Not Exactly

Maesie is a sweet kind girl. Her family's insane but she loves them. She's an introvert and a songwriter and guitar player. She has a best friend who she absolutely loves. When Christmas rolls around someone special comes with the family. And love is on its way!


1. Meet my family

My family has weird names. Maesie, Coralyn, Samson, and Briella. My parents are Jonah and Marissa too. Not that weird names, they just wanted us to be different. But I like mine.

I was scribbling this into my diary as my older sister flung open my bedroom door, digging around in my closet. She shot me a dirty look and left moodily. Mom says Bree is having mood swings and girl stuff. She's 20 and always complains.

"MOM! YOU HAVE TO FIND MY TAN TANK TOP!" Bree shouted, I could hear since she left my door open.

My little sister Corie ran into my room and plopped down next to me. She glanced over at my journal and I hurriedly shut it and shoved it under my comforter.

"Dinners ready, Maesie." She smiled and I hugged her tight.

I was freezing cold wearing only a blue tee shirt and denim shorts. I changed into pajama pants and followed Corie downstairs. Bree was setting the table and Samson and Mom were putting food on the plates. Dad was coming home late from work tonight and Corie slid into her seat at the table. I poured myself a glass of water and sliced my steak.

"MOMMY! I DON'T LIKE IT!" Corie screamed in upset and Mom sighed tiredly.

"Oh my gosh Corie! Could you be any more babyish! You're so annoying and stupid. Chill out for once!" Bree shot at Corie and tears raced down Cories face.

Mom lifted Corie into her arms and Bree stormed up to her bedroom. I heard her door slam and Samson and I sat quietly and finished our dinner. This was usual. At the end, Sam washed the dishes and I washed the table off. Moms dinner was on a fresh plate in the dining room and I heard her close Cories door. She was probably already asleep.

"Goodnight Maesie. I'm going out tonight with Grace and we will be out late. Late movie, late ice cream, and late hang out at her place. Help mom, okay? She knows I'm going." Sam grinned and picked up bus car keys.

Sam's 17 and in high school. He loves his girlfriend, Emily and she loves him. A lot! I sighed and lay down on the couch turning on a superhero movie. I was tired and didn't feel like doing anything else. Shortly after Mom came downstairs by herself.

"Cories asleep. Thanks for cleaning up honey. Any plans tonight?" Mom asked as if I always had plans on Friday nights.

"No. And you're welcome. Sam just left for his date with Emily. Is Bree locked in her bedroom?" I asked as mom sat down next to me taking a bite of her steak.

"Not locked in there. I opened the door and she was in her bed asleep and she's out cold. I did everything that normally wakes her up and she's really tired tonight. It's so early, guess our family's a tired one today. This seems like a good movie." She nodded toward the tv and for 2 more hours we watched Superman.

By the time it was over it was 11 o'clock at night and I couldn't stop yawning. Samson wandered in the door and went upstairs to take a shower. Mom went to sleep and I headed to my bedroom. I changed into a tee shirt and stayed in my comfy pajama pants. I locked my door and flicked off the bedroom light. I crawled under my comforter and grabbed my flashlight from my nightstand. I opened my diary and kept writing from the note from earlier.

Today was crazy. Dad just got home and I hear him hearing up tonight's dinner. Steak. Bree had major mood swings and fell asleep at 8 tonight. So did Corie after Bree screamed at her at the dinner table. Samson went out with Emily and came home smiling.

I got so tired after I wrote that and shoved my flashlight and diary into my sock drawer. I crawled back under my fuzzy blankets and drifted to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up extremely early. My door was still locked so nobody could get in for as long as I wanted. I turned on classical music and laid my eyes open in my bed. It was an amazing, peaceful start to my day. After a half hour of that I changed into skinny jeans and a tee shirt that said "COLORADO HEIGHTS SKI LODGE" We went skiing last winter and it was awesome. I tied my hair into a ponytail and headed downstairs to find Dad and Mom sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee.

"Good morning Maesie. First kid awake today. Last one to go to sleep." Dad laughed and I giggled too.

I made myself a mug of hot chocolate and sat down next to Dad. He was reading an online newspaper. The comedy section. Mom was grading papers, she's a school teacher. She was dressed up and she's never dressed up.

"Why are you so dressed up Mom?" I asked her and she looked up at me.

"Did you forget Maesie? At 3 o'clock your Aunt Wendy, Uncle JJ, and your cousins Rebecca and Chloe are coming. They have to come early for Christmas. It'll be wonderful. Want to bake with Corie and I later?" She explained to me and I smiled.

Becca always calmed Bree down even on her worse days. They were best friends. Chloe is Cories age and they play together a lot. I nodded and smiled at Mom.

"Can Alison come over for a couple hours?" I asked my parents pleadingly.

"Only until 1 o'clock. Go ahead and call her now. I hear Bree and Sam upstairs." Dad said to me and I picked up the house phone.

I dialed Alison's phone number and she answered.

"Ali you can come over until 1. Want to?" I asked and I practically heard her smile.

"Be there in 10 minutes." She said and hung up.

AUTHORS NOTE: Guys this is basically a introduction sorry it was bad!

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