On The Way ~ (Chap. 1-3)

This is a novella I've been working off and on since the summer and I decided I would put the first three chapters out for the world to see. Now I don' t want to spoil too much of the plot here but it involves a supply ship going across the galaxy and the problems that arise on the journey.


2. II

Amanda walked briskly towards the hangar bay, her hair bouncing along to each stride she took. At the end of the hall she came to the elevator and rode it down to Sector 1. Once off the elevator she took a left down the hall and within a few moments found herself in a massive hangar bay littered with landing platforms for smaller ships as well as shuttles wishing to take cargo off the the ship.  

She looked around for the Axium II’s shuttle pilot Jared Ornatio. He was a tall, toned man with a thick beard and smooth complexion. He had been with the Federation for the latter half of his piloting career. Before he joined the Federation he had been arrested for smuggling illegal goods and was given the option of enlisting or imprisonment and he took the former for what he felt were obvious reasons. “Who wants a life behind bars when there is all this to see” he would often say when people asked him about it, gesturing outside the hanger to the vast emptiness of space. He was also quite sarky.


Amanda spotted him across the room and sped up to relay Harrison's’ message. He didn’t take note of her until she was about ten feet away. When he did he looked up from his work and smiled “Hey Mandy!” he said with a sly grin “what brings you to my neck of the woods?”


“Commander Harrison has asked that you gather your shuttle crew to prepare to board a merchant ship to repair their Lightdrive.” she said, trying to sound stern and formal like Harrison would.


“Yes ma’am!” he shouted with a sarcastic salute and stance as passersby looked on rolling their eyes and chuckling “you can knock off the act Mandy, I’m not Jian--”


Commander Harrison” She interrupted before he could finish, “You aren’t on leave yet Mr. Ornatio, until then you can refer to him by his title.” she said trying to regain her posture.


“Alright, alright. Tell the Commander that I will have the shuttle and crew ready in a few minutes.” he said rolling his eyes and reaching for his Holopad.


“Very good, message the command deck when it is ready.” Amanda finished and walked away. She, like most people, found it hard to be authoritative over Jared. He had a sense about him where any authority didn’t really matter. He was however a fantastic pilot and never let his crew down when on mission.


She left the clutter and noise of the hangar behind and headed back to the elevator. She rode it to Section 4 and marched towards the weapon control room. Inside Sergeant James Peller and his crew maintained the ship's cannons. As the blast doors slid shut behind her James greeted Amanda heartily.


“Haw haw! Look who it is! Ms. Kyles! Howr’ ya! Oi, get ta werk lads! No slackin’ while Ms. Kyles is here!” he cried as his men scattered to find something that they could work on. “So what brings ya here lassie!” he said, placing his foot on a crate and resting his arm on his leg.


“Commander Harrison wants the weapons charged for when we drop out of lightspace.” Amanda said authoritatively


“Thas not gonna be a probl’m lass” James said as he tussled his fiery red hair “Tell tha Commander we’ll ‘ave ‘em ready in say foive minutes.”


“Very well sergeant, as you were” Amanda said before turning around and leaving. As she walked down the hall she activated her wrist Holoband and saw Jared was trying to contact her. She hit the answer button and a small image of him came up.


“Tell the Commander that my ship and crew are ready Mandy” he said


“Thank you Mr. Ornatio, I will tell him right away.” Amanda replied as the call ended.


As she continued towards the elevator she called Commander Harrison, within seconds a small hologram of him appeared hovering over her Holoband.


“Mr. Ornatio has readied his crew for take off and Sergeant Peller is firing up the weapons sir” she said into the Holoband.


“Good work Ms. Kyles. Return to the bridge as soon as you can, we are about to drop out of lightspace” replied the hologram of Harrison.


“Right away sir” she said before ending the call and hurrying towards the elevator and back up to Sector 7.


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