Above the Wondering

After a mermaid makes her way to the surface world. She finds out things aren't as there pictured in the books and how her family portrays humans. She journeys to find out what this surface world really is. This story actually has some of the things I went through as a child.


2. After the Incident

After I swam away I sat on a rock. I stared at the glistening ocean. I had been told so many times not to use my powers by my father he said horrible things would happen to me just like mom. Mom used to say, " Kimmy your my beautiful siren " and of course I didn't understand, but now I do. If you transform fully you have amazing powers, but it comes with a cost. You lose control and only the sirens who are experienced can go in and out of transformations. That's what happened to my mother, you see sirens get easily ruffled up and mom was getting pretty heated with dad. So she transformed almost killing dad and he did what he had. Lots of people saw it as murder I saw it as dad defending himself. As I looked out onto the ocean I started thinking about how mermaids got legs. Some used black magic, but if your a siren you can transform into a human you just need to figure it out. " How hard you it be ", I chuckled and started thinking hard about my life. How bad I wanted legs how I didn't belong in the mermaid world that no one would miss me. I felt a tingling sensation in my fins then I felt a horrible pain. I started screaming it felt as if something was cutting my tail into two pieces. I screamed louder as the pain came further up into the top part of my tail. For once I was uncomfortable sitting on a rock. I didn't want to look down, but I did where my tail fins were suppose to be instead were things the Above World residents called feet. The weird thing was I still had my tail, but I just had feet at that replaced my tail fins. I started thinking harder about my decision then I decided I need to think about killing my sister. How unwanted I feel everything that makes me the person I am. I started to feel the pain rise again, but this time I could feel it splitting into two. I looked down and felt where once my tail was. It was slimy as if it had jelly fish juice on it. Despite that I started giggling, but something was wrong everything was hurting. I looked closely at the legs and slowly appearing was a large marking on my right leg. Written on my leg was the warning "Siren", I stared at it. " This must be to warn the humans, but humans don't think mermaids are real I have nothing to fear ", or at least that's what I thought.

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