Prince Demanding (Larry

"Your highness..." I said the words falling off my tongue in disgust, "Stop looking at me like that..."

Harry smirked cocky as his eyes gleam at me.

"Don't talk to me like you're something higher than a knight, Louis." He snarled

He steps forward pinning me.

"Yes, my prince... I am only a knight..."


Harry Styles is only 19 yet he has the responsibility of prince. He has big shoes of his dad to fill and in just a few months he will have his coronation. He is mischievous, cruel, vain, and all around evil.

Louis Tomlinson is only 18 yet he is one of the Royal Knights..... Well sorta. He's too young to fight so, he guards the prince. In other words he's Harry's most trusted servant. Louis has slowly been falling not in love with his prince. If anyone found out, he'd be killed. He's sarcastic, brave, loving and trusting.

Will this be happily ever after? Or off with his head?

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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