Prince Demanding (Larry

"Your highness..." I said the words falling off my tongue in disgust, "Stop looking at me like that..."

Harry smirked cocky as his eyes gleam at me.

"Don't talk to me like you're something higher than a knight, Louis." He snarled

He steps forward pinning me.

"Yes, my prince... I am only a knight..."


Harry Styles is only 19 yet he has the responsibility of prince. He has big shoes of his dad to fill and in just a few months he will have his coronation. He is mischievous, cruel, vain, and all around evil.

Louis Tomlinson is only 18 yet he is one of the Royal Knights..... Well sorta. He's too young to fight so, he guards the prince. In other words he's Harry's most trusted servant. Louis has slowly been falling not in love with his prince. If anyone found out, he'd be killed. He's sarcastic, brave, loving and trusting.

Will this be happily ever after? Or off with his head?


2. If I were king


          Sometimes I wonder if he killed me out of anger, would I be buried in the Royal Cemetery with the Knights or the peasant cemetery with the slaves and servants. Maybe, if I were a bit taller and more masculine I'd be with the Knights. I'd have a sword with my name engraved on the blade, I'd have a suit of amour that would protect me from evil, and maybe even a horse. 

          Instead however, I am stuck here serving a bratty excuse for a prince. If I was his father I would have died before letting Harry anywhere near my throne. If I were King I'd have him where I am now.

          I laugh to myself at the thought of Harry waiting on my every need and want. His curly hair would be caked in dust and dirt as he worked effortlessly to complete every evil task I ask. "Clean the floor!", "Fetch my coat!", "No! Not that one!", "Scrub the plates!", "Harry! Don't make me say it again!","Mop the floors."

         I laugh to myself and look down at the table before me. It's still dirty. I feel Alice's glare on me. I look over at her cold eyes behind her knotted blonde hair. 

"Louis! You've gone mad! 'aven't you?!" 

         I stop laughing and grab the rag not wanting to be acknowledged by her. She's the mad one. I only smirk to myself as I scrub the filth off the wooden table. 

                              If was King I'd never have to touch a speck of dirt again.

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