Prince Demanding (Larry

"Your highness..." I said the words falling off my tongue in disgust, "Stop looking at me like that..."

Harry smirked cocky as his eyes gleam at me.

"Don't talk to me like you're something higher than a knight, Louis." He snarled

He steps forward pinning me.

"Yes, my prince... I am only a knight..."


Harry Styles is only 19 yet he has the responsibility of prince. He has big shoes of his dad to fill and in just a few months he will have his coronation. He is mischievous, cruel, vain, and all around evil.

Louis Tomlinson is only 18 yet he is one of the Royal Knights..... Well sorta. He's too young to fight so, he guards the prince. In other words he's Harry's most trusted servant. Louis has slowly been falling not in love with his prince. If anyone found out, he'd be killed. He's sarcastic, brave, loving and trusting.

Will this be happily ever after? Or off with his head?


1. Your Royal Pain




"You're an idiot!" I shout

Jonathan sits across the table from me. We have been arguing for about two hours about coronation. He insists upon making me crown him governor. Which means he would basically be at equal ruling power as me. I cannot stand him, he has been a pest my whole life. He is only upset because, mother and father skipped him in line, so that I can rule. They already told him he is unfit for the throne. He would be a tyrant, he'd be evil and unkind. My thoughts are interrupted by a jug of water falling into my lap. My eyes flare up at the cowering boy before me. His blue eyes fill with fear. I glare at him. 

"You clumsy fool!" I snarl

"I-I'm so sorry, your highness." he stutters back

I grabbed him by his hair and twist pulling him closer to me. He whimpers in pain. My smirk widens at his distress.

"You are lucky I can't hurt you." I say and let go of him with a shove.

He stumbles back slightly then, looks at me and gulps. He is supposed to be a knight, but he's too young for battle. They decided the best thing for him is to be my "guard". However, I do not think I need protecting, so in some ways he became my servant. Seems like a waste, but he is nice to look at. He is very small, almost delicate. His body has a beautiful frame and gorgeous curves. I snap my head back around to Jonathan.

"My answer is no. Good day, brother."

With that I exit the room. 

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