so as much as she wanted to she couldn’t tell Steve and Bucky. They kept in contact via letter and remained close friends. When Lily came home from the summer the three couldn’t be separated at all, constantly staying at each other’s houses and knocking out any people who tried to beat up Steve. This continued throughout the rest of Lily’s time at Hogwarts, keeping in touch with letters and them spending all other their time together during the holidays.

Over the years Lily and Steve became closer and it became obvious to everyone except of course Lily that Steve was in love her. He couldn’t find the nerve to ask her out and when he found out that she had started dating one James Potter he had been crushed. Bucky had tried to console him but it had been ineffective and Steve felt hopeless and pathetic.

Lily had been in England when Steve had been enlisted which he was thankful for because the girl would have dragged him by his hair away from the fighting and death of the war. He understood that he wasn’t the strongest man in the world nor the bravest but couldn’t sit back while others laid down their lives for his country.

Steve didn’t see Lily again until after the serum had been injected and he was performing as Captain America in the stupid shows they made him take part in. Lily had been in the audience trying not to laugh her head off. They met after the show where Lily demanded to know what had happened to the lovable pipsqueak that had been her best friend. Steve told her everything that had occurred and when he finished Lily called him an idiot for letting himself being experimented on. She didn’t tell him that she had broken up with James when she finally realised that she loved that pipsqueak and wanted to be sure that Captain America as still her Steve. They met to have drinks a few times, for once Steve was happy that he had multiple performances to do in one town so he could stay longer. On one such meeting while they had been talking Lily smiled at him warmly before leaning forward and kissing him. Steve’s eyes widened in surprise, he was in utter and complete shock. The woman he had loved for years was kissing him and he was ecstatic. He kissed back and the night turned to one of passion and intimate relations.

Lily cried when she heard the news. Captain America was dead, Steve was gone and their unborn child would be fatherless.

Hadrian James Rogers was born in the year 1945 in the place of his father’s birth, New York City. He had his mother’s emerald green eyes and a tuff of blond hair. Even from an early age it was apparent that he would grow to look like his father. However, it was the babe’s looks and Lily’s close relationship with Steve that spread rumours of him being Captain America’s illegitimate son. Lily was hounded day and night by reporters and on one terrifying occurrence Lily’s home was invaded by Hydra sympathizers who sought revenge for the fall of their organisation. Had it not been for Lily’s magic she and Harry would have been killed.

Fearing for her child’s safety Lily fled to England where James Potter took them in, offering protection and anything else they needed. Despite how Lily had broken up with him they had remained friends and he would do anything to protect her and her son. In order to protect Harry, they passed him off as the son of James Potter, charming his appearance to look like James. The pair married so that even if either were to die Harry would still be able to stay in the custody of one of them and would be provided for with the money James inherited. Harry took on the name Potter and the three became a family of sorts.

They lived happily in peace until the prophecy was foretold, putting a target of Harry’s back. In 1946 they went into hiding and in the same year both James and Lily were killed by the Dark Lord. When Voldemort cast the killing curse on Harry it rebounded and the Dark Lord was no more or so many had hoped.

During the battle of Hogwarts, seventeen years later Harry went into the forest fully expecting to die. He met Voldemort and stood his ground as the killing curse was shot at him. It was this that revealed Harry’s true appearance when he came back from the dead. The spell had cancelled out the glamours Lily had cast on her son to give him the appearance of being James Potter’s son, revealing his true features for all the world to see.

Harry Potter defeated Voldemort in a final clash between the two. The Wizarding World had celebrated and Harry Potter became known as The-Vanquisher-of-The-Dark-Lord.  

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