Above the Wondering

After a mermaid makes her way to the surface world. She finds out things aren't as there pictured in the books and how her family portrays humans. She journeys to find out what this surface world really is. This story actually has some of the things I went through as a child.


1. Before the Above World

" Come on slow poke ", my sister yelled as she sped past me with a flip of her tail. I wasn't in the mood for a happy birthday party, but that's exactly where we were going. To a bubbly birthday party filled with all kinds of sea creatures. It was irritating that me daughter of one of the highest authorities ocean to go to a silly child's birthday party, but I guess I shouldn't be salty. I continued to swim, but staying at the same weary pace until we got there. My sister was at the entrance with her arms crossed but I just swam by her not acknowledging her existence. The way she swam next to me, her body language and everything pointed that she was furious that I thought so highly of myself. " I am not saying I am higher than everyone its just I don't want to go to some kids birthday party, she looked at me a spoke, " Wow, you even called him some kid I thought you of all people would be excited, you've never acted so arrogant in your life! ". She swam faster still swimming with her arms crossed. Her blonde hair kept getting in her pale face, but she didn't even lift a finger to move the hair. If she was any angrier the whole ocean would feel it. " Well I'm sorry I just don't like leaving the house and plus dad yelled at me because I asked if I could go to the Above World ", my sister stopped and stared, " You asked father again if you could go to the Above World after he told you so many times no", we exchanged looks and then a child swam up to me grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards one of the party tables.I hand't realized it, but we were in the center of the birthday party. Everyone was staring at my sister and I the looks made me want to crawl out of my skin. One of the adults swam up to me, " Child, the Above World is not made for us mermaids our worlds were not made to combine and those who have gone to the Above World have never come back ", she started to shiver at the thought of it or so it seemed. Her expression changed she looked as if the thought disturbed her deeply as if.....she were afraid of the Above World. She slowly swam back to her table with I'm guessing her children. Now everyone knew what I fantasized about the whole darn ocean. Only because my sister just had to blurt it out loud in front everyone. Now mermaids, mermen, and even the children knew I wanted to go to the Above World and now they were criticizing me inside their minds. I could feel it everyone's eyes burning into me. I couldn't help it I, my sister gave me the look of don't do it, but I felt the pressure and my body responded. I let out a loud screeching sound and everyone covered their ears they all started screaming. My sister grabbed me and she had that begging pleading look, but I lost myself and blacked out. When I came to my sister was laying on the ocean floor blood pouring out of her ears. I noticed I wasn't the same instead of fingers my hand is webbed just like a ducks feet. I had gills on my side and my eyesight was different everything seemed so close I could see.... everything that was straight ahead. I didn't feel the same I felt as if nothing mattered, but then I returned to myself physical features and all. I quickly swam down it didn't take to long because where we were the water was shallow. " Lanai, what are you doing get up ", I could hear the mermaids murmuring " she transformed half way ", I kept looking at my sister waiting for her to move. Her eyes were wide in fear and she stayed that way she didn't move, blink, or breathe. I kept asking and shaking her and finally I realized she was dead. I looked at everyone then slowly realized this was my fault I used my powers and killed her. I swam away so fast it left a trail of air bubbles. I never belonged under water and with that I started crying. 

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